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Hi Mimi, we’d love to hear about how you approach risk and risk-taking
I’m not sure I’d call it risk, rather opening to hear inner higher guidance and believing in myself. From birth, I have faced and walked through adverse circumstances that led me to a diagnosis of death at age fifteen, and a prognosis that I would never live past the age of twenty. I did not succumb to the belief set forth by doctors, and at twenty chose to change my outcome even if it meant, “To live to live, or live to die.” The Choice I made on this day, to advocate for myself, seek alternative manners of healing, and Self Actualization, led me on a path that I could never imagine or dream up in my most fantastical aspirations. Success does not necessarily need to mean monetary, financial, or material gains. Ones success is dependent upon who one aspires to be along their journey of life, which can mean becoming the best human each of us can be, and not following the crowd. The questions we may all continually ask ourselves as we evolve along our life path are: Who am I, and what do I want? These answers will change as we all learn and expand along our own paths. The key is to continue to seek one’s own expansion and evolution regardless of age and acquired knowledge. Never stop seeking fresh insights, new variables, and always come to your own perspective after observing input. My journey has brought many wonderful humans into my life, experiences I could never image such as interacting with humans in the entertainment, sports, and politic industries as well as attending elite private events, writing five books with the aspiration to empower others and witness those who do not feel seen so they understand they are not alone, writing for two different magazines [the SOP and Splash Magazine LA & SF], and accomplishing higher education to achieve: B.S in Business and Psychology, M.S. in Clinical Psychology, and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. If you allow it, you just may be pleasantly surprised of the unfolding of your journey. Trust the process, try not to get in your own way, seek higher guidance –whatever that may be for you, don’t allow the bumps along the way to define you they are there to teach you something – learn the lesson so it may help you change your direction, narrow your focus, and redirect you toward your purpose, and channel any doubt and fear into energy to uplift you toward your goals. Empowering Energy To All, Mimi Amaral

Alright, so let’s move onto what keeps you busy professionally?
As far back as I can remember I’ve felt a deep connection with fellow humans, this connection sparked a passion within me to advocate and empower others. In a round-about-way that passion led me to writing, which opened doors to many avenues along my life path. Through writing I began speaking on topics that were considered taboo or in the shadow, which led me to write all the books, and develop the website to empower others. Not all humans are rasied in environments that are empowering, healthy, or have access to tools to help one along their life path. I aspired to create a space where some tools may be accessed so those seeking may find something that may resonate with them so to help themselves. This is where the website and books come in as well as some podcasts and other self help reading materials that are listed on the website. Wesbite and list of books I wrote are listed at the bottom of the page. I aspire to get each book to someone who may be able to turn them into docu-series so the books may help more humans than I’m able to reach on my own, and/or to talk show hosts such as Jada Pinkett Smith-Red Table Talk because shows like this are also unvieling the shadow topics so the human race may acknowledge, witness, intergrate, and heal issues that linger within the collective and individual unconscious. What I learned along the way is that: No one can walk your path for you or help, love, enlighten, or become unhealthy enough with you to create change for you. Nor is it anyone else’s responsibility to want or make you grow. It is each individual’s choice to remain as is, or walk through the fear and embrace ones truth and healthy self… The Answers Are Within: I believe we are all born with the tools and guidance within us for our own journey. Yet, through conditioning and projected parental, ancestral, cultural, and societal fears we are taught not to “Hear” the innate inner guidance. Website: https://mimipsy-d.com/ Books: Bright Lights, Dark Shadows: The Shadow Side of Celebrity and Fame Emasculated: Men Are Abused Too Death: Before & After, A Survivors Guide Lurking in The Dark: Reality of the Times

Any places to eat or things to do that you can share with our readers? If they have a friend visiting town, what are some spots they could take them to?
The city is amazing with a lot to see such as hiking in the Hollywood Hills, exploring the Griffith Obseravatory, Lake Shrine Meditation Center, but truthfully my favorite spots are the beaches with a blanket, home cooked food, and sunset dinners. During the day the beaches have many activities such as valley ball, surfing, music, etc. That said, it is my best friend visiting so playing it by ear and empowering him/her to make the most out of their trip would be the co-created expereince I’d want for the trip. All about team work. Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
First always gratitude to Cosmos/Source: Highest of “Gratitude” for the unexpected strength through my darkest hours and unwavering peaceful spans of light … To those I call family, and to my friends thank you for walking with me along my journey. Specifically: The one human who touched my soul deeply … In General: Thank you to all humans along my path each encounter has led me to an oportunity to teach, learn, heal, empower, and evelove … Without human interaction or relationship mirroring is not possible therefore expansion and transcendence may never occur … Those who encouraged me: Thank you to Mrs. C. Street [Grade school & High school home teacher], Dr. D. Sowerby [under-grad professor], Dr. T. Gager [Dissertation-Book editor], Gary Garver [Chaos Radio], John Costello for the referal and support, and a few who’s names will remain confidential, but are still very valued.

Website: https://mimipsy-d.com/

Instagram: 42amaral

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