We had the good fortune of connecting with Jeffery Patterson and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Jeffery, what role has risk played in your life or career?
I think about risk very simply. Will future me be able to look back and know that past me made the best decision possible even if the decision led to failure? The simple answer is yes. The more complex answer is really about the risks I have taken throughout my life that have sculpted me into the person I am today. Early in my life, I moved into my own home and juggled 2 part time jobs and part time schooling. I believed that I could do it. Ultimately, I dropped out of college, lost both my jobs, and my home. It was a hard lesson to learn. Taking on a insurmountable pressure and overloading my plate ultimately led to one of the biggest failures of my life. A lesson that left me homeless with nowhere to live. I would couch hop on various family member’s couches until one day one of my Aunts and an Uncles sat me down and told me I could live with them and pay $1000 dollars a month in rent, or sign up for community college and live there for free. I took the second option. I signed up and went to Mt. San Jacinto College. I remember I wanted to finish my Associates degree, Transfer to a 4 year college, and complete the Honors Program within 1 year. I had a counselor who, at the beginning of my college career, told me that it was something that was very difficult to do. She very bluntly told me, “You won’t be a completer.” Those words rang in my ears and still do to this day. Why she told me that, I will never know. I took the risk of looking foolish again putting a lot on my plate only this time I knew what it was like to fail. I signed up or the Honors program, I took more than a full load each semester, I got involved in clubs, I sat on the Board of Director’s as a student representative for the college, I got my Associate of Arts, I put together a speaking event for Congressman Raul Ruiz for the 36th Congressional District in California with an amazing colleague of mine, I earned and became Honors Student of the Year, and eventually I was accepted and transferred to UCLA. Knowing how to fail is something I will embrace for the rest of my life. The lesson of failure when taking risks has helped shape me into the business owner that I am with PHD Organics. A company I founded with my family in 2017 for the manufacturing and distribution of Cannabidiol (CBD) products. This company is full of risks especially in a market that is over-saturated with CBD products. I have been scammed out of money, invested in products and applications that I believed would help our company grow only to watch it stagnate, and I have been turned away by hundreds of people who don’t believe in my company as much as I do. However, I keep pushing forward because the people who have tried my products have told me they work and they believe in them as much as I do. The feedback we receive as a company is amazing. The feeling we get when we hear about the improvement others people lives because of our products is euphoric and is one of the greatest motivating factors to continue working harder. With myself and with my company, I will keep pushing forward every day searching and finding better opportunities. I take risk with the knowledge of failure but also the insight that success is just as likely.

What should our readers know about your business?
PHD Organics was founded in 2017 in Southern California. Our company is American made, 3rd party lab tested, THC free Cannabidiol (CBD), built using only the best ingredients available. In 2017, we started off in our homes trying day in and day out to come up with a well formulated CBD product that works. Eventually, we came up with and released 5 (now 7) CBD tinctures from 200mg to 2000mgs of CBD. These tinctures are Organic, Vegan, and free of THC. The reason we have such variance in the amount of CBD is because we believe in affordability. With affordable products comes the opportunity for every single person in the world to try CBD. This is our number one goal because we believe to our core as a company that CBD works and CBD helps. As of right now, PHD Organics is in 100+ stores across Southern California, we have 19 products and more, we operate a retail store called Health & Hemp where our offices are located and we are in the process of beginning to develop our Hemp farm. 3 years ago, we sold a few tinctures a month to members of our families. Eventually, this grew to their friends and 3 years later, we continue to push forward. With that said, what I am personally most proud of is that every single owner of the company manages day in and day out to work for and grow PHD Organics while each one of us works other full time jobs to support our families and ourselves. We have put our sweat and tears into this company since day 1. I see us doing this as owners and it makes me proud when someone chooses our products over one of the products from the major CBD companies. It has been a long and difficult road to get where we are. The scarcity of specific clinical studies and the legislative gaps in the regulation of CBD’s use has had us dealing with road block after road block. We believe in a regulated market which is why we test every one of our products be sending them to a 3rd party lab unassociated with our company for completely unbiased lab results to ensure milligram potency and consistency. One challenge that occasionally pops up due to the lack of regulation in the market is when our products get pulled from retail stores shelves by the government or a government agency. Eventually, they return the products to the stores the took them from because they tested them themselves and seen that our products are exactly what we label them as! This has happened twice! Another challenge we have had to deal with are scams. We have had orders for thousands of dollars come our way, we have had companies tell us they will do banking for us and charge us thousands, only for those orders to appear to be illegitimate and those banks to not exist. Those were some hard lessons to learn especially as a new company whose vision is to have our CBD products in as many hands as possible. However, with failure comes the opportunity to learn and grow. Now, when similar opportunities like that come our way, we meet as a company and do as much research as possible before making a decision. As an up and coming family owned company, the world has yet to see who we really are, but I believe our time is coming. When the world does have a chance to see us in full, I would like them to see us as what we are, a CBD company that cares. We believe in empowering people with knowledge and substance to make the best possible choices for their bodies. We will not lie or pretend like CBD is the cure all. We will continue to look at scientific studies, pre-clinical trials, and hopefully, the many future clinical trials that will come out in the future. We will find the best scientific information and best suggestions on how to approach CBD and let people know the benefits as well as the cons of CBD use. We will continue to tell people to consult with their physician before putting any new foreign substance into their bodies, including CBD and especially if that CBD has not been tested. Simply put, we here at PHD Organics strive day in and day out to provide the best CBD products for a person’s body. We keep our standards as high as possible. We use the best available ingredients. We study CBD day in and day out. We believe everyone should have access to CBD and that is what we will strive to accomplish.

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
I actually just had a friend come down and stay with me for a short visit. First day we would head to the beach for a full beach day either in Malibu, Santa Monica or Venice. This will lead to a high level of exhaustion and eventually we would make our way back to the city. On the second day, we would definitely head back to the beach but not for the full day. Once we have had our fill of salt air in our lungs and sea water on our bodies, I would take them to the one of the famous ramen spots on Sawtelle for dinner. On the third day, again we would head to the beach (thats basically the pattern). In the evening, I would take them Elephante in Santa Monica. You really cannot beat that ocean view and those drinks. On the fourth day, we would start by hiking up runyon and the explore Hollywood for the rest of the day. It is the middle of a Pandemic so we would most likely be limited to what we could do and see. On the Fifth day, we would most likely hit the beach again. California Beach fever is a real condition of living in California. Later in the evening I would take them down to Abbott Kinney for some dinner at The Tasting Kitchen in Venice. One of my favorite spots to this day to get food. The Taglirini Shrimp Pasta with a mezcal negroni is a solid way to end the night. On the Sixth day, I would take them to an early brunch at The Rose in Venice. We would walk up Rose a bit to hit the new spot Wabi on Rose for a further dive in of food and drinks and eventually make it back to mine for some healthy home cooked options. The 7th day week of the vacation would be suited with one last early am beach day. There really is no place like the beach.

Shoutout is all about shouting out others who you feel deserve additional recognition and exposure. Who would you like to shoutout?
My family in Beaumont, California is responsible for shaping me into the man I have become today. The two colleges I went to helped challenge me in ways I never new possible and my employment post Bachelors from UCLA helped teach me to be in service of others. My mother was responsible for my sense of resilience. She believed in tough love and was always harder on me than most to be better than what I was no matter the situation. My four sisters were always there and full of love. They cared and loved me no matter what. They taught me to respect women. They taught me about unconditional love and about being there for one another no matter the situation. My Aunt and my Uncle who took me in when I was lost are responsible for guiding me when I had no where to turn and when I was too prideful to take help. They taught me about the true meaning of family, respect, and loyalty. They taught me when to set my pride aside to help others in my family. They taught me how to be selfless in a selfish world. They taught me how to channel my energy into meaningful activities such as education and growth. They taught me about respect. My Aunt and Uncle’s sons were like my brothers. They taught me how to defend myself. They taught me how to be a brother. They taught me how to be stoic, reserved, but outgoing at the right times. They taught me about the bonds of family and the strength of blood. They introduced me to their Native American Culture as Tongva Indians and about being spiritual and always knowing where your roots as a human being lie. Mt. San Jacinto College taught me how to channel the negative energy of others into positive energy for my life and the goals I was focused on. MSJC taught me how to speak in front of small and large crowds. MSJC taught me how to be goal-oriented and how to find motivation when motivation was lacking. UCLA taught me how to critically think and respond to any situation that I would encounter. UCLA challenged me in ways inside and outside of the classroom. UCLA taught me how to deal with adversity and how to accept diversity. I learned about my status as a minority and how to embrace that status. UCLA Rugby taught me how to persevere. They taught me about friendship and how to maintain that friendship over great distances and time. My first job outside of college was at The Tasting Kitchen on Abbott Kinney in Venice. It was my first restaurant job. I went from polishing glasses five days a week to eventually bar tending. They taught me how to be a person of service. They taught me how to be personable and communicate with anybody. They taught me about showing compassion to anyone no matter the situation or who they are. This is only a scratch on the many people and lessons I have learned in life. Without these influences in my life, I would not be the man or person I am today. My family, my post-high school education, and my post-college all played huge roles in how I have become as a person.

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