We had the good fortune of connecting with Mayra Stewart and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Mayra, any advice for those thinking about whether to keep going or to give up?
Ideas are like seeds, some take root and grow, while others die before sprouting. The difference between the two is in the way the seed is tended. When we receive an idea, we all make the decision to take action towards it, or to let it die. Many of the times, in the moment of the initial thought, ideas seem fantastic, and our inspiration pulls us to take the first action. The issue comes when challenges, and obstacles arrive, which they will. The urge to quit presents itself at the first sign of resistance. In order to make the choice to keep going or to quit, we must first check our thinking, and ask ourselves whether their are limiting programs running. For example, one has a magnificent idea they can’t help but to engage in action towards, and then one day they are presented with an obstacle, this obstacle subconsciously reminds them of that one time they lost the spelling bee and felt humiliated. This could bring a halt to someone’s entire idea, simply because the fear of humiliation does not allow them to make that mistake again, therefore they quit. Before quitting any idea, one must first check their thinking. This can literally be done by asking the self, “what is the program running here?” It will surprise some people when a wave of fearful, limiting thoughts start to come in. At this point we are presented with another choice. One must make the decision of cancelling out the program through making a choice that overrules that limiting belief, or live a life within the barriers of ones own fears. I have learned within the journey of building my own business that at the point of every obstacle lives a limiting program to overrule. This is clearly uncomfortable in the beginning, but over time it becomes a habit that makes it so one can actually program themselves to want to experience the overcoming of a limiting program. Let’s say an individual checks their thinking, and their are no limiting programs running. The next question is simple. “Is this specific Idea something I enjoy?” The answer here can only be yes, or no. If it is enjoyable, the results don’t matter, the vision withstands wind, and rain, and the seed will sprout, and the flower will bloom.

What should our readers know about your business?
“Grow, Florecita, Grow” is a children’s book about the growth of a flower. What sets us apart as a children’s book is that it is printed on stone paper. Stone paper is made out of recycled stone and granite. We wanted the book to align with our mission of being a brand that reflects the beauty of the earth by using the materials it has gifted us, and do it sustainably. Over time it became very clear that it was more expansive than simply a children’s book. The book is now our mission statement as it continues to expand into murals with positive affirmations, intentional fashion, collaborating with artisans, planting trees, and so much more to come!

The most challenging aspect of building a business is that I’ve had to face my fears of failure, and recreate all aspects of my thinking and being.

I want the world to know the Grow, Florecita message, which is that if we have been gifted the idea, and hold a desire of obtaining it, that we ultimately have what it takes to create it. Grow Florecita normalizes “failure,” and knows that obstacles are to be expected. Yet, like the promise of spring after winter, Grow Florecita reminds the reader that the sun will shine again, and that if one can find the courage to stand through the storm, what we gain from that storm can become our gifts to the world. From this, we bloom. It is imprinted in the nature of flowers, why is it hard for one to believe that it is imprinted in them too? Grow Florecita believes that humanity can make different choices, and ultimately collectively make this Earth a thriving, joyful place. The Shoutout series is all about recognizing that our success and where we are in life is at least somewhat thanks to the efforts, support, mentorship, love and encouragement of others. So is there someone that you want to dedicate your shoutout to?
I appreciate my family, my husband and son for loving me. I have sewn their love into the fabric of my existence. I choose to see others in love, for I know the magic and miracles love is capable of. I was born into a big, beautiful, Mexican-American family where I was seen. My parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles collectively raised me. I was privileged enough to grow up on my grandfather’s farm, and befriend the trees, mud, rocks, and sticks. Being loved by them, and feeling at home on the Earth has given me the confidence to become the Author of “Grow, Florecita, Grow,” and ultimately turn the book into a scalable business. I also would not be who I am today if it wasn’t for my business partner, Katie Rike. Currently, my husband and son keep me inspired in the process of writing my next book.

Website: GrowFlorecita.com

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