We had the good fortune of connecting with Raamon Newman and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Raamon, we’d love to hear more about how you thought about starting your own business?
The thought process started when I was in a very unique environment. I was a full time meditating monk meditating 8 hours a day 7 days a week, eyes closed in silence. I’d committed and been sponsored to do this for one year and that one year was coming to an end. I had two decisions to make. 1. Did I want to continue this lifestyle for an other year, and if yes, 2. How am I going to come up with the monthly funding needed to do this. I decided yes to the first question, I was having such a blast exploring deeper layers of silence and consciousness within myself, you could say it was my inner entertainment, that it was too charming to stop after 1 year. This was key because what makes thinking and acting most effective is clearly deciding what you want, then the thinking, creativity and actions naturally follow. It’s like you’ve told yourself and the world in your own mind, this is what I want to see unfold. The fulfillment to the second decision seem to come quite easily, one of my fellow monks was funding himself by literally being a silent partner to business leaders and CEOs leading multi-million and billion revenue companies. He’d meditate 8 hours a day and then in the afternoons we had free he’d get on the phone to help business leaders debunk their stresses to see another level of truth about themselves and how to protect their progress. He heard I wanted to continue in the program and invite me to join him and we’ve been working together ever since, 21 years now.

Alright, so for those in our community who might not be familiar with your business, can you tell us more?
Our business NewMavericks.com is a leadership breakthrough protection consultancy based in Los Angeles, USA and Sydney, Australia. We work with CEOs & investors of publicly listed companies helping them to reduce stress, so they’re more calm, settled and coherent to have greater capacity and clarity of thought under pressure to make the best decisions. This then helps them attract the right people and support to fulfill their responsibility and vision without overwhelm. Our clients experience being more mentally balanced, energized & calm, which helps them prioritize what’s big, urgent and important for making progress unfold. Our top client, CEO of a $8 billion revenue company described us this way: “You’re helping me with my mindset, because of the nature of the job and life you can find yourself getting overwhelmed where one step forward can be followed by 2 steps back. Your guidance keeps me stay balanced mentally, re-energizes & prioritizes things in my mind and keeps me calm. You’re different, there’s no one like you guys.” So we’re different in that we work on developing the consciousness of leader so they’re more awake, alert and coherent to what is going on and what is required to protect and enhance their and their teams progress. We tell our clients upfront when we start working with them that achievement is not the goal, fulfillment is. Because when you’re fulfilled in who you are and what you’re doing you naturally find success is more of a natural by-product with less stress, fear, pressure, incoherence and vices. We’re proud that we’ve been able to support and help leaders develop the deepest levels of themselves by giving them the knowledge, techniques and technologies to protect and support what is required. We’ve seen and helped some great successes unfold, like helping a CEO help his company grow from $1B to $7B in 7 years and then acknowledging to his board he couldn’t have done this without the kind of support we were giving him. On average 80% of our clients work with us for 5-10 years. We’ve had clients who have worked with us for 12- 20 years also. It’s a great honor they’ve been so loyal to us because of the value they gain from us. Getting to where I am today in business has been exciting but not always an easy adventure. When I left being a monk I went to NYC to reintegrate with the world through doing an acting program there in 2007-8, which happen to be the years when the global financial crisis was going on. You could feel the palpable stress in the city as the market plummeted and the layoffs and business closures started happening. I thought, how come these very smart and intelligent leaders are creating all this financial calamity? This awoke a purpose in me that they were so focused on outer development and achievement they lost sight of what really protects and guides them in the most coherent way, which is the inner development of their awareness to have the right thought to make the right decision at the right time. It was actually the same problem I suffered from as athlete that caused me to burnout. My business partner and I knew most leaders were short selling themselves on their inner development so become more prone to making mistakes and not gettting the support they want. So we proceeded to reach out to leaders through our contacts and started working on this with them. The challenging part has been connecting with these usually hard to get people and convincing them of the value of this for them and their leadership. We’ve overcome this through develop high quality relationships and value with our clients so they naturally want to share our value with others once they’ve seen the benefits for themselves. The lessons we’ve learned include always getting to the deepest level of truth that allows them to be triumphant, because truth always prevails in the end. We’ve learned sometimes we have to stand firm in upholding “the truth” that supports everyone rather than “a truth” that only supports a few. This has taught us to not emotionally react to their emotional reaction so conflict does not get enlivened and corrupt their and our process with them. We want the world to know that developing consciousness is the basis of developing everything else, just as watering the roots of a tree is the basis of nourishing the whole tree. This means leaders must regularly take their minds back to silence, the source of thinking, so they lead from that wholeness that is greater than the sum of all the parts. The performance of a company is primarily a reflection of the leaders of that company as they make the most important decisions, so leaders must have good consciousness to make the best decisions that protects and enhances the interests of everyone in health, wealth, happiness, relationships, reputation and environment. We’re most excited about applying our Science of Protection, to business leadership and positioning it as the foundation to their Science of Achievement. Because when you’re protected, meaning having a strong coherent mind, nervous & immune system, you can accomplish as much as you want for as long as you want without suffering so much. The highest purpose and application of our Science of Protection is on a global scale whereby we’re inviting 21 new maverick game changing companies to fund the housing, feeding and support of 21,000 monks to meditate full time to create permanent peace for the whole world starting in 2021. Based on the events of 2020 this is a big, important and urgent need. The program is there to do it and so is the money in the world to make it happen, they just have to be put together.  There are thousands of monks who practically know how to enliven create peace and coherence in a proven way to create permanent world peace in this generation and beyond.   They need our support to be in large groups living and meditating together on our behalf 24-7-365.   At least 8 hours of this time per day is spent in a program of deep silence, meditation and prayer. Find out our more about 21 to Create Permanent Peace in 2021 here.

Any places to eat or things to do that you can share with our readers? If they have a friend visiting town, what are some spots they could take them to?
Right now I’m based in Santa Monica a block from the beach. So I’d take them down to the board walk, jump on a bike and bike to the north / western end of Santa Monica and take swim and watch the sunset. Then head back up to Montana Ave to grab a healthy drink and bite at Kreation Cafe and then pop into one of the ice cream places on the street and end with a stroll through Palisades Park.

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There’s no way I’d be doing what I’m doing if it wasn’t first of all being able to transcend and develop my consciousness. This was made available to me through my TM (Transcendental Meditation) Teacher Martin Jelley who taught me Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s (another person who I dedicate this to) simple effortless mental technique for allowing the mind to transend to quieter and more settled levels of thinking and go to the source of thought, consciousness itself. Through transcending I’ve been able to develop more consciousness to be a monk for 10 years which lead to working with CEOs helping them do the same so they can better work on and in their business. These experiences inspired writing a book called The Science of Protection: How Leaders Gain An Unfair Advantage to Create Stellar Success (www.scienceofprotection.org) and generally live a very healthy, peaceful and fulfilling life.

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