We had the good fortune of connecting with Dr. Dominique’ Reese and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Dr. Reese, we’d love to hear more about how you thought about starting your own business?
I realized that none of the big financial firms were catering to people like my mom, aunts, and cousins, and just family in general, who were hardworking people, who also had money dreams, and very little, if any assets. I’d get really upset at the thought that my $10 dinner plate, was apart of a fundraiser to bury a friend or family because they didn’t have insurance coverage. I’d get sad when family would borrow money from me and NOT pay me back and then not even bring it up when they saw me, because they didn’t have it to give and really, they didn’t even know how to communicate about it. I’d get fed up when I drive in my neighborhood and see all the check cashing spots, knowing that they are here because there is a need for short-term loans because paycheck to paycheck living is the norm. I knew that my vision, to live in a world where every woman leader, professional and entrepreneur has a net worth of at least $100,000 so that she can take advantage of any opportunity to serve herself, her family and her community, would not come to pass with these dynamics. Who was going to take the time to educate, coach and invest in people like my mom, aunts, cousins and friends? I figured if I could work with millionaires and help them stay millionaires and preserve and grow their wealth, I could put individuals on a path to become a millionaire, by teaching them basic money principles, working privately with them and introducing them to investing. And so, Reese Financial Services was born.

What should our readers know about your business?
Reese Financial Services is a different kind of financial services firm. First, I am a boutique firm and work with an intimate team. We focus on changing numbers AND behavior. I learned a long time ago that getting your financial house in order and building a solid financial foundation was behavioral first and about the money second. Again, no one taught me that though. So, now, I work to teach that to others so they can master specific behaviors that will always help them manage and grow their money. Right now, I am most excited about the growth of my business and the next cohort of clients I’ll work with in my private and group programs. Master My MoneyⓇ is the suite of personal finance solutions I use with my clients and we are launching our next cohort for “Financial Order”, an 8-week online live financial coaching program with Dr. Dominique’. This program produces individuals who have confidence in making financial decisions, know where their money is going, have increased their savings and have decreased their debt and more! I am quite excited to meet my new clients and witness firsthand, as their financial lives are transformed over the 8 weeks. I am equally excited to end the year with the Black Women’s Investment Club, a private investment club based in Los Angeles, where Black women invest small amounts for large gains. I am the Founder and a Partner in this club and am truly excited about what my partners and I are doing towards our generational wealth. I’ve always cared about the financial well-being of Black people, minorities, women and youth and that love and care is what has gotten me to where I am today. Teaching where ever I could teach, working 1-on-1 with as many people as possible, and being involved as a leader in spaces where my people weren’t. Of course, hard work too. Yes, long nights, early days and “work work work work work”! There weren’t any shortcuts. As I like to say everything in divine order. I am driven to show up in my business, Reese Financial Services, due to my own experiences or lack thereof, with money. I figure, I know a WHOLE lot about money and I still make mistakes and don’t know everything. Then, I think about those I care about and I realize they don’t know it either, so who better to share than me? Like, it becomes my duty, my responsibility at this point. That’s how I have identified my role as a Financial Coach & Strategist as my calling and purpose, at least in this season of my life. I’ve only worked in financial services in my career. I’ve experienced so many financial mishaps that I know without a doubt they weren’t meant to be kept to myself. So, it’s all made sense to me to show up this way. Not only have I been trained, licensed and credentialed to do this work professionally and independently, but I have the street cred too… I have lived, been there and done that the wrong way, so I know what it’s like when I work with my clients. I can relate to them living paycheck to paycheck because I’ve done it. I can relate to them not knowing basic stuff about money, being embarrassed about it and suffering in silence because I didn’t want “nobody in my business.” I’ve worked hard and spent a lot and had nothing to show for it, while also taking payday loans, getting caught up in debt and the cycle of stress and worry. I’ve lost money based on not-so-good decisions. I’ve invested thousands in programs and did no work to get the results. I’ve known better and haven’t done better. I work exceedingly well with my clients because I’ve been where they are when they come to see me. I understand their desires and can articulate their barriers, sometimes better than they can because I’ve been there and done that. As a financial services professional and provider, it’s important to work with clients from an authentic space, because the relationship is about fit. We get personal and if clients don’t trust me they won’t open themselves to the process I share with them. It’s that process that leads to the solutions. The solutions hold the key to my vision.

Any places to eat or things to do that you can share with our readers? If they have a friend visiting town, what are some spots they could take them to?
Wow, this is revealing. First instinct was to say, “I don’t know because I don’t get out enough to know”! I’d say, I’d probably throw in a turn-around trip to Vegas, lol, because us Angelenos love hopping to Vegas to play for a bit. For food, I love trying new restaurants, so I am always down for spots I’ve never been to. Some of my favs though are Honeybee’s House of Breakfast, Taco Mels, Fiesta Martin in Inglewood, Bludsoes BBQ, Chef Marilyn’s, CW & Chris, Fresh & Meaty Burgers, Simply Wholesome (loooove the chicken patties!), an Ethiopian spot and Marilyn’s Belizean Cuisine on Western. I really don’t hang out much, at all, like truly, so I don’t even know where to hang. HOWEVER, on those occasions when I could get coverage on a Sunday or Monday night, I’d for sure pull up to REGGAE NIGHT! A cold Red Stripe and some reggae/dancehall and oh yea!! I am a homebody with a spontaneous streak! So, I like to do whatever, whenever, with not much planning. I can do a museum or a strip club…a lounge or backyard kick-back…the beach and a boardwalk or winery, the movies for sure or a night at home with Netflix or Hulu. I like hanging with people who are mindful of energy. People who love to live out their best, who aspire to have more and live well. I like checking out the touristy stuff too, because I have lived in places, including LA, where I did not create time to explore. So, to do the touristy stuff is fun to me.

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
Yes, there is! My family has been and still is HIGHLY instrumental in my success. My family is my village and when I need support with Ya’ir, they are there to support me. It’s not easy AT ALL to be a full-time single solo-mom-preneur. There is always something to do. I get super overwhelmed, super down, super all-over-the-place and super moody. However, my clients would never know this because I show up ready for them each time and exceed their expectations every time. This is only because when I CAN get a break, it’s because my village has stepped up to help me. My 45th st family and my Moreno Valley family have agreed to watch Ya’ir or let him spend the night so I can get some kind of break. This allows me to rest, to slow down, to be left alone, to regroup, to cry, to sleep, to not HAVE to do something and to work uninterruptedly. This is when I am most productive and can get the energy going that I need in order to be prosperous in my business. I get to reboot so I can serve my clients and make that money. Their support keeps me grounded. I remember where I come from and how I still need them. I can’t do this without them, clearly. And, there are times when I have taken my son with me to speaking gigs and meetings. While I love that, because I am able to expose him to the entrepreneurial lifestyle, it can be a lot (and Ya’ir is 6 now, so it’s better than before ;)). I am grateful that my family doesn’t trip like they could and that they want to see me succeed. Everyone doesn’t have that support and I can imagine that coming from where I come from, my journey could have been much more challenging without my family’s support. My family definitely deserves recognition in my story.

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