We had the good fortune of connecting with Katherine MURILLO and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Katherine, is there something that you feel is most responsible for your success?

Success to me is quite simple, it’s the peace I feel from walking in my purpose. I know that wasn’t your question, but stick with me for a minute…

I understand there’s a general idea of what success is “supposed” to look like, “fame, fortune, accolades, etc.,” but I’ve been around enough people with all of those things (and more) to know that many of them don’t “feel” successful after attaining everything they thought they wanted. In fact, many of them felt more empty than before because it didn’t feel the void they thought it would.

The word success is defined in the dictionary as: the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

The accomplishment of those things isn’t enough for some people because it didn’t come with the recognition of a magazine cover, it didn’t come with 100k more followers or millions in their bank account.

For so many, our identity becomes so tied to our success, that we don’t know who we are without it. We don’t know how to define who we are IF we are not “successful.”

I would encourage anyone reading this to search internally for a moment and ask, What is my identity rooted in?

I say all of this to finally get to the point of your question – that the most important factor behind my success is God.
God is my source of purpose and He is my source for peace.

Now I’m not here to try and baptize or drown anyone holy water!

But whether I’m speaking on stage, behind a mic, or in daily conversation, I am intentional about showing up as my most authentic self. In order to show up as my most authentic self is to share My truth with you, and my truth is rooted in God’s Love. Everything I am, and everything that I have, is built on the foundation of my Faith – including my “success.”

I have accomplished aspects of success by walking in God’s purpose for me, and I say aspects because we each have SO much purpose that it’s not limited to just one job or one goal. We have continual success when we continue to walk down each different path of purpose that we’ve been gifted – no matter what the outcome is.

Can you open up a bit about your work and career? We’re big fans and we’d love for our community to learn more about your work.

When I left the radio morning show I was a co-host of and I moved away from everything I knew, everyone thought I was absolutely crazy. Why would I walk away from a job like that? Why would I pick up and move to a place where I had no friends and family, no job?

Why at 30 would I “start over?”

First of all, there’s no age limit for anything. Limits in general only exist if you allow them to.
Secondly, don’t take people’s thoughts personal, many times they’re unknowingly projecting their own fears and judgments onto you.

Something I learned about myself years ago was that I’m not afraid of having “nothing.” I think so many times we get so scared of taking a risk or moving out of our comfort zone in fear of, “what if it doesn’t work out?”

Let me tell you something, the times I’ve had “nothing” are the times I’ve felt most powerful. Because now it’s like, “what do I have to lose?”

Do not be so scared of the unknown that you settle for what’s familiar.

I’m speaking to someone right now, you know you’ve been called for more. You feel it when you’re laying in bed at the end of the day, you feel it in the pit of your stomach when you’re driving to work, you feel it as you go about your daily life – deep down there’s a feeling that there’s “more.”

You’re not crazy.
You’re called.

And the time you think you have of “one day” I’m going to do that, and “one day” I’m going to try this…you’re going to wake up in 20 years and ask why? Why didn’t I? But even if you do wait 20 years, it’s still not too late, because again, there’s no age limit! But why wait 20 years for what you can get started on right now?

We each have such divine and unique gifts that we’ve been given – not to keep to ourselves – but to share. I ask you this, what are you robbing the world of? Because people need the gifts you possess. I don’t care if there are 2 million other people doing it already, they are not you and you are not them.

I’m going to wrap this up with a bunch of small (but actually big) lessons I’ve learned along the way. I’m sure it’s going to sound like a bunch of bootleg IG quotes, but they’re each lessons that have helped to grow me personally, so that I can thrive professionally.

We must take step(s) back, in order to step forward.
“Break downs” are breakthroughs.
Not everyone is for you, and you are not for everyone.
Comparison is the thief of joy.
Have a good sense of humor.
You are not your circumstances.
Prioritizing yourself is not selfish.
Release the past.
Be very careful/mindful of what you speak over yourself and others.
You can’t heal what you don’t reveal.
Pain is power.
Closed mouths don’t get fed.
Invest in yourself.
We are here to serve more than ourselves.
Rejection is redirection.
Forgiveness is for you, not for them.
None of us are the worst things we’ve done.
There’s freedom in surrender.
What you consume, consumes you.
Don’t apologize for your needs.
Emotion births creation.
The greatest gift you can give yourself is honesty.
Love should be our dominant motive.
In order to be yourself, you have to know yourself.
God’s plan > Our plan
God is good all the time, and all the time God is good.
Trust God.

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?

Street vendors! I never realized how that isn’t “normal” once I lived in other places.

I have so much love and respect for LA streets vendors, they’re such a staple of our city!

Next, I love being near the water. Malibu, Venice, Santa Monica – all of those are a must. In the theme of water, a good rooftop pool party is always a vibe.

I think LA is such a melting pot that each of the different neighborhoods represents that uniqueness. You cannot come to LA and find something that is not for you, there’s no other place in the world like it.

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?

You already know where I’m going with this…

First and foremost, all glory to God. Everything that I have and everything that I am is by His grace.

In addition to that, I’ve been consistently humbled, loved, supported, and grounded by my family. They are a firm part of the foundation in my life. My mother’s words and prayers have healed me in ways I don’t have words for – and healed people heal people. So they each are such a crucial and critical part of my journey.

And just an overall shoutout to anyone that has supported me in any capacity. I’ve worn a lot of hats throughout the years…. so whether you attended an event I was hosting or speaking at, reposted my work, donated to a fundraiser, listened/subscribed to my podcast, all of it – words really can’t describe my gratitude.

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