Through our work we have been constantly amazed at the incredible things people in every neighborhood are working on. What’s even more exciting is that they all have different stories, backgrounds, strengths and weaknesses. That there isn’t a single formula for success means that everyone can take their unique set of strengths and characteristics and turn it into a success story. We recently reached out to some folks we admire and asked them what characteristics they feel are responsible for their success.

Alice Robert | CEO/Founder/Designer

I launched my business in Jan 2015, and was the only person working in/on the business up until January 2020. I had to wear so many different hats, from designing, hand-making each piece of jewellery, packaging, shipping, doing customer service, organising influencer collaborations, taking content, modelling, editing shoots, making/editing the website, etc. I did it all, and towards the end of 2019, due to the business’ incremental growth year after year, I was not doing any of those jobs to the best of my ability anymore- I barely slept, barely had time to see friends and family. In December 2019, a girl reached out to me who had been following my business journey on Instagram, and offered to help out with some tasks. She became my first employee- and it changed my life. Read more>>

Jessica Ritter | Director of New Business + Marketing, MAS

Positivity. Hands down. I am the director of Business Development and Marketing at MAS but my unofficial title is head cheerleader. I actually never thought about the attitude and perspective that I bring to my work until I repeatedly got the same feedback from colleagues. But, it is such an important differentiator in the kind of work that I do. Every day I go out into the world and represent our company and try to move our brand forward. Whether that is with bringing in new and diverse clients or solidifying MAS as the leading experiential agency in the country. My job is difficult, everyday I get what some would say is a “rejection” a “no.” Thus, the life of someone in sales. Read more>>

Josh Young | founder and ceo

Growing up in Los Angeles and in the entrainment industry, I have seen the good and the not so good. When I got out of college as a studio musician, I left that behind and began a journey as a video editor working in film an TV. I also co-founded a recording studio in Pasadena. When we were in the studio, we kept seeing the opportunities for musicians for placements but also heard the fear and skepticism of the music industry. We found ourselves mentoring a lot of young artists and bands. and education on the music business and licensing world. Read more>>

Kormiyaki Lamarr 

The most important factor is being consistent and hardworking. Being able to push yourself every day in order to achieve your dreams. Read more>>

Carly Robyn Green | BMG Musical Theatre Lyricist | Songwriter | Recording Artist | Entrepreneur

I think the most important factor behind my success as a musical theatre lyricist, songwriter, recording artist, and entrepreneur, is my ability to find new doors. Doors will always open and close in business, but it has been my strength to constantly seek new doors – or build them – then remain flexible and agile enough to move through them. In the music world, doors slam shut every day. The multi-platinum artist holds a song that gets cut from the album at the last minute. The TV series featuring a main title theme gets cancelled. Covid-19 hits and musical theatre shuts down worldwide. Read more>>

Maricza Valentin | Owner, CEO of Latin Rhythms Academy of Dance and Performance

It’s a couple of things,; one being we genuinely are passionate about the art form in both a teaching and performing aspect. Our consistency with our brand has created longevity with our students which I’m truly proud of. Another important factor of the success of the brand is we’ve built a very welcoming environment and it’s magical. We are welcoming to everyone that walks through our doors. Some students take on dance for the social aspect. To making friends and build community. Some are working on building self-esteem. And others want the physical benefits that transform their lives while having fun. They get the opportunity to forget about their daily stressors by getting lost in dance. We’ve had several students share these exact sentiments and it’s truly what are brand is all about. Read more>>

Larry Broughton Award-Winning Entrepreneur & Leadership Mentor | Former US Army Green Beret, Best-Selling Author, Award-Winning Entrepreneur & Hotelier, Mentor, Keynote Speaker & Corporate Trainer

There is no single MOST important factor, but success will always remain elusive if you lack courage. It’s courage that provides the wisdom to be humble. With courage, we dare to take risk. Like it or not, RISK is a key ingredient to success. It’s courage that fuels the tenacity that helps us drive-on in the face of lingering doubt and bad economic conditions. It sustains us on our journey towards our dreams and visions; and allows us to love more deeply and communicate more effectively. At its root, integrity is based on courage. Read more>>

Dorian Carriere | Jewelry Designer

The most important factor of my success is the passion I have for what I do. I don’t just sell jewelry, I design and create the jewelry. Sometimes I can’t go to sleep because I have an idea in my head and I know it has to come out. It’s makes me excited every time I can bring one of my designs to life. That helps with the connection I have with my customers. I love being bold and original, so I incorporate that into my designs, and I share a piece of me with everyone who wears my pieces! Read more>>

Mark Wiggins | CEO, Editor in Chief of the Bench Magazinek and motivational speaker and coach

The most important factor for me is embracing the fact that Success is personal!. What my look like success to me, may not look like success to you and vise versa. Once you can grapple with that thought, and realize that your goals are the only true measure of success, then you can open your mind up to the possibilities that await you. Here is the best reason of all to allow others to define your success. If you give people the power to define your success, you also give the ability and power to define your failures. Not to sure I want other people telling me when I failed based on their perspective of what my dreams are. Read more>>

Gina Boersma | Owner, Gina Bee Events

The most important factor behind GBE’s success is highly attributed to our courteous hospitality and attention to logistical details. Our service comes from the heart, we pride ourselves on providing a personalized coordination service to our clients, keeping their best interest in mind. From pre-event planning, to the day of – our clients are in the best hands with our team and network of highly professional vendors. Read more>>

P.O.C. Proof of Consciousness Tamara Russell | Radio Host & Media Correspondent

The most important factor behind my success thus far with both REVIVE RADIO and REVIVE MEDIA is constantly running towards my fears. Running towards my fears helps me to understand there is light at the end of every tunnel. Running towards my fears helps me to “execute over all excuses”. I have gained a conscious awareness that running towards my fears has helped me to get back up every time I was told no every time a door was slammed in front of me or a chair was pulled from up under me. Being fearless has helped me to become self-taught, and self-sustainable in an industry where most will give up. Continuously showing up and being relentless for people’s voices to be heard and stories to be told is what truly keeps REVIVE ALIVE. Running towards my fears has become such a motto for me and my brand I’ve started selling the quoted phrase as part of REVIVE RADIO merchandise. Read more>>