We had the good fortune of connecting with Matthew Timothy Lara and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Matthew Timothy, can you walk us through the thought-process of starting your business?

I worked at a gas station in East LA, which fired me because my ex wife would always call me to make sure I wasn’t having an affair. After I was fired I went into door to door sales. Which I got really good at, the leaders there drove nice cars, so it pushed me to assume they had a nice place. They taught me a mindset needed for door to door sales which came in handy for other walks of business. I remember after it failed I moved back with my mother, had a divorce with my ex wife after learning about multiple affairs she had, and became homeless. During my homelessness I knew that in this place there was nothing more I could lose, other then my life. My son was with his mother so I didn’t have to worry there because her family was taking care of them. And my mother kicked me out so it’s not like I had any place to go.

I remember sleeping on the street floor that night, my mom didn’t leave me with much option and caught me off guard with the way it happened. I only had shorts and a short sleeve shirt that I soon regretted. She didn’t want me around the property and told me she is going to call the police if I don’t leave, she didn’t leave me a sweater, didn’t throw me a cover, didn’t leave sweats outside for me at least. I said I would leave and come back, she just wanted me gone.

The floor was the worst, I didn’t even really sleep that night, I grew up sleeping on the floor whenever we moved to a new home, because my mom wasn’t doing great financially. So that wasn’t the worst part about it, the worst part about it was that I was getting bit by bugs all over my body. I couldn’t believe it. I tucked myself in my shirt and tried to lay down and locked my bike next to me and had the lock tied to my leg. Incase someone did try to go where I was hidden and take my bike while I slept.

I quickly knew this wasn’t for me. That morning I had bug bits all over my leg and arms, and I was dirty fast.

I knew I was young, but I didn’t know what to do.

My first initial thought was run away and never talk to anyone again. Another thought was to join the army or some type of brotherhood, I didn’t want to join a gang since I still wanted to be a role model for my son.

I was out of options. But then someone posted on Facebook about a business opportunity. One where you can make 6-figures a year!! I was hyped!! I remember thinking this is it right here!!!

Through that I met with some very wealthy people, who connected me to more wealthy people, and in the beginning I learned you just gotta learn the stuff and do it. That’s it, the stuff was learning about the product, Ve****, an energy drink. (We aren’t doing a promo here). Which later got shut down due to it being an actual pyramid scheme. You made more money bringing people in then selling the drinks.

Ve**** is where I met the first millionaire. Tho we were all kids under 20, they were able to clear 1 million. It was here I was given all the knowledge they had, it was here I wrote notes, never missed a day, showed up and showed out, and put my best efforts. Looking back I’m glad we were all kids because if they didn’t match my energy I’m sure I would’ve looked a little too excited around adults.

I asked all kinds of questions and took all kinds of knowledge, I remember during this time of me associating with the company and this business I was able to finally take a shower since my uncle had told me he was gay and would make subtle moves on me.

It felt great! I started to think, I can have my own life, make my own choices, have my own schedule, help whoever I want, and go wherever I want as long as I get really good at this. I saw a light at the end of the tunnel, and the best part was, no one can tell me I couldn’t have my son, sister, brother, mother, or whoever there . Because business and it’s teachings are beneficial to everyone.

Alright, so for those in our community who might not be familiar with your business, can you tell us more?
My business is called Lara LLC, it is a Video Game Company founded in October 2020 by Matthew Lara.

We are focused on creating games that bring out a new generation of how things are done. We also focus on how we can create a way for users to grow themselves as individuals.

Our first product is a Mobile Gaming application called Xkno Proving Grounds. It is the first of its kind Live Rap Battle app which was developed to help kids with talent find an outlet to use their skills. Most people who associate or indulge in rap music have unfortunate ties to it.

With our Rap Battle application we give a space where user can come and have rap battles against other people and making a name for themselves while they do it.

In the long run we will eventually hold concerts with our top Artist on our application and hold battles live with some of the best rappers in the world.

Our purpose is to destroy the stigma that rap culture is poison. This is my attempt to help kids who grew up from where I grew up another option to make money with their bros. Not by getting a gun, not by “flocking”, but by getting together at someone’s house and have rap battles together against people around the world.

Mostly everyone from where I grew up was able to rap. But none of them really did anything with it because of the money, investment, connections, and more needed, with my app it brings everything to you, you just need to bring the skills. And anyone can be an artist.
Xkno Proving Grounds, bringing live Rap Battles to the palm of your hand.

I’m most proud and excited about telling my kids about my business, they get so excited about wanted to start and run their own business. They have their own dreams and ambitions but as a father I’ll help them understand the business side of things. My son wants to be a Police Officer and my daughter wants to be a Doctor. Let’s hope this ages well!

I got to where I am today in business by finding something that I cared about. And then seeing if what I care about shapes in anything. I’m a Social Entrepreneur. I care about bringing solutions that can help people .

Starting the business was the easy part, running it and keeping it afloat gets its challenge. Currently we closed out pre seeding and was able to raise $40k of our 80k goal. The goal was for completion of our mobile application Xkno Proving Grounds. As a CEO I was ontop of all the financial projections, graphs, and vision boards.

The challenge came from funding and trying to do everything myself. As a start we are 3 members right now. Myself, Co-Founder, and our CMO. In the beginning while I was doing pitch after pitch we had a fast start, but somewhere along the line there were technical issues and things were pushed back. The business started to slow down, the bills for the server and more were piling without a full app release. We were promised dates but had to push back because of unforeseen technical difficulties. To this day we are still tackling unforeseen issues, (capital at this moment). Now this is a challenge, I readjusted my financing projections and everything and went again for investors, only problem was now that we have a product and not just a idea investors are, very curious. After my first pitch I got someone to offer me as much money as I need as long as I can get a famous person to partner with us. Our app was not created for the purpose of famous people.
But to create and generate new famous people who have real skill and can showcase it. So we partnered with a NFL Coach Dr.Jen. She started to look into her own network to assist and to this day is connected and continues to assist Lara LLC for Xkno Proving Grounds, Live Rap Battles in the palm of your hand.

Unfortunately we still have not been able to find a mutual agreement with any big artist at this time. But time waits for no one and the bills continue to pile.

I started to finance the business out of my own pockets, which in turn started to really make things rock. Once we hit our expected profit goal date we realize as a company things are gonna get rough if we cannot stabilizing a full app with all features, or close more investments. I took some time to start looking for more investors and reached out to venture capitalist. We were told that our asking of $100k was too small, to make a business plan with at least a asking of 5million. The good news is that was the only thing really they thought I needed to work on. Asking for more. The investor explained to avoid having problems like now, it’s suppose to walk you to your zone of profit. That is why I should ask for more. So this made us go back to the drawing board and make a plan for 5 million. As me and my partners saw how much more serious this can get we looked at all the options. I decided we could release another product which is how our product


Was born.

Since I am a Facebook gaming partner (contracted streamer for Meta (facebook)) I decided to write down everything I did and what it took to help me reach my first 100k followers on my page. Since I was taught through applied methods, I practiced applied methods. I didn’t start my page and just winged it. I made a game plan and stuck to it .

Since a lot of people would always come to me to ask for guidance to start and become a established streamer I decided to make it into a course that is live today! So far this course has helped 2 people reach 100k one sitting at 190k followers and another sitting at close to 1 million followers in total.

Ch1ny of Facebook Gaming
Mizter Bonezz DJ producer

. This was created to generate income within the business so that way we won’t have to worry about small expenses such as website and server hosting cost. With small maintenance needed it was created as a source of income for the business without having to pay hefty amounts for server and users.

As we launched this we started working on a new game that we will be launching. So far we haven’t released any information but this game will be our first step into the Platform Console Gaming spectrum. This console game will be our focus to help us generate income for the business without worrying about investors or anything else. Currently we are going through a grant program and completing the classes to gain a grant for the funding needed for this new game.

I want the world to know, God Bless you.
Also we aren’t going to stop at video games. These are just stepping stones. Lara LLC will eventually help evolve the modes of transportation, entertainment, and more in the future. Bare with us as we grow!

Any places to eat or things to do that you can share with our readers? If they have a friend visiting town, what are some spots they could take them to?
If my best friend was coming out for a week long trip, and you can even ask him, we would be planning to hit up investors, pitches, seminars, whatever is gonna happen, we are gonna be there to promote our business. (Damian N, go ask him hahaha)

He loves steak, I eat steak! We’d probably eat steak haha, but not all week probably do mostly chicken . I can cook too so we can chill at our spot and plan our business out. Depending on the situation, I’d probably take a shot. I don’t drink but he does, and well as long as I know for a fact there’s absolutely no need for me to go out anymore during that day, I will probably take a shot. Probably.

Thankfully there is a lot of fun with our profession, that we can go to music events which contains its own fun and promote our business. So it will always carry exciting people and places behind it.!

The Shoutout series is all about recognizing that our success and where we are in life is at least somewhat thanks to the efforts, support, mentorship, love and encouragement of others. So is there someone that you want to dedicate your shoutout to?
The best teacher is found in The Bible, I’ve been told by my mentor Jim Rohn that Jesus is the best teacher. Many of his teachings come from passages of the Bible quoting Jesus. The Bible kept my level headed and close to God. So I can keep my morals straight and my focus steady.

Think & Grow Rich By Napoleon Hill
This book helped me align everything I know and attempt to use it and apply it. Not just know it.

God – throughout my life it has Ben feeling like I’m walking with God, and he is guiding me. Just as a father would let us go wonder but not get to hurt, and help us if we are, God is always there for me. And can be for you or anyone.

Jesus – One of the best teachers in History. Aside from what anyone believes he looked like , it’s his teachings and knowledge that we should keep fast. Not his image. “come as you are”

My mom – Kicking me out at age 18. I saw my life like an Eagle. When the mother saw the baby eagle was ready, they throw them out of the nest, and as that baby Eagle falls it think to itself, why would my mother do this to me, I’m gonna die, everything is gonna go, but then that Baby Eagle starts to flap its wings, and it starts to catch some air, and it starts to realize, wait I think I can do this, and then as it’s falling it learns how to fly. And then flys. I want to thank my mom for being my Mother Eagle. Whether she knew I was ready or not.

My Dad – Always putting it in my head to be the best in the west. Surviving the Guierilla war in El Salvador against the government and the citizens. My dad was taken by boths and was out to fight for both. Thankfully my grandmother, Rest In Peace, was in a great financial situation she would pay to have him taken out. Eventually my father left everything he had in El Salvador. He lived on a farm. My dad was 15-16 when he had to leave everything, in hopes of living. Because he kept getting taken to fight. I thank My dad a lot for making the choices he did to survive. If it weren’t for my dad I wouldn’t know what a survivor looks like. To this day he does drink but if you heard what he went through you would probably understand the circumstance. Probably, not everyone has sympathy for kids who watch their friends float dead on a lake after hanging with them at that spot the night before.

Jim Rohn – Has helped me understand the balance between religion and man. How a man without belief can tread dangerously. Showing me that Jesus has the most wisest pieces of knowledge that everyone applies today but not many know that it is from the teachings of Jesus.

Robert Kiyosaki – Taught me about rich dad poor dad. Help me see quadrants of cash flow, how to generate income, what is passive income, and more things that deal with business and financing. A lot of terminology as well.

Napoleon Hill. – Wrote down teaching about the science of success. Helped me see the science of success through applied methods. Not chance. And how everyone’s success can be achieved through applied methods , and that nothing is by chance, when you apply particular principles.

Clif Braun – Taught me about other people and building networks, everything was written in his book.

Claire Redfield – When I had nothing and was a nobody, you looked at me like I was somebody. And you understood me as much as possible even though you went through your own problems. I won’t ever know how you feel but you are definitely someone I want to thank for making me feel good about the small success I was getting. I grew up never really being told good job, and stuff, so I always get a bit weird when you congratulate me or something because I’m not use to that. Thank you for believing in my even when there was no reasons too.

Damian Nicholson – Being my best friend. Helping my mental and emotional psyche. Leveling with me as a person who tells me the truth. And explains the other parts. Damian thank you for believing in me. Also I appreciate all the knowledge and information you give me about real estate. Your real estate deals definitely teach me things that only can be learned from experience. You are definitely a deserved one of the best realtors in Colorado!

Luiz Rivera – You have a vision and can see the future. You have done for me something that has helped me propel my life further. Belief goes a long way.

Alan Huntley – You are one of the most coolest persons I have ever known, can’t wait until I can buy you a drink. I appreciate what you are doing and have been doing for my company and me. Thank you Alan.

Brian Caruthers – Taught me how to create empires.

Website: https://www.xknoprovinggrounds.com

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/llc_lara

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/LaraLLC/

Other: https://www.virtueto100k.com https://www.fb.gg/IWASOWNED My Co Founders Realty For anyone looking for homes in Colorado! https://bluecordhomescolorado.com/

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