We had the good fortune of connecting with María Capas and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi María, is there something that you feel is most responsible for your success?

TRUST. Trust is the key.
In my experience, people that know me personally and professionally recommend me to others because they really trust me. I treasure that trust.
Success at work is not just about offering your talent; it’s also about offering what you do, how you do it, and what you are. They don’t expect you to know everything, but to solve things and make it simple. Furthermore, when you enjoy what you do, it positively affects the project result, and the enjoyment and passion is contagious for the client. More reasons for them to want you near again, and why they will keep recommending you. That’s the best marketing, when you respond to the expectations generated, and it is the client who talks about their experience with you.
This is like a cycle of trust. You respond to the confidence received with self-confidence and effort, and it is that self-confidence that you express when you work that keeps bringing more opportunities. It’s very important! In the cycle, you should trust others, too. The clients choose you as you also choose them. You should ask yourself if this is a client with whom you can work your way and enjoy the project. In the cycle of trust, a yes is as important as a no. Serious and efficient processes and clear and kind communication are always an advantage for everyone.

Alright, so let’s move onto what keeps you busy professionally?

I am proud of my tendency to keep going, following my inner instinct. I cannot avoid what my nature asks of me, and it asks me to create, to express, to make beauty, to give thanks for beauty.
I am polifacetical, and the variety of projects keeps me motivated. For me, it’s all related. I do anything regarding art, communication and so… people. I can be working in corporate presentations or brand design for a big company in the morning and teach theatre to kids in the afternoon, shoot a short film at weekend or finish a painting at night with nice music and wine.
I have dreams to reach as an artist and entrepreneur, and I am on my way. I don’t give up. My time goes slower than I would like it to. Impatience is one of my biggest challenges, to respect my time.
I could have a simpler life, but I enjoy complexity as much as simplicity. I overcome any challenge by using creativity and a sense of humor. I like transforming challenges in a way of discovering what I am capable of. So, they become a motivation to keep knowing me in different situations. I am grateful for being alive and I enjoy experiencing myself.
I haven’t done art projects known everywhere, but at least in any little piece of art I do, I am not afraid of sharing my humanity with all its colors. I am a person with big ideas, and I have the impulse of going directly to the big thing, but I’ve learned to love the process, to enjoy the little steps. I think I wouldn’t show the best of myself if, in the meantime, I hide everything I still must learn. So, let’s show my limits too! Why not? So, one day I will pass them.
Anyway, limits and imperfection are quite interesting. For example, when I paint, my technical limitations make me find ways that bring me surprising results. It’s like cooking great dishes when your fridge is empty. For me it’s a time for creativity and I love discovering a new solution. That attitude confronting challenges and the creativity enjoyment keeps me busy personally and professionally.

Let’s say your best friend was visiting the area and you wanted to show them the best time ever. Where would you take them? Give us a little itinerary – say it was a week long trip, where would you eat, drink, visit, hang out, etc.

Ok, let’s imaginé that my friend comes to visit me during the summer in Madrid, where I live currently. I would plan different combinations of experiences. Mixing activity with sites and tastes.
I would start with Sunday, my favorite day. We would pick up two bikes and go to ride around Casa de Campo in Madrid to finish “celebrating the bodies” in “El embarcadero restaurant” with a view of families visiting the lake and a cold “tinto de verano” or beer. We could keep riding along the river until reaching Matadero where we could enjoy the independent summer cinema outdoors.
On Monday we could visit “Museo del Prado” or “Reina Sofía”. We’d bring a notebook and choose which artwork to copy. We’d continue with a picnic in Retiro where we could play “palas” or badminton.
Tuesday we’d stroll through Madrid of the Austrias, every building and street and finish in “La Latina” visiting different bars. We could start with sweet wine and a tapa of fried bacalao, and then continue onto Xirimiri bar for a “pincho” of “foie” or the best “tortilla de patatas”. There are so many places and good areas full of people that I’m sure we’d meet new people and have fun.
On Wednesday, we’d go to have a bath in “Las presillas”, the natural pools of Rascafría. We could even enjoy some horseback riding in the mountains. At night we’d make some sushi at home, and I would invite some friends to join us.
Thursday we’d go to Malasaña at midday, to walk every single street with its little special shops and then have the best on-tap vermouth in an old bar called Bodega de la Ardosa, where we would sample a great “salmorejo” and more. In the afternoon we’d go to the theatre. Maybe at Teatro Español, so we’d finish the night in “Barrio de las letras”.
On Friday we’d go to Segovia by train. In just one hour my friend would see the Roman aqueduct. Crossing under the last and tiniest arc, we’d make a wish and then celebrate being together with a delicious “cochinillo”.
Saturday we could go to Toledo and take it in from the best lookout points. It’s like a fairytale view. And from the top, we’ll have a walk among the streets of the old town. It would be great to see how the artisans work so close to the streets making jewelry or working with wood. We could taste “carcamusa”.
Maybe it is too much meat for a weekend, so, I will cook “pipirana” for dinner at home, a refreshing tomato salad from Jaén, my hometown in Andalucía. We could go out at night to dance with some friends.
And once it’s Sunday again, time to say goodbye after such a great week with a big hug!

So is there a person, group, organization, book, etc that you want to dedicate your shoutout to? Who else deserves a little credit and recognition in your story?

In my story there are so many people who deserve to be mentioned, that I could write a book about them. The first one to mention would be my mother, but I would write a whole book here just about her and her story and how it affects my story.

The thing is, there are concrete people who have always been there, no matter the distance, who decided to love me and trust me, who encourage me constantly. It’s difficult just to pick one up. There are great people who have inspired me or shown me that there are new or better ways of doing things and, so, motivated me. Even so, it has been important to confront others who made me doubt myself or helped me to realize what I don’t want.

To best answer this question, I’ll share a little anecdote.

There was a time that I was feeling lonely, not supported, as if I were fighting constantly all alone and I was missing love from some people that I used to spend too much time on in my thoughts. That lack of support from them was badly affecting my confidence.
One day, looking for a change, something clicked in my mind. I strongly needed to advance. I just took a piece of paper and made two lists. One list with those people whose support I was sadly missing and a second list with those in my life who demonstrated that they cared and believed in me. I had never done this before, and the effect was impressive. I could count the people on the first list on one hand and filled a whole page with the second list. I was rich when I was feeling poor. I mean, I was receiving so much support and inspiration from so many fantastic people, and I was not seeing them. I was being unfair. I was paying attention to what I didn’t have, instead of to the huge amount of love that I was receiving.

The last thoughts that I dedicated to the short list were some funny drawings of them, and the magic of humor helped me make peace. My attention changed to the right list of people and, to be fair, I dedicate my shoutout to them!

Website: www.visualizaypresenta.com

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Image Credits: Main photo by Antonio Castillo. (Ig @antoniocas)

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