We had the good fortune of connecting with Melinda Markulis and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Melinda, we’d love to hear more about how you thought about starting your own business?
Starting my own business was a jump into dark water. Ill be frank with all of you…I was full of fear and low self esteem. After I completed school for coaching and nutrition I jumped immediately into a Entertainment Career. Dancing modeling and acting my life away in Los Angeles! Ive never done anything that was MY responsibility. Something that I would create, handle, market, manage, and grow. But just like I teach my clients “on the other side of fear is one of your greatest successes” and that is what it felt launching Lindy Glow.

Some back story of Lindy Glow… It is a educational platform for woman and girls to find resources about female holistic health. Ive developed a 3-6 month program called “Find Your Glow” that helps woman identify their Infradian Rhythm and sync it to their lifestyle. Giving them the optimal opportunity to start their health journey and truly start understanding their bodies and minds. Find Your Glow is about finding your happiness. My mother passed away when I was young from schizophrenia which is what sparked my education on the brain and endocrine system. I wanted to understand what effects our brain. I also held a lot of sadness throughout life. I wanted to create a world and community where positivity grows, you love yourself unconditionally and heal your body and mind.

I knew the world needed my energy, words of wisdom and knowledge about health. I put myself down because I didn’t have a doctorate or business degree. I thought ” how can I start a business with zero background in business”. I created fears I would be taken advantage of, humiliated, or fail. Yes, these are all possible if I allowed my mind to think in that way. But I have found a safe space with my self esteem to understand that what my business has to offer is priceless and will change the world for many woman.

I encourage everyone to Find Their Glow and never allow fear be a factor,

Alright, so let’s move onto what keeps you busy professionally?
This world is designed to be a mans world. We have all heard this before right? And honestly… it isn’t wrong! Let me dive into some nerd talk about hormonal development.

Mens hormonal pattern happens roughly as so… they create their testosterone during the night. Around 6am testosterone and cortisol rise and peaks. Around 1pm-3pm Estrogen in men rises. Around 5pm-6pm men have an opportunity to spike their testosterone one more time before the 8pm-9pm decline of hormones start to happen. This hormonal pattern happens in a 24 hour repeating pattern that matches the circadian rhythm.

Women’s hormonal pattern is different every week and lasts 28-36 days roughly. We do not have the luxury of having the same hormonal pattern everyday and matching with the sun comes up and sun goes down. Yet biologically we are also synced with sun goes up sun goes down hormonal creation. So not only do woman one 1 hormonal pattern that is extremely complex and lengthy but we have a second!

So now let’s look at the corporate world, or maybe fun trendy diets like keto, or something as fun and simple as happy hour. These are all common lifestyle routines that are not working with women’s biological set up. Now before I go any further in my talk… woman can literally do anything at any time, but why work against yourself? Our metabolism is different in the first half of our menstrual cycle vs the second half… so staying on the same diet would never benefit out weight loss goals. Progesterone is a beautiful hormone that helps us with our work ethic and focus…so why would we sit infront of a computer day in and day out not utilizing our many skills during the times they shine. Just like when we finish our period, the hormone rush is giving us amazing inspiration and a creative mind set. Let’s not even mention the fact that during our menstrual cycle we have access to both sides of our brain, allowing strategy to be at its peak. Cortisol creation is different during the first half and second half of the Infradian Rhythm so the same workout would never benefit us, we utilize our energy source different during different times.

Woman are super heroes waiting to unleash their power. We all have it in us we just were never taught how to recognize it and use it. Life hasn’t really worked in woman’s favor. But that is about to change. Woman will understand their strength with the amazing tool called Infradian Rhythm and Self-awareness.

I have changed peoples lives. Woman have come to me while being on antidepressants, anxiety medication, birth control, adderral, and by the end of us working they are completely off their medication. Ive had woman with eating disorders and people that were self harming themselves to completely leave that mind set and lifestyle. This is the health plan that is not talked about because it actually heals people. It’s not about buying endless amounts of products. My job is complete when you feel like you don’t need me. I want to give you my knowledge you have can spread your wings and fly strong in your life.

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
When my best friend comes to visit me in Los Angeles I of course need to hit the beach. My choice is either Newport for some private surfing or Malibu for some private beach time.

Have to go to Greenblatts on Sunset. Also Urban Ramon on sunset in Hollywood. Food is always so important to share and enjoy fun company with.

I would of course need to take them to all the hikes! Runyon and fryman would be our first stop.

But I think the most important thing would be to come to my gym and see my friends. Its all about community for me. So being with good people we can do literally nothing and still enjoy life.

Last thing would be to take them somewhere they can look over the entire city at night. My favorite place to be in la is looking over the city at night and seeing everything light up. Shoutout is all about shouting out others who you feel deserve additional recognition and exposure. Who would you like to shoutout?
I would love to give a special shout out to my Aunt Lou Lou. She was my mentor from the age of 18-24. She studied many holistic practices and showed me everything. I truly wouldn’t be as inspired and educated without her. She is schizophrenic and has disconnected from me at this point of life. Never the less she is a huge influence in my life and educational path. She supported me and my health.

Website: lindyglow.com

Instagram: @lindy.glow

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