We had the good fortune of connecting with Shabam aka Shubham Parmar and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Shabam, how do you think about risk?
Risk taking has basically taught me everything in life. It’s one of the reasons i am here in Los Angeles chasing my dreams. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth so i always had to earn everything which taught me how to value things like time and money. It eventually made me emotionally strong and gave me a completely different perspective to live life. It took me 6 years just to come to Los Angeles, those 6 years were the darkest years of my life and i used to question myself everyday ‘why is this so hard’? It didn’t make sense then but everything makes sense now. Taking that decision of not being an engineer/doctor and doing something that i really love to do made me who i am today. I was really lucky to have my family support me in all that chaos which helped me get through the tough times. I wouldn’t be here without them. They had to sacrifice a lot to just send me here and i can proudly say that now i am completely independent and taking care of myself.

Alright, so let’s move onto what keeps you busy professionally?
I am a singer-songwriter and i feel the way i write music is different from how other people approach music. I know people out there say write as much as you can but i sometimes feel i force myself when i am doing that. The way i write songs is a very natural process, i would sometimes get a vocal melody in my dreams and then i would wake up in the middle of the night and record it. Other times, i might observe something in a regular day and i would just write my thoughts about it. Recently, i started making notes of my thoughts, every single day, of how i feel that day and then i just leave it. I would then go back to it later and may be that might turn into a song. I don’t believe in quantity, i believe in quality. I want to spread out a message of self-love through my music because that is something i learned thought out my journey. You can be all alone, you can be at your lowest but if you have that never dying self-belief, you will eventually come out of that dark place and find yourself at the end of the tunnel where life is good. What sets me apart from others is that i think from my heart, i know sometimes that can be destructive because people sometimes try to take advantage of you but i guess i would still keep that quality because it speaks a lot about me and my music.

I am really proud of how far i have come. I am moving in a new apartment, i am completely independent and i am making things work for myself, it has taken a really long time but like i keep saying ‘patience is the key’. I also released my debut song ‘I Bow to you’. It feels really good that the song i wrote 5 years ago has finally come to life.

The journey to this day hasn’t been easy at all, in fact there were so many days when nothing made sense at all. I mentioned earlier how it took me 6 years just to come to Los Angeles and how those 6 years were the darkest years of my life. Everyday felt miserable and i felt like it would never end but what kept me going was my self-belief. I never doubted myself even when i hit the lowest. I was raised in a way where, if things go wrong, you tell yourself that it’s gonna be fine rather that you negative self-talking yourself. I believe in the law of attraction and i believe what you think and imagine eventually becomes a reality. So if you are gonna tell yourself every single day that you aren’t good enough, guess what, that’s what you are gonna attract. I guess that’s how i overcame everything and that taught me a lot about myself and actually got me closer to myself. Loving yourself is the first thing everybody should be doing. If you can do that, you’ll be amazed to see how your perspective towards life changes. I also learned that you are always gonna find people who wouldn’t like your growth so they are gonna try to pull you down, all you have to do is detach yourself from such energies. The biggest lesson i have learned is to be humble, i consider myself lucky and blessed that i went through such a rough time because i don’t think i would be this person today. I wouldn’t value everything i have today if i hadn’t gone through all that dark time.

Rejections and failures were a big part of my life, may it be relationships, auditions, not being accepted in the society and whatever else you can think of. I know for a fact that for people, these two words are considered negative but i actually find these two things super important in life. I feel everybody should go through rejections and failures because it teaches you how hard life actually is, it teaches you to be humble, it teaches you how not to judge anybody, it teaches you to respect other people and most of all it teaches you how to become a better version of yourself.

The message that i want to give out to the world out there is that there is nothing in this world that you can’t do. Stop listening to the people around you and start listening to what you actually want to do, life becomes way easier. These days we think more about what other people think about us and we do things according to them which eventually results in unhappiness. My brand is all about promoting self-love, how you can be completely be yourself and share a part of you to the world. Authenticity, genuineness never dies. It’s evergreen, people who are nice always win at the end no matter what.

Any places to eat or things to do that you can share with our readers? If they have a friend visiting town, what are some spots they could take them to?
There’s plenty to do in a happening city like Los Angeles. When you think about Los Angeles, the first thing that comes to your mind is Hollywood. I would definitely take them to see what Hollywood actually looks like. I would take them on a hike to runyon canyon, thats a great workout and you can also see the Hollywood sign from there. There are endless cafe’s here, those are nice options to visit. I would also take them to Downtown LA for them to see the crazy nightlife.

The Shoutout series is all about recognizing that our success and where we are in life is at least somewhat thanks to the efforts, support, mentorship, love and encouragement of others. So is there someone that you want to dedicate your shoutout to?
My family has to be the first for sure, especially my dad. My mom played an equally important role as well, i guess they both have their roles to play in whatever little success i have achieved until now. When i talk about my Dad, he has always taught me to be positive, no matter what the situation is. In fact, he conditioned me in a way that i never give up, i remember him always telling me ‘don’t ever compromise on your self respect, don’t ever loose your dignity’. People these days think money is the most important thing in this world, well its not. I was taught if you can be true to yourself, you would never have to chase anything in life, everything will eventually fall into place, all you have to do is be patient and keep working hard towards your goal, one day at a time. Now, when i talk about my mom, she has a completely different role to play. I remember when there was no one to support me, she was there at every step, thats how mom’s are. Their love for you is unconditional, no matter what you do. I can be the most successful man in this whole world but i would never be able to repay them, all i want to do is make them proud.

I can’t thank them enough. I feel really grateful to have such an amazing family.
Talking about Los Angeles, i’ve met really good friends who i share a special bond with, some left and some are still in my life. I cherish the memories with the ones who are in my life and also who aren’t in my life anymore for whatever reason. They all helped me in some or the other way for my time here. I wanna point out one special friend though, her name is Bella Albanese. She helped me going out of her way and i can never forget that, i am always gonna take care of my people whenever i can.

If i talk about a mentor, there is definitely one person who really understood my situation and helped me put my first single out. It’s KATSUYA SEZAKI, it wouldn’t be possible without him. He is not just a mentor but also someone i connect with in so many different ways so i am really thankful to him.

There is one more person who deserves credit and thats ABE THOMAS. He was the first person i spoke to even before i came to Los Angeles for the first time, I am still in touch with him, he just made life so easy here in Los Angeles, specially when you are new here.

All these people i mentioned deserve all the credit for the things i have achieved to this day. I consider myself blessed. I also thank all the people i haven’t mentioned equally.

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