We had the good fortune of connecting with Romie Bo and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Romie, what do you attribute your success to?
I feel the most important factor behind success, and this can be applied in any business/situation in your life, is creating from a heart center. We were taught to think with the brain in our head to come up with ideas and develop them when really we should be connecting to “the brain” in our heart to create and manifest. Creating anything from our heart center holds the frequency of love and whether consciously or unconsciously people will react and receive this energy and will be drawn to be part of it just because Love is the strongest energy. When we create from the heart center you will start seeing the fruits growing from it and not only you will enjoy them but the people around you and will too. People’s demands have changed with time and to have a soulful business where we recognize the Godliness in others and ourselves is key. Humans need to be listen to, be taken care of, nurture and we need to know we are not alone. Even though I might have not met you, your experience might be similar to mine, and together in support of each other, we can heal faster from our traumas so we can experience a joyful and magick inlife.

I started my business because I live magick & joy and I would love everyone to jump in my magick carpet and experience the joy and magick of life. It’s not hard but it requires responsibility and showing up to do the work.

What should our readers know about your business?
I don’t like to think that something sets me apart from others, but the unity I feel creates a stronger foundation for my businesses. I usually meditate and tap into the collective to feel what is needed at the moment and start from that idea. There is a need currently for people to understand a little bit better what is their purpose in life, why are we here on this planet, what are we supposed to do, how we can connect more deeply with our soul, a need to connect with our Godliness and develop our magickal powers. And basically, this is what I feel we are supposed to be doing, everyone becoming “the Avenger” of our own life. Yes, I know it sounds like living a marvel movie LOL, and I love it! But to get to this point, we need to go inward and work on ourselves and heal our DNA from traumas lived throughout our lives and ancestral trauma, which much of this one we don’t even know about and, we are at times where we don’t need to know all of it. We can bring light to it and flush it if you have the right tools.

I get excited when I see the people making changes in their life, letting go, and surrendering to the energies of the Universe, which ultimately is what will align us to our success in what it is that they love to do, overcoming the barriers of fears.

Letting go of trying to control everything external from us is one key, and sometimes this is not easy to do. We think we feel safe when we try to control things, but this is an illusion that we create in ourselves. Chelsea once shared her thoughts with me and said: “I don’t understand why everyone needs to control everything. Why don’t people just let the Universe guide them like a pilot on an airplane or a bus driver in the bus!” Right? You go in and trust that the driver/pilot will take you to your destination safely. Why can’t we let the Universal energies/God’s Will take you to your destination?

Personally, my journey wasn’t too hard, but in my natal birth chart, my main signs are mutable, so I adapt to change pretty fast, and it is easy for me to let go and shift. So to me was pretty easy to change and explore the healings that I needed/need to continue on this journey on this planet and evolve in my life and businesses. I see challenges as an opportunity for growth and knowing myself.

In knowing myself, I understood the magickal powers that I hold. I have empowered myself. I understood how valuable I am. I learn about my DNA and my linage through different lifetimes and timelines. How to operate quantumly and many other amazing things and… all the many other things I still have to learn… I can’t wait!!! I enjoy being an eternal student in this eternal life that we have.

When people come to me before doing any other healing, my first suggestion is to do a Life Activation, which I am a certified practitioner from the Modern Mystery School. In this session, your DNA gets activated. This is key to experience shifting of dimensions and ascend in this journey called life.

DNA creates personal, collective, and multidimensional experiences in form. It is a photonic light receiver and generator, an antenna to transform spiritual information into matter. DNA structure allows for a pure experience of Source. We utilize Crystalline DNA as a gateway to a new experience because it bridges dimensions and densities, sometimes known as the rainbow bridge.

So initiating your spiritual journey with this activation, to me, is a must! This journey’s a one-way road to ascend and explore your greater potential! Then many other fantastic healings and initiations can follow. The journey is infinite, and YOU decide how far and fast you want to go!

As well for those that are just starting their journey into magick, I have created StärLīt! My Metaphysical online Store which was born to bring magick to everyone’s life. To help activate your happiness, joy, and manifestations. To help connect to your higher self, other realms, and dimensions. We all carry the power within, we only have to awaken it and doing magick since I was 7 years is what got me here, so I wanted to share all this magick with everyone and teach everyone how to do it for themselves.

​These products I created are intended to help you remember your divinity and support your healing journey.

Everyone that feels young at heart can work with these environmentally friendly candles and incenses. Candles are 100% beeswax, and incenses are mixes that I put together with prayers and intentions, from different resins that I find in my worldwide trips.

All products are consciously harvested and handcrafted in Los Angeles, CA to accommodate your magickal practices.

Let’s say your best friend was visiting the area and you wanted to show them the best time ever. Where would you take them? Give us a little itinerary – say it was a week long trip, where would you eat, drink, visit, hang out, etc.
Food-wise I would go to:

• Yo Cajun Crab in Reseda Blvd. (it’s like you time travel to the 80s and you are eating crab in scene of karate kid)
• Joan’s on Third
• Fonuts
• 25 Degrees at The Roosevelt Hotel for a Sea Salted Caramel Milk Shake
• Best F*ckn Pizza on Hollywood Blvd.
• Sage for cauliflower wings
• Tara in Venice Blvd for Himalayan curries.
• Sushi The Little IZAKA-YA by KATSU-YA
• Hae Jang Chon Korean BBQ if you eat meat. I don’t anymore but it was fun going there!

• Hickes, love them… all over the city, Malibu, The Valley.. you can’t go wrong
• The Lacma Museum
• THe Getty Villa
• There used to be a bar in Hollywood called Good Times, my favorite place to dance rock especially on Tuesday’s night (not sure if still is there with covid)
• Definitely get a foot massage at Foot Inspiration in Sherman Oaks
• A show at the Hollywood Bowl is a must!
• For sure spend one day at the beach. Malibu beaches are my favorites.
• SpellBound to buy some crystals!

Shoutout is all about shouting out others who you feel deserve additional recognition and exposure. Who would you like to shoutout?
I am extremely grateful for:

☆ The Modern Mystery School, Dr. Theresa Bullard (my guide/mentor), and many other members of the school in my life. This school has brought Magick to my life to other levels. It had helped me understand why and what it is that we are here on this planet to do, tools to how to do it, who I am, What I am, Where I come from, Where I am going, and to see my purpose in life. It continues to empower me so I can be in service to others with stronger foundations and amazing healing modalities that transform and alchemize your life, aligning you more to your true self.

☆ Jessica Snow @meditation_jess for guiding such amazing meditations in the LA area.

☆ Madame Pamita at Parlour of Wonders for opening her magick and facilities for my visions.

☆ Chelsea Iovino @oracle_bomb for supporting and always encouraging my craziness.

☆ Greg Woo @pranapatch for being a good friend that listens and laughs.

☆ My parents for supporting in anything that I do.

☆ Jordan Janisson @brainbandwidth for sharing his Magick with me, making mine stronger.

☆ Alastair Roshan Ballentine @HigherTransmissions for supporting and being an awesome magickal friend and teacher.

☆ Derek Jameson for believing in me and supporting my journey and growth always.

LOL OMG…. I have so many, I believe all success comes from the heart center but at the same time, it is easier to manifest it if you have a team of people/galactic beings who share and understand your vision. These and many more continue to support my craziness and my visions in this journey. Without these souls in my life, my journey would be very different. So I am very grateful for them in my life! Thank you, Universe, more, please!

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