We had the good fortune of connecting with Rachel Roth and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Rachel, we’d love to hear what makes you happy.
Writing makes me incredibly happy. I get to basically get to create fantastical worlds and share them with other people or keep my musings to myself when I have a bad day.

Let’s talk shop? Tell us more about your career, what can you share with our community?
Well, firstly, being a creative in any sense is incredibly difficult. It takes a lot of ambition, thick skin and a lot of gambles. I work in the film industry which is one of the hardest career paths to take because NOTHING is ever guarateed. I’ve been one of the lucky people who has been able to survive LA., but it’s been one roller coaster after another. Currently, I do teleprompting as my survival job which honestly, and funnily just fell into my lap. I got lucky basically. For those who don’t know telepromoting is when you have a script and someone reads it like on TV or webshow. I actually really enjoy this job. I get to meet a lot of really cool people and…some famous too…But ultimately, it gives me the freedom an opporunity to pursue my writing career which is what I want to do in the entertainment industry. I’m most excited about this new feature script I’m working on. My writing partner, Andrew Patrick Torrez and myself wrote a short film last February which his wonderful wife Jennifer Jackson funded and turned it into a movie. Now, almost a year later, that same idea is getting some buzz and Andrew and I are working on making the feature. Getting here wasn’t easy and again, a little luck, good timing and a good idea is what launched this. I still have a lot of challenges to over face and since this is the first time writing a full length film with someone, it’s a tough process to get through but in the end it’s worth it because, hey, we have a movie. Some of the lessons I’ve learned through all this is be mindful of how you handle certain situations and don’t immediately act on feelings. Take a breath, think about the reality of the situation and if it’s still bothering you have a rational discussion with whoever the person is, primarilly in the professional sense. I’m a huge supporter of the LGBTQIA community and a lot of the things I write are heavily LGBTQIA influenced. A lot of poeple I care about are in the community and to this day, while it is getting better, I still don’t think there is enough representation in film and TV. So, I wanna give as many people the opportunity to be in what I write. Not just the LGBTQIA community but people of different races and ethnicities. I feel like it’s important to let anyone and everyone shine in creating something we all make together. I want to inspire people and give people hope when they watch what I write. To me, that’s the important thing.

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
LA is filled with such grandeur and magic. Like you come here and you’re immediately swept off your feet by the lights, the movies, the history, everything. But to be honest, while the tourist stuff is fun and interesting, it’s not what I like to do here. Firstly, I would take my friend to this amazing coffee shop in the valley called: Moby’s Coffee and Tea. It’s the best coffee I’ve ever had in my entirely life and I take every single person I know there if I can. Not to mention, the owners are some pretty damn terrific people who really take the time to know their customers and are warm and welcoming. Then, there is this amazing hiking trail in Burbank, Wildwood Canyon. It’s one of the most challenging hikes you’ll ever take but you feel so good after you’ve climbed like a mountain and a half. Next, just because everyone has to see it. I would take them down to Hollywood Blvd. From there you can see the, ‘Hollywood’ sign and follow the stars around on the Hollywood Walk of Fame looking for the name of their favorite star. Personally, it made me really happy to find Robin Williams star. Later that night I would take them to the Pantages for an amazing musical show. It’s a beautiful old theater and I’ve enjoyed many a show there. Followed by a late night movie showing at the Chinese Theater, cause what’s going to LA without going to the Chinese Theater? All that history and prestige. AND if we had more time, I would probably take them to Joshua Tree for more hiking and some pretty awesome glamping.
The Shoutout series is all about recognizing that our success and where we are in life is at least somewhat thanks to the efforts, support, mentorship, love and encouragement of others. So is there someone that you want to dedicate your shoutout to?
I couldn’t be where I am on my journey without a lot of good people. First off, my best friends: Erica Ostrowski, I met her in highschool and we reconnected working on a comic I’m working on called: Bait and Switch. She has encouraged me through the comic, everyday life and my own endevors of writing. I couldn’t ask for a better best friend. I couldn’t more grateful to her and how she’s contributed to my life. She’s changed it for the better and I couldn’t be more thankful to her for everything she’s done. Erica is by far one of the most amazing and extraordinary people I have ever met! Kind, loving, strong and hopeful. Words honestly can’t express how much this girl means to me and I wouldn’t be where I am today without her…like at all. Ben Curry is also one of those shining lights that I’ve known for a good long time. He has helped me grow when I met him in college and continues to help me grow today. We bounce movie script ideas off each other, we’re very supportive of each other and we have a lot of fun. Andrew Patrick Torrez has been one of the biggest influences in my life since I started my writing journey. He’s produced and made a short script that I had written. In short, we made a movie. He’s one of my biggest support systems, a wonderful, WONDERFUL human being and like Erica and Ben, someone who sees me for who I am and accepts who I am unconditionally. The most terrific thing out of all this is not just a writing partner who I write with but one of the single greastest friends I’ve had in my entire life. Also, very much all the love to his family too. They brought me in like I was one of their own and welcomed me with open arms. Thanks to his wonderful wife Jennifer Jackson, we were able to make that movie a reality and she’s done so much more for me too. A loving friend, a great support system and one of the greatest mom’s I’ve ever known. Not to mention their amazing son, Luther who has always brought me nothing but smiles. I also want to give a loving shout out to Emma Tolkin and Justine Miranda. They’re new friends in my life who have given me so much already. Their strength, their love, their talents and their concerns. They are just some of the most brilliant people I have ever met too and again, couldn’t be more thankful to have such wonderfully, strong, brave and loving women in my life. I can’t wait to get to know them even more and the adventure we’ll go on together. To my parents, thank you for the support over the years and having my back. I know I wasn’t easy but I’m incredibly lucky to have you guys in my life and I couldn’t ask for better people to have raised me. I love you guys with all my heart and thank you for your continuing love and support. It really helps me get through some tough times. Lastly, and most importantly Greg Hadwick. My brilliant significant other who honestly has helped me grow and change the most. He always reads my work and gives me good honest feedback. He’s been there for me through everything and like the aforementioned people above sees me for who I am and only wants the best for me. I couldn’t be who I am today without him and I’m so thankful to him for EVERYTHING he’s done for me and put up with. He brings a smile to my face everyday and he’s just probably one of the most loving, smart, talented, creative MacGyver’s you’ll ever meet. He touches the hearts of everyone he has met and only wants others to be happy. Almost 6 years strong and I couldn’t be happier and more honored to be his partner in life . All my love, Spuddly.

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