We had the good fortune of connecting with Jack Rourke and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Jack, what do you attribute your success to?
In my view, there are two interrelated factors that are fundamental to creating a successful brand. What I share is part of my inner work as a spiritually motivated business operator and it’s what I work on with all of my entrepreneurs. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a defense contractor, retail mogul, or any one of my A-list Hollywood solopreneurs. I drive every client toward their brand’s success by teaching the same guiding principles.

The first critical factor for establishing a successful brand is to identify and embody your core service. A successful brand is a demonstration of your character – how and why you do what you do – as a value-adding service. So, unlike modern influencers, a brand is not about carefully shaping the perception of your person. Spiritually speaking, a brand is about how you participate in and support the joy and fulfillment of others through expressing who you uniquely are as a creative value-adding entrepreneur. Meaning, simply doing the very important business of being fully human in a manner that serves others without taking in return. Yes, there is an exchange of money for goods and services but a value-adding branded business does not covertly solicit admiration or approval for personal gain as modern influencers do.

A brand as a business must be focused on fulfilling the needs of their customer. I work on this with my social media influencer clients. Many of my young entrepreneurs complain about feeling lost, angry, and jealous observing others succeeding how they imagine they should. Today, having a million followers on Instagram but struggling to pay rent is soul-crushing for twenty-somethings. I work hard to help these creatives realize the high they get from their likes and shares is their compensation. If they truly want to run a successful business as a brand, they must solve a problem or provide for those in need in the real world. Creating online content is not the same as providing solutions in the real world.

The second critical element of creating a successful brand is embracing your inner outlaw. What I mean by this is there are agreed-upon norms based on how any business has been conducted prior to now. But to embody your brand successfully you must be willing to innovate and violate old norms.

You cannot be scared of distinguishing yourself from the herd when you are the brand. There might be hundreds of very competent service providers who do what you do. But they are not you. Your unique point of view, your standards & methods, the way you specifically add value are all yours. These aspects of your character are meaningful personal expressions and in the form of your ethics and authentic goals are important brand elements. They must be mined from deep within and brought into the light of day. The trap is overthinking. Planning, strategizing, and visualizing are not enough. Being mentally busy is not the same as taking real action in service to others.

Brand-building is a process of self-discovery. It can be very uncomfortable. But digging deep and taking an illuminating yet sometimes painful inventory of your person is necessary. Success is always found outside your comfort zone. So, get real. Ask yourself how and why you do what you do differently? This said, when creating a personal brand, you also must also ask yourself, am I someone who conforms to limits set by others? Or, am I the person who embraces the unlimited? Set your ego aside. Answering the question, who am I, honestly allows you to act in accordance with what is really true for you.

Being true to your underlying yourself is the only way to be congruent in business. Congruency here means communicating your essence accurately through skillful service. Too many people try to be what their customer wants. This is a mistake for a spiritual business. People seek out spiritual help when they are in pain. They are in pain because they are not congruent. In this state, the mind element deciding what they want is the source of their problem. A spiritual service provider should not take direction from the client’s mind. He or she must align within and vibe that congruent connection.

Vibing congruency affects a transfer of tangibly felt power between the service provider and the served. I am oversimplifying but in yogic lore, this is called transmission. What this power is, is a mind-opening awareness that changes the experience-of-self continuing to add value long after your physical interaction with the customer has ended. Think of it this way. A truly successful brand does not really require client interaction. Its felt essence positively influences you just by thinking about it. You want that kind of influence as a business person. When you achieve it, you no longer provide solutions to customers. You are the solution. Or, perhaps, said more appropriately, as a spiritual practice, you are a conduit for change. So, I attribute my success to the capacity open to the impersonal, allowing it to function through the conduit of my brand as a transformative power.

Let’s talk shop? Tell us more about your career, what can you share with our community?

I am the owner of a psychic coaching and personal optimization brand called Psychic Readings Los Angeles. “Psychic Readings Los Angeles” is a serious yet fun, solution-oriented spiritual counseling service that employs an evidential extrasensory method to provide real answers and fact-based actionable guidance to discerning clients worldwide. I am also a best-selling author who has consulted for numerous paranormally themed television and film projects. But my day-to-day passion is helping people achieve and live their best life.

Day to deal I deal with people from all over the world who seek real-world growth, outside-the-box solutions, and strategies for living empowered decisive lives. My clients include billionaire entrepreneurs, fortune 500 CEOs & philanthropists, royal princesses, and retail heiresses – psychiatrists, psychotherapists, surgeons, clergy, professional & Olympic athletes – law enforcement, military, & intelligence personnel – NASA visionaries, politicians, rock stars, and countless celebrity faces.

Aside from my sophisticated clientele, what sets Psychic Readings Los Angeles apart from similar businesses is that it is neither an impersonal coaching service that assumes what works for one works for all. Nor is it a traditional psychic reading business offering feel-good pseudo-spirituality in the form of mystical experiences akin to a metaphysical performance. Instead, extrasensory perception is only the method for acquiring the information that is acted upon for the purpose of achieving a stated goal. Sometimes my techniques guide the hands of a surgeon. Sometimes they help soothe the heartache of an overwhelmed psychotherapist. Sometimes clients just need objective insight and the feeling of being valued. Psychic Readings Los Angeles is strictly formatted to address and resolve clients’ most important personal, interpersonal and spiritual concerns.

The service I offer is not for experience seekers, psychic enthusiasts, or the curious. My business is a culmination of 27 years of involvement with mentors and academics as well as medical and law enforcement professionals who require reliable results. My work is completely focused on helping people. And, for those in genuine need, appointments can be permanently transformational and defy logic. However, people seeking an uplifting or magical psychic experience rather than genuine help are not accepted as clients because they will not benefit from or enjoy my services.

People who are not seeking actual help are externally focused. A psychic to them is someone who provides a paranormal encounter to witness and react to akin to a metaphysical performance. This does not mean that metaphysical businesses that supply mystical experiences can’t inspire a client to feel a reaction that sponsors superficial change. What it does mean, however, is the client is still reacting to something outside of them. My work is helping the client discover their inner authority so they are never dependent upon an external situation, or me or anyone for their happiness – ever again.

It took years and years for me to refine my service methods and identify the exact spiritual outcomes I truly wished to offer my clients. Once I acquired this wisdom though, I learned the more value-adding focused my business became the less the brand was actually about me. This discovery freed me to fully focus on serving. Reaching that place of surrender was not easy, however. Many business owners would probably admit working too hard and taking things too personally is hard to let go of. The key is going within. Distinguishing yourself from your business allows you to meaningfully supply for your personal and professional needs separately. Rather than using the professional operation to provide for your personal identity.

Growing personally and evolving into a value-adding brand does not happen easily or overnight. For people who do what I do at a reliable professional level, development takes decades. In Hollywood parlance, we older practitioners do the work. We do not show the work. Think of a seasoned actor in her sixties versus a young starlet in her twenties. The older actor is internally still yet emotionally vibrant and ever-present and responsive. While the young starlet is buzzing with thoughts and techniques on display – her dialogue sounds stilted by memorization rather than spontaneously alive. The young actor must reach a point of disillusionment in her career before she can give up trying to be Olivier or Streep. Only then, when she accepts who she uniquely is, does she step into her power becoming fully human on stage rather than an actor saying her lines. The same is true for the genuine psychic. When the work is in you, you can live and serve without worrying about becoming something more or conforming to expectations.

About 15 years ago I entered a serious stage of disillusionment. It was at that time that I became increasingly concerned with traditional psychic methods and teaching. What bothered me was the egotistical striving for paranormal experiences as a source of spiritual authority. My concern then was how does any of this help anyone?

Twenty-five years ago, I believed and probably looked very much like how spiritualist mediums are typically depicted on TV. Now, however, my service is deliberately structured to meaningfully help people. As such, clients are required to enter into their appointments how they would with any mainstream professional whose job is to confidentially help them. I slowly changed the nature of my professional efforts over many years as I accumulated real-world experience applying my craft to those in emotional, physical, and spiritual pain.

As a practitioner, encountering real-world heartache head-on rather than escaping into metaphysical fantasy melts the psychic identity and destroys dependence on feel-good spirituality. This process is what set me toward disillusionment. But as the conceptual self dissipated, the speed-talking mental chatter common among developing psychic mediums abruptly ended. What was left in its place was an ever-present yet responsive silence.

As a spiritually motivated seer, the silence became both the spiritual path and the instrument through which I began relieving suffering. To find the silence, surrendering the ego identity must occur. I am not pointing to enlightenment here. You will likely never be without ego. But you can eradicate its, reactive, toxic, and exaggerated forms. And, you can situationally be without ego for seconds and then minutes at a time while in focused absorption applying whatever trade you do. The ego identity is different for everyone. For me, it was the psychic persona that had to go. It was only through abandoning the “psychic ego” and its associated beliefs, that I found, truly self-less service to others.

The average psychic will not work as I describe. It is far less personally aggrandizing. It is also easier to imagine the outside world as something happening to us. This is another trick of the ego. To imagine we are victims of life means life must continue to be predicted and controlled. So, so long as life needs to be manifested or managed psychics retain their perceived significance. However, viewing life as an imposing force is spiritual ignorance. Therefore, in many ways, I see my psychic work as interdicting addiction to the outside world as something required to make us feel how we want to feel.

I am a firm believer that the kingdom of heaven is within. The place upon which we all stand is holy ground. A life lived in this manner, in harmony with the natural world, is what provides fulfillment and purpose. And, it makes my work especially effective at helping people live and achieve their best selves. Admittedly, it is not easy living from within. I have walked away from tremendous business and media opportunities that could have been life-changing lucrative. It’s been reported before how I refuse to discuss celebrities or any of the very prominent people I serve. I used to regret facing ridicule and financial hardship due to these and other decisions. But these are my standards.

There is great certainty that comes from taking a hit because of who we are only to realize we remain unbroken. The blessing of my struggles is the wisdom gained from remaining true to my convictions is now a source from which I can draw upon when helping others. Consequently, I have never met a client, no matter the depth of their suffering, who I could not honestly speak with from a place of having been adjacent to where they are. Here is how I discovered that life as it is, is always perfect. The friction we encounter during struggle provides the spark that becomes the light that always shows the way forward.

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?

Any chance I get I take friends to Saddle peak lodge. It’s a great upscale yet casual place in the quiet of the Malibu canyons. I love rustic. I enjoy trees and nature. My lifelong friends and I really enjoy artisanal foods and unique creative dining. What makes our occasional meals special is we do not get enough time together so a place like Saddle Peak Lodge is just perfect.

Downtown Los Angeles and the east side are a landscape of hidden treasures. Whether its day time coffees or circulating the craft cocktail scene, it is really about enjoying the architecture and ambiance. My closest friends are bar and restaurant owners. Now that we’re older we enjoy visiting different places just like we did when we were young. The joy is now we laugh easier and actually have money to spend and enjoy. We can have fun anywhere. But any place that triggers nostalgia is what we like I suppose. On that note, no trip downtown is complete without visiting King Eddy. Being there brings back so many memories of distant places we’ve visited around the world together. King Eddy for us vibes great camaraderie and we hit it off immediately with the fellow who owns the place last we visited.

The beauty of Los Angeles is in a single day you can sit oceanside, visit the desert and walk atop a mountain. Every time a friend comes to town, we stop for lunch in Manhattan Beach. The Strand house makes my east coast visitors instantly feel they have arrived in California. Beautiful view. Amazing sea air. The Strand House is never a mistake. The secret spot we really love though is a small yet fantastic restaurant run by a husband-and-wife team in Palm Springs. It’s called II Giardino. Such a great place. The wife is the chef. The husband is the maître d’. II Giardino is not fancy but it is top-notch homemade gourmet Italian food made with love. Never a disappointment. As we are all business owners, we really love supporting other small business owners living their dreams.

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?

There are so many people I am grateful for. People who personally and professionally have contributed to my success. Below are by no means all the people I am indebted to for their generosity, understanding, and friendship.

First and foremost, I am indebted to the thousands of clients I have served over the last 27 years. Although my ethos is only ever to give to clients, I must admit I have learned so much from my clients. I have discovered that no one is ever as they appear. My clients have also made me more patient, stronger, and gentle. Most importantly, however, my clients have taught me that spiritually, although I am excellent at what I do, the least significant thing about psychic service is extrasensory perception. The most powerful skill I have developed because of my clients is the ability to love people for who they genuinely are. For this, thank you all.

Personally, I am eternally grateful to documentary filmmaker Robert Narholz who has become my spiritual brother. Robert and I met by chance in a Hollywood coffee shop while I was preparing for an interview on Coast-to-Coast AM in support of my book The Rational Psychic. At that time, he was shooting a documentary about psychokinesis and other paranormal phenomena. Subsequently, he invited me to speak on camera. Shortly thereafter, we became fast friends. What followed were many hours that turned into years of ever-deepening conversations about esoterica. He is a good man. I am genuinely a better person for knowing him.

Dr. Barry E. Taff, famed for his work at UCLA’s Neuropsychiatric Institute in the 1970s, has for nearly 20 years been both a big brother and a mentor. Fans know him as the parapsychologist whose work inspired the hit novel and film the Entity. I am just grateful to call him a friend and colleague. His influence on me personally and professionally has been immeasurable.

James Van Praagh taught me the subtly of everyday energy and to trust my extrasensory capability. James is fun, fearless, and funny aside from being a wildly accomplished psychic medium, best-selling author many times over, writer, and producer who has paved the way for all who have followed. But specifically, I am thankful to James for very early in my career, encouraging me to take my work public. For that reason alone, I am indebted to James for kindly seeing me as more than I imagined at that time.

John J Oliver is an encyclopedia of metaphysical knowledge and a gifted psychic and entrepreneur. Many people know John for his work on Court TV’s Haunted Evidence. But John and I met quite accidentally too. I am subsequently proud to call him a friend. From time to time we would have lunches discussing all things psychic as professional colleagues. I cannot express how valuable it is to have someone who understands what ESP really is. Someone who knows the real-world difficulties and funny things that really happen in and around the psychic world. For similar reasons, I am so grateful for my friend, author, and psychic Eddie Conner. Having peers to laugh with, people to share methods and ideas with is so important to stay grounded. Thank you, gentlemen,

It is no secret that John Holland is a generous and illumined trailblazer in the psychic and spiritual community. I met John Holland by phone after a client of mine tricked me into accepting a murder case by telling me John had recommended me. It was only when I thanked John for the referral that I learned I had been deceived. I was embarrassed for being so naive. But John was warm and kind. We had a wonderful conversation. Afterward, John very generously endorsed my book. But perhaps more importantly, the reason I appreciate John is on another occasion, he helped me by taking my call when he did not have to. I was going through that time of discouragement while my career was rapidly on the rise. Without John even knowing or trying his inner light showed me the way back to my own. For being a truly genuine spirit and a great blessing, Thank you, John.

Glynis McCants will always be the world’s greatest numerologist. There is only one Numbers Lady. But more importantly, this woman has the biggest heart and even bigger balls than anyone I have ever met. Her straight-talking tough love realness is her superpower. And, it is what made her my super friend. If it were not for Glynis, I would not be a best-selling author… We were talking one day and she said, “You should write a book”. I replied, “Yes, I will someday”. What I did not realize was Glynis does not deal in meaningless platitudes. She very quickly but slowly responded by saying, “NO. You. Write. A. Book, and I will help you”. Message received. I finished the first draft in 45 days. After which Glynis introduced me to a very skillful literary agent. I love you, Glynis. You are fearless and bold with a heart of pure gold.

Devra Jacobs is a wonderful literary agent who suffered through me and The Rational Psychic in their rawest forms. Thank you for your tenacity. Tami Simon founder of Sounds True, Tami is a spiritual visionary and a profoundly thoughtful and clever businesswoman to whom I am deeply grateful for seeing the need for, and value of, The Rational Psychic. Heather Budman, as my agent, has been an astute and patient guide. Her skill and expertise in my corner are invaluable. Ricki Lake is a 1000-watt bulb in a world full of candles. Thank you for being a beautiful and genuine human being. You made working with you fun and easy. I am grateful for how at ease you are embodying spontaneous joy and grace. Lastly, I am so grateful to Brad Bernstein for his tireless belief in me. Working with him and his Emmy-winning company Texas Crew helped me free myself from the burden of conformity. This being said, I suppose I’ll stop here and go back to the beginning. So, what do I attribute my success to? My success results from the experience of serving and for this, I am entirely indebted to my clients.

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