We had the good fortune of connecting with Michelle Arbeau and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Michelle, how do you think about risk?
I’m not a huge fan of the word “risk” because to me, it’s a fear word. I’ve built my entire 24 year career as a successful entrepreneur on what some would call “risk-taking” but I prefer the term “leaping.” Leaping, to me, is when you follow your heart instead of your head.

Having started in corporate, banking, HR, with a four-year bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, I was far from what you might call a risk-taker or leaper (early twenties). I was deep into my intellectual side at that stage in my life and always had to know ten steps ahead of me or I’d start to panic. Another part to why I was so left-brain lopsided was that I was never really exposed to any form of religion or spirituality at all, growing up, or in my early adult life.

How then, did I get from big-banking corporate, to #1 Numerologist in the world? Well, to sum it up first, it’s like the analogy of the cat and how the lower the cat crouches, the higher it can jump. In the human world, it’s more metaphoric than literal. It’s more like our lowest points in life are our jumping off points to bigger and better. After just a few years working the corporate grind, I was burnt out.

Although I was stellar at my job, so good that I made my way up to working under the director almost immediately, but I hated it. I became her right-hand man (or woman) and was the go-to person for producing important last-minute reports for meetings, maintaining highly classified information, and the like. It was stressful, and this type of work I naturally exceled at but it was truly killing me softly from the inside out. It wasn’t my passion – not by a long shot, and I knew it. Plus, the office politics…well, let’s just say my nickname around the office was “tell it like it is, Michelle” and I was known to be the one to always call out the elephant in the room (zero patience for drama!).

So, what was a girl to do? Thankfully, the universe showed me the way. Numbers, in hindsight, had always been my thing. From being placed in enriched math in middle school (nerd!) to having a photographic memory for numbers (just numbers), and moving into the corporate banking scene, numbers were always present in my life, in some form.

However, it wasn’t until I started dreaming in numbers and number sequences, out of the blue, while I was still working corporate, that my whole life swiftly changed trajectory. I remember every night, seeing numbers on doors, license plates, street signs – everywhere. I kept a notepad on my night table and every morning I would quickly jot down all the number series I could remember from my dreams. This went on for about three months straight.

Having nil exposure to anything spiritual, it kinda freaked me out, but my left-brained side of me and its curiosity won out. I ended up stumbling upon a book about numerology and when I was finally able to decode and make sense of all these numbers, I was blown away that each of them were answers to the challenges I was facing at that time in my life. It was like someone had painted me a roadmap and I was to follow it.

Of course, numerology, or The Science of Numbers, as I prefer to call it, became an instant obsession for me because with numbers, they’re never wrong – ever. Two plus two is always going to be four. I discovered very quickly that everything could be understood through the lens of numbers and my skill was in translating the message very clearly. I felt as though the numbers spoke to me.

Fastforward a bit and it wasn’t long before I began doing readings for people, at first for free, and then I developed a website and hung out my shingle. The risk-taking or leaping? I was so certain this was my gift, I sold my house, everything in it, quit my corporate job, and drove across Canada from the very far East Coast (Maritime Provinces) to the West and stopped in Calgary, Alberta, where a friend of mine was living at the time.

I was there only two weeks, when, out of nowhere, a major media network (CTV Morning Live) which broadcasts all across Canada in every major city, called my cell phone and said, “We heard you were a numerologist and would love to have you on the show.”

To this day, I have no clue how they got my cell number, how they knew I was a numerologist, or that I was in Calgary? It was a snowball effect from there. I actually became close with the executive producer of that program but never did ask her how she found me. It’s one of those things I want to keep as a magical gift from the universe.

Breakfast Television had me on repeatedly next, CitiTV had me predict the second Obama election on the eve of election night on live TV, the History Channel booked me for an episode with the Human Calculator, and the snowball kept rolling faster and faster.

I got an LA-based agent and at this point, I was unstoppable. If my agent called me in the evening and said, “I’ve got a celebrity interview for you at 9am in LA,” I was out the door and on a red-eye flight, without hesitation. For the first time in my life, I was completely and utterly following my heart, never second-guessing anything that “felt” right. And it worked – really worked.

Shortly after I moved to LA, I applied for the coveted 0-1 Visa for Extraordinary Individuals and was approved for not just a one year, but a three-year renewable. I got the Green Card next. Los Angeles has been my home now for over 9 years.

The more I lept, the more opportunities came at me left, right, and center. I was in the zone. From Chanel/Karl Lagerfeld’s multi-boutique launch event to J.J. Abram’s Christmas party, to Twilight Vampire numerology sessions – the river of synchronicity had me sailing along effortlessly.

To this day, I rarely overthink things like I used to before the numbers. I follow only my heart and how things “feel.” Even shopping for clothes, if I just like it but aren’t in love with it, I know I shouldn’t buy it. I encourage everyone I meet, especially those who are struggling in life, to get out of their head and go with their gut.

The heart will never, ever steer you wrong.

Alright, so let’s move onto what keeps you busy professionally?
I remember sitting in the lawyer’s office, nervously waiting for her to sift through the papers I had brought to prove I had a case for the coveted “Justin Bieber Visa,” as I called it (he’s Canadian, too), aka, the coveted 0-1 Visa for Extraordinary Individuals. It’s not exactly an easy task for Canadians to move to the US, believe it or not. We’re red-flagged as wanting to come down to “take jobs.” In my case, I was creating a job, but, the catch was, I had to prove I was worthy. I had to prove I was the very best in my field of endeavor.

This particular lawyer had 100 percent approval rate and would only take your case if she thought, without a doubt, the client would meet the approval standards. I held my breath as she silently looked over my entrepreneurial accomplishments.

She looked up after what seemed like an eternity and told me she would take me case. It was like I had won the lottery. I was over the moon ecstatic. LA was my home and I knew it from the first time I had stepped off the plane. The air, the smells, the atmosphere – I instantly knew I was HOME…and this lady was about to make it the real deal for me.

Although I now have the Permanent Resident Green Card and no longer just the 0-1 Visa, the claim to fame still holds in that I can say I am the #1 Numerologist in the entire world. I am humbly proud of that but I know I earned that with everything I had in me. I deserve that title and I wear it with honor.

Since that time, I’ve wasted no time creating my empire 🙂 I’ve added extensively to my media interview list, been the featured writer for many publications, including the biggest lottery results website in the US, LotteryUSA.com. My credentials list is long and plentiful but I work hard to get out there and hustle. No matter how popular or famous you become, the hustle is still going to be a part of it all.

My latest ventures are a documentary and book, “The God Frequency & the 54 Patterns of Creation. What’s cool about this project is that it’s something that came to me while writing one of my other books, The Energy of Words: Use the Vibration of Language to Manifest the Life You Desire.” I realized, in mathematics, each base number from 1-9 (which mathematics is based upon) had a matching number of number patterns associated with it. For example, 1 has one, 2 has two, all the way to 9 has nine (18/9, 27/9, 36/9, 45/9, etc.)

What’s super-cool is that this formula of unreduced values creates exactly 54 patterns in total. What’s super-cool about that? Well, for starters, 5+4=9 (so there’s that 1-9 in mathematics again) but a physicist in San Diego, who has been working on string theory, recently discovered there aren’t 11 strings, but 54! This was discovered AFTER my book and documentary had been written, which gives incredible validity to my work. Coincidently, the physicist was also 54 years old, at the time.

Any places to eat or things to do that you can share with our readers? If they have a friend visiting town, what are some spots they could take them to?
No one living here can deny that LA is a land all its own. There’s no place like it on earth. Truly. There are so many wonderful and interesting things to see, do, and experience. Yet, I could be a bit biased because I lived in West Hollywood for the first 7 years and even had an office on the corner of Melrose and Fairfax with a huge billboard-sized sign on the sidewall.

I even served as Lead Ambassador for the West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce for a year. That was super-fun.

Even though West Hollywood is only 1.9 square miles, officially, it is an incredible place to visit with so many fun things to do and little hidden gems everywhere. The vibe can’t be beat. I remember always loving walking the 6 blocks to my office up Melrose. One day, I found a piece of paper in the middle of the sidewalk that said, “Be Inspired.” Cool little things would happen like that all the time in West Hollywood. I found a dollar bill on the sidewalk a week before LotteryUSA.com called me and asked me to be their paid featured columnist for their website.

Hamburger Mary’s was my watering hole and hang out. Met so many great people and celebrities there. I still go there from time to time.

Aside from WeHo, driving the PCH is a must for a tourist. I visit the ocean often to rejuvenate. Plus, I love the bohemian vibe. Venice Beach is so eccentric, artsy, beautiful in its own unique way. It’s something you have to experience (too much for words!).

I know LA is a networking city where dining out, superficial banter, etc., is the norm, but I’m not one for small talk. I like the road less traveled and the little things that make LA so magical. Like hiking in the mountains, a trip to Laguna’s spiritual mecca, staying at non-mainstream places/hotels (although I did love The Standard but I’m sad they are no longer).

In summary, my itinerary would be off the beaten trail, and a little all over the place, here and there, but never a dull moment!

The Shoutout series is all about recognizing that our success and where we are in life is at least somewhat thanks to the efforts, support, mentorship, love and encouragement of others. So is there someone that you want to dedicate your shoutout to?
A friend of mine back in the East Coast of Canada gave me the card of a psychic named Michelle Russell. My friend said, “You HAVE to go see her! She is so amazing!” Despite my skepticism of spiritual stuff, I felt called to book a session with her.

This woman ended up mapping out my entire life thus far, yet, at the time, I had no clue any of it would ever come to fruition. In fact, when I left her house that day, I thought to myself, “This lady just fell from the nut tree!”

She told me my work would be “Oprah Big,” that I would publish two books back-to-back (one book came out November 11, 2013, the second, December 8, 2013), and would live just outside of LA. There were so many things she told me it was overwhelming but laughable at the time. Writing books? I had given no thought to ever writing at book.

Yet, here I am, the #1 Numerologist in the world, having worked with some of the biggest brands and names in the world, a multi-published bestselling author, living on the cusp of LA, and the story she painted continues to unfold.

Oprah had said, way back when she was a news reporter, that she too visited a psychic. The psychic told her she would speak in front of millions. Oprah believes that seed, planted by the psychic, helped facilitate all that she has achieved.

I believe this is what happened in my case, as well. I dedicated one of my books to this woman and she has since become a good friend of mine. Her mediumship abilities fills rooms of 500+ and she works with the police to solve murders and missing persons cases. She’s the real deal.

Thank-you, Michelle Russell! https://www.MichelleRussell.ca

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