We had the good fortune of connecting with Lance Jordan and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Lance, we’d love to hear about how you approach risk and risk-taking
No risk, no reward. It’s simple as that to me. There is no passion in playing small and settling for a life less than the one you deserve. If there is a 99% chance I am to fail at something, all I can see is the 1% chance to win. When I entered the acting and film industry, I was well aware of what I was getting into. 1/1 million chance you get to the big screen and become a house hold name, I figured I’ll be the one to take that chance. Most of those around me told me I won’t get far and I’m crazy for going for it, I only listened to those who encouraged me. Risk is a beautiful thing because the trick about risk is that it dares you to grow. Risk is the process of exposing yourself to danger, harm, or loss. After every role I’m denied from, I look for what I could’ve done better and I look at it as a lesson. Risk comes with loss and it takes a while to understand that it is okay! The real risk is quitting and living a life thinking what could I have been. The law of averages work out eventually for those who work at it. Take Kobe Bryant for example, he’s known as one of the most clutch players in NBA history, but not many know he holds the record for the most missed shots in NBA history currently…which is over 14,000 shots. It’s a phenomenon that no one remembers the misses, only the game winning shots. With stories like that looming around this world, I know mine is next. Risk is all I got and I will fail forward into reward. I heard someone say this once “If you want an omlette, start cracking some eggs”. Be risky and chase reward.

Let’s talk shop? Tell us more about your career, what can you share with our community?
As an actor, writer, and model what separates me from the rest is my willingness to experience life. I’ve emerged myself into thousands of situations comfortable and uncomfortable just to understand what it’s like to be there and that allows me to take art and display it from a personal level. Most actors have methods to bring characters to life and I do too, but it’s just so thrilling when I can tap into an emotion I’ve felt or a character I’ve witnessed and display it to the masses. Where I am today was only achieved through small victories. I never imagined myself really acting and modeling and writing screenplays but I’m in love with how it unfolded for me. In elementary school I was involved in the arts a lot and that stopped around high school. I took up sports and that occupied most of my time. When I was faced with two torn ACL’s to stop me from playing for an extended amount of time, I found my passion in the arts again under film and acting. That’s when I realized I never really left the stage, I just switched to a different stage in athletics to display my character. In college, I took on majoring in theatre and film to further my creative outlet and found myself in the campus play in my final semester. This road taught me a lot about myself because for once there was no outdoing the competition or performing better. A lot of working out and running miles showed me how I can surpass limits physically and mentally just by having heart and the will to be legendary. Being an actor is about letting go of yourself and discovering better versions of yourself. The more In touch you become with the world around you and yourself, the better an actor you become. It has not been easy mastering my emotions and understanding where my faults lie in my character. I want the world to know that hard work exist and you can win as long as you keep trying. Even when your back is against the wall, you can still find a way to win, that’s why we’re are creatives, we always find a way. Hardships, pain, and failure only make you a better person, embrace it, make it your tools to become legendary.

Any places to eat or things to do that you can share with our readers? If they have a friend visiting town, what are some spots they could take them to?
A week long trip in NYC starts in Queens! You know we got everything here in Queens, we the World’s Borough! Every kind of food in the world is here and who isn’t a foodie at heart? First you want to hit utopia bagels for some of the best breakfast sandwiches you’ll probably ever have in your life, they get more and more creative everyday over there. Me personally, I hit up Matty’s deli because I’m from south Jamaica and that’s the best store on this side of town for deli sandwiches. Then for lunch, you’re definitely going over to Brothers ravioli for one of their “Big Asss Subss!”. They have fresh made Italian goods and the best subs you can ever imagine. One of my favorite is either the JFK Cargo or the MVP. Go there and tell them Lance sent you. Then you have to check out flushing meadow park and see the sights so you can walk off all the food. You can go play 18 hole golf and watch a gopher steal your ball or just sit back and admire the globe, yeah the one from Men in Black. Citifield is right next door, home of the NY Mets, the best team in NYC and next to that is Arthur Ashe stadium, the largest tennis stadium in the world. We got it all, I know. For dinner, I really can’t put it into a suggestion. We have everything here, you pick a type of food or a culture that you’re interested in and then swing by a neighborhood where they serve that kind of food and chow down. We got everything here from soul food, Egyptian, Chinese, Japanese, middle eastern, Thai, Jamaican, Trini, halal, Italian, Greek, Dominican, Puerto Rican, Colombian, Indian, Peruvian, Mexican, and the list continues. For a good drink you can always slide by bungalow in rockaway for a nice drink with a view of the water, hit cheap shots for some cheap drinks, if you don’t mind almost Manhattan prices on drinks you can hit up Astoria or LIC dive bars for a good time, but don’t forget you can enjoy all the reggaeton and dembow over by Jackson heights, Corona, east elmhurst area and south ozone. In south ozone we got La barrica, El Rey IV, and Peter’s, a great time and you never know what celebrity will be there. Honorable mentions, bars out on bell blvd, bayside and Austin st, forest hills. And don’t forget to slide by gabys pizzeria for the best slice in all of Queens. And satisfy your sweet tooth by hitting any of queens finest diners for a milkshake or going to Martha’s bakery. A secret beautiful view of rockaway and the bridge leading into it can be found at Hamilton beach, which is almost like the ruins of what Queens used to look like, love it there. Best part, watching the A train on water, ain’t nothing like it.

Anything outside of my home, you can hit midnights in Williamsburg for a good time, that whole area is walking distance to every bar. A little further into Williamsburg you can find barcade, one of the best arcade places in the city (which you’ll find me at weekly getting the high score on twilight zone pinball), and the taco truck in union pool hall bar (yes a taco truck inside the bar).
Manhattan is full of amazing bars and places to go. start in the lower east side and embrace the food and bars down that way and make your way up to Harlem, if you still find yourself hungry or in search of a good time, go further up to Dyckman, you’ll for sure need a nap after that. I’m still exploring the Bronx, give me time! And Staten Island, well, I’ll pay the toll and get there some day.

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
It’s so many outlets I used as a child to inspire me and still so many I use today to keep me inspired and going for the dreams I have. I’d like to thank my mom and dad for being so hard on me, I didn’t quite understand why growing up but it made me such a resilient person as an adult. I’d like to thank my grandma for her character and her ways, just her being herself taught me patience and being kind to others. I want to thank my uncle in heaven for being himself no matter what ,enjoying life, being silly and showing a good laugh can fix anything, but most importantly beating cancer so many times, I miss you. My idol, Muhammad Ali, I want to thank him and Malcolm X for standing up for what they believe in and never backing down. It sure has made me more of a solid man and also Muhammad’s belief in himself has driven me to become more confident. From an acting standpoint, I want to thank Rod Serling, Martin Scorsese, Christopher Nolan, Quentin Tarantino Denzel Washington, Christian Bale, Brad pitt, Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone, Maya Deren, Jamie Foxx, John Singleton, Eiichiro Oda, Wes Anderson, Stanley Kubrick, Alfred Hitchcock, and so many more. I know it’s a lot of names but without them, there is no story telling inspiration in me. A special thanks to Rod Serling for inspiring me to dream bigger and think outside the box. But the best shoutout goes to the select few who pick me up when I’m down and remind me damn near everyday that the road ahead is long but I’ll make it: Kristina, Amari, Evan, and John…Love you. To everyone else that encourages me out there and Queens, my city, my home, my friends, you define me and I am nothing without you, shout-out to you for raising me and keeping me afloat! And last but not least the kids in the world without hope, I want to serve as inspiration to them someday and be the hope they look to, I believe every child deserves that in their life. Everyone I’ve listed makes me a better person and inspires me in some form or another. I am ashamed to die until I have won some victory for humanity.

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