We had the good fortune of connecting with Fahmina, Artist, Eco-Designer, DJ Entrepreneur and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Fahmina, Artist, Eco-Designer, DJ Entrepreneur, what was your thought process behind starting your own business?
Coming from a fashion conscious family , my mom & my sisters were fashion designers & I was coming from the fashion modeling world & I saw so much waste is produced in the procrss So I have decided to be a part of the solution & not part of the problem.
As a child I have taken a oarh to be good to nature & help mother earth aliviate this overwhelming trash problems.
I wanted to stay authentic to my inner child.
Once I became a mother I realized, now more than ever I can launch my very own company & my child will witness & be a part of this world where we all are eco minded citizens of this earth
So I launched my eco conscious leather company, in 2001 because I found out that there’s literally tons of leather goes into landfills & they compact them soo much theres no chance of them even decompose for centuries even…. so my company will probably make a drop in the bucket of difference… but I wanted to explore that world & make a difference.
I also found out vegan leather is petroleum product makes so much toxic waste in the process of making .. n the salvage pleather gets thrown into the sea. Bahhambug
I’m not into too much plastic product & couldn’t make much from the vegan leather options back then, & it was impossible to get such companies to share or sell their selvedge to my company.
Anyway so I took leather as my medium of art & made some amazing designs & fashion accessories with selvedge leather, which is a pre consumer waste. Brand new factory cuttings to creay these heart throbbing , often one of a kind high end fashion design accessories
Yes , to leave a messege with my next generations was important to me & I wanted to leave an example of how we can turn something that’s scheduled to go to a landfill can be a perfectly good production raw material ready to go back to the production house cutting table.

We need to curb our bad habits of making unnecessary waste.
We need to take a 2nd look at about habitual waste practice.

Can you open up a bit about your work and career? We’re big fans and we’d love for our community to learn more about your work.
What sets my company, my brand form others is my company moto, my company ethic, my strict company policy of using 100% salvage raw materials if not 95%.. as much a possible I look for companies & create events to raise consciousness about where our everyday items coming from & where the waste is going.
I found out when I started my company, as the journey began, how easy it was to get materials & supports & grants & advice & investments… all of it…. because it is a green business. People agreed w my company moto & company practice.
I got some of the greatest company of out times gave me their salvage tobsupport smaller cinambiuea like me.. like “re formation” in effort to help eco conscious brands like me,.. this kinds of business relationships are very special & I’m very greatful to have recieved such love & support from such amazing brands..
It is true when they say ” when you take one step, the universe will take 10 steps for you”
The challenges came when I started getting sponsorship from big giants like “magic ” fashion convention in Las vegas & started doing the trade shows & the order were much bigger than I was used to n I really had to work so much harder & smarter to handle these big productions with selvedge materials, which changes all the time, but I stuck to my guns n I refuse to buy whole hide to continue my production. That would go against my personal & business ethic. So in order to aliviate that problem, I decided to rebrand my company as wearable art & no 2 piece will be alike, so trade show became less & less for me to participate & more & more green biz events & started my own art galleries & boutiques to promote & market mine (& as well as hold space for other eco green sustainable designers & artists & represent them & their products). On a local scale as well as world wide online as fahmina.com
What I’ve learned from this last 20 + years or bisness & personal journey.. that life is good & authentic when we take time to explore something thoroughly &
that artisanal fashion, what we call slow fashion is good, fast fashion just like fast food is bad… it’s a bad culture, bad for our nature/ biosphere & we should take it seriously.
What I want the world to know,
We should constantly make sure we know how our daily life items where our food & threads coming from… sustainable & fairtraded. Our life depends on it. It is that serious of a situation & crisis..

Any places to eat or things to do that you can share with our readers? If they have a friend visiting town, what are some spots they could take them to?
I live in the lush green topanga mountains by the ocean.. & it is probably one of the best place to go vacation & hike & find yourself in nature’s playgound. So I always take them to my back yard for the greatest hikes California Santa Monica mountains got to offer.
My fave place to treat for food is my kitchen.. where i make my sprouts dehydrated food magic… I am big into superfoods & I just like to jazz up my friends n family to get the best treats from me. I order some of the best straight from farm fresh organic produce form my girl Kali Star & her company earthmattrz.com
That’s a Company deserves a shoutout.

I also like very authentic cultural food & very much of a culinary adventurous tastebud…so I like to hit up lil Tokyo, Ktown, china town, lil Bangladesh, lil Ethiopia, little Saigon. Etc.. n the LA Street tacos are undeniably the biggest winner.
Oh my fave restaurant is ” the old place ” a super rustic tiny restaurant that was once a movie set turned into a rustic restaurant. That takes a 5month long waitlist

Then I’d take them to the hotspring where me & my dj crew set up our dj booth for a renegade sessions or straight up music fest & raves… so that’s undeniably my favorite thing to do w my out of towner friends simply because they dont get to do that other wise.
If a rave isn’t possible I’ll just take them to the K spas.. theres a lot of good korean n japanese spa in la & it’s very good for our mind body n soul to take the time to rejuvenate & detox. big part of living & maintaining a healthy life.
I also like to take them to visit art galleries that I’m associated with to heightened the art cultural experience in LA.

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
Oh my goodness. Do I have to pick only one person for my shoutout I’d love to pick atleast 5 people.
I have been so blessed with so many kind intelligent people aid me the way of my life pursuit.
I really have to think n edit so hard to thank only one..
But I understand if only one is all needed, I’d need some time to think this
& last time I took time to think I lost the writings. LoL
So i maybe conclude this in few minute? But I’m gonna push next for now I’m sure you’re all great editors..
Thank you.

Website: fahmina.com

Instagram: @Fahminaofficial

Linkedin: Fahmina

Twitter: Fahmina (I barely use it)

Facebook: Fahminaofficial

Youtube: Fahmina

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