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Hi Roszien Kay, what was your thought process behind starting your own business?
When it came to starting my own business I was afraid. I wondered whether or not I was making a big mistake. Whether I would be taken seriously. I also wondered whether or not people would actually want to trust me with publishing their books. Although I thought these things, I ultimately pushed past them and relied on the more positive thoughts that told me that I could do it. You know that inner voice that speaks directly to the depths of our heart and sooth our fears. Once I relied on those positive thoughts, something in the inside of me kicked in and I started to research the what and how’s of publishing. I started to brainstorm and write down the positive advice I read and got from other publishers.

What should our readers know about your business?
The Story Behind The Company

Confessions Publishing is a book publishing company that helps authors to take their “manuscripts and turn them into a masterpiece.” Not only does Confessions Publishing offer a wide range of services at an affordable price, but it gives authors access. One of the issues that I faced when looking for a publisher when I wanted to publish my first book was that I had to submit so many forms before I could talk to a person. This added to the anxiety, fear, and doubt that I had already been experiencing.

I simply wanted to have a conversation about what it would take to get the book published. I did not want to fill out forms about the book. I did not want to read a blurb about why the company was started either. I wanted to talk to someone who would offer me advice. Someone who would calm my fears. Someone that understood. Someone who would tell me I was on the right track. And I wanted this all during the first conversation.

Because of my own desires to have personal interaction at the onset of my book publishing journey, I formed Confessions Publishing to offer clients with a friendly experience from start to finish. Instead of having to fill out forms before even talking to someone, authors are able to talk directly to me during the initial consultation. Not only do I answer all the questions that they may have concerning publishing, but I listen to their hearts and speak directly to their fears.

My skill set as a motivational speaker and my personal knowledge of being an author literally kicks in during each conversation. This enables me to speak encouraging words which not only take root but pushes authors into publishing. I do this because our motto here at Confessions Publishing is “give us your manuscript, we’ll turn it into a masterpiece.” We believe that the masterpiece doesn’t just start when the manuscript is completed, but it starts with planting encouraging seeds during the publishing journey.

Difficulties Along The Journey

Although Confessions Publishing is experiencing a season of success when it comes to book publishing, this was not always the case. There had been moments in the past when business was slow. There were moments when I doubted whether or not I made the wrong decisions. I literally had given up on publishing for almost 8 months. At that time I beat myself up because I felt that I had truly bitten off more than I could chew financially. Why? because as a single mother of two small children I had invested financially into a business that was going nowhere.

Then one day out of the blue I received a message from someone on social media. This individual found me through the advertisement of one of my author’s books. Her mentor who had a women’s organization, wanted to connect with a publisher to help launch women into entrepreneurship through authorship. Initially I rejected the ideal of helping. However, that inner voice that pushed me into publishing encouraged me to say yes.

As a result of that yes, I jumped full force back into publishing. Not only has Confessions Publishing helped to push women into entrepreneurship through authorship, but we have been afforded the opportunity to sponsor some services for them as well.

Just when I thought I was done with publishing, my generosity and willingness to say “yes” one more time caused Confessions Publishing to become “booked and business” during the pandemic. So much so that advertisement has been unnecessary because authors are referred to us on a regular basis.

Challenges I’ve had to overcome:

One of the biggest challenges as a publisher that I’ve had to overcome is my own self doubt. I’ve learned along the way I have to be the one to believe in myself more than anyone else. If not then it would show in my speech with clients, my team, as well as potential clients. And would ultimately impact productivity

Another challenge was knowing my worth as a publisher. One of my biggest goals was to make publishing affordable. Oftentimes I would work many hours for free to make sure I was able to do this. I would pay my team of professionals but would take nothing even though I worked more than them. To overcome this challenge I had to remind myself that my time was valuable as well. The hours I spent up and away from my children were reasons to not feel horrible for increasing the cost to reflect the work I was also doing to make sure my client’s book were perfect.

One last challenge was not understanding how much I would have to pay my employees. When I first started publishing I had not counted all of the cost. I would miss something. Instead of going back to the client and asking for more money, I would pay directly out of my own pocket. I did this because I wanted to be taken serious as a publisher. I took the hit and made sure that I considered every possible cost before contracting with future clients.

Lessons I’ve learned Along The Way:

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is to provide the best customer service and experience no matter what. Oftentimes authors are stressed out and done with the writing/publishing process by the time they talk to me. As a result, I must always remain calm, cool, and collected even when someone is speaking not so nice to me (it happens).

Another lesson I learned is to always pace myself! with publishing I spend a lot of time reading. I am the first to read every manuscript for Confessions Publishing. I am the first to read the edited manuscript. And I am the last to read the final manuscript. When I am publishing several books at a time, it can becomes very stressful

I’ve also learned that balance is important and key to the success of my company. Without it I’m no good for my authors, my team of professionals, or my children.
WHY Confessions Publishing

Confessions Publishing offers book publishing at an affordable price so that all who are determined and dedicated can publish their story at their own pace.

Confessions Publishing takes a more hands on approach to ensure that the author’s needs are met from start to finish. You’ll automatically be given a publishing coach who will walk along the journey with you!

Confessions publishing not only offers publishing services, but we mentor authors, and offer coaching services for those who would prefer to self publish their masterpiece.

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
If my best friend was visiting the area Sunday or Wednesday I would take them to church for sure. My relationship with God and other believers are extremely important to me.

We would also checkout Santa Monica Pier or one of the beaches. I love hearing the waves and watching them collide while having an intimate conversations. It’s extremely relaxing.

A trip shopping with a friend is an absolute MUST! We would most definitely hit the Beverly Center as well as other malls nearby.

That night we would go to Mastro’s or Crustaceans for dinner to indulge in tasty food and amazing desert.

The night would end tea and girl talk.

The Shoutout series is all about recognizing that our success and where we are in life is at least somewhat thanks to the efforts, support, mentorship, love and encouragement of others. So is there someone that you want to dedicate your shoutout to?
I would like to dedicate my Shoutout to Colbie Johnson. She not only was there with me every step of the way but she designed my logo for my publishing company, my first and second book cover, and my author website for me. When felt the most discouraged she was there pushing me along the way.

I would also like to dedicate my Shoutout to Nicole Hinton, author and. She was my book coach and publishing mentor. She gave me the advice that I needed to self publish my first book and form my company.

I would also like to dedicate my Shoutout to Shawnetta Murray, author and motivational speaker. She encouraged me through the process of writing. When frustrated with publishing she always reassured me that I was had everything under control and reminded that what I offered was needed!

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