We had the good fortune of connecting with Somalia Brown and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Somalia, is there a quote or affirmation that’s meaningful to you?
My favorite quote is ‘You have not because you asked not’, and the reason it is my favourite is because closed mouths don’t get fed. If you don’t ask, then you have no right to be upset when you don’t receive it. If you don’t speak it, you have no right to expect it. If you don’t release it into the atmosphere, you have no right to think that someone can read your mind to give you what you need. So, to have is to ask.

When you open your mouth and ask for something, then you have the right to expect it to come, whether it’s from God, whether it’s from someone helping you, whether it’s from whoever. You have the right to expect something when you express it. When you don’t express it, it’s still in your thoughts, and you cannot receive something that you don’t speak. Our thoughts are incredibly powerful, but there is also a great power in speaking what you desire to see.

You have not because you ask not reminds you to open your mouth, it reminds you to be assertive. It makes you assertive, it makes you bold, it makes you pursue. It makes you have that grit, that passion to be an innovator and a creative. Because people who are more passive and laid back don’t ask, it also makes you unafraid of no’s. So going for no isn’t a problem for someone who asks, because no doesn’t hurt our feelings. No doesn’t turn you away. No doesn’t make you feel like it can’t be done, it’s just their no, but the next person may say yes.

If they say no, at least you don’t go away thinking, ‘Man, I wonder..I should’ve asked’, no you now know that it is an absolute no. There is no uncertainty. So my favourite quote is you have not because you ask not because it brings out the grit, it helps you expect, and it allows you to have what you ask for. If you open your mouth and you ask, it will help you push towards God and the Universe conspiring to present it to you, and you can meet Him there.

Can you give our readers an introduction to your business? Maybe you can share a bit about what you do and what sets you apart from others?
My Business

A branch of my organization is called World ChangHers, which is a league of world changers who are determined to go back and get those who have a seed that needs germinating. As a World Changer, I am a person who has discipline as a lifestyle. I actively change the way we view the world to be in alignment with God’s perception and requirements of us. I am willing to change my lifestyle to save another because sacrifice is second nature.  With a plan to change, a mindset of abundance and inertia I always win. As you walk out of conformity and into who the world truly needs you to be, partnering with me you will manifest your authoritative voice, increase spiritual sensitivity, and assume your rightful position of power, all while elevating and pushing you to greatness in your purpose, your relationship, and gifts.  My organization helps build men and women and mobilize them into world changers globally. I have a gift to push people, pull, unlock, show them what they’re made of, shift mindsets, and show them that they do have grit. Show them that they do have resilience. Show them that they are more powerful than they really think. Ultimately, my organization helps transform people from the inside out.

What Sets Me Apart
The world should know that I am a Disruptor. I disrupt people. I learn. I teach. I shift mindsets. I shift paradigms. I shift you. I tackle hard things. I help you tackle hard things. I force you to do hard things. I put the mirror in your face. I debunk false expectations. I help you transform. I help you be who you were always meant to be. People that encounter me can’t leave my presence and be the same as when they met me, because I always challenge their thinking or approach to something. When they meet me, I shift their mindset. I challenge what they’ve seen as their norm, and I cause them to be inspired to raise up to the higher level of themselves.

Most Proud Of

Brand wise I am extremely proud of how my organization cannot be boxed into one category. I am proud of the excellence my enterprise exudes regardless of what we are pursuing. But most of all, I am incredibly proud of the quality of people I attract. Who you attract says a lot about who you are and the people I attract are always ready for the transformation that I’m able to help facilitate. I am proud of how they go out and disrupt and dismantle in the very same way that I do. It’s incredibly fulfilling to witness.


It’s been a very interesting journey. It hasn’t been smooth, but it hasn’t been completely bumpy either – which I’m incredibly grateful for. When I decided to get my certificate to be certified as a Life Coach, my husband had just taken a job out of state, and I had a three-month-old. I was working a 9am-5pm as a sales supervisor at a luxury retail store. It was a 10-week course and I had to press.

I had a son in baseball, a daughter who was around three at the time and an infant I was breast-feeding. I had to dig deep. It was probably the hardest ten-weeks of my life. I would wake up at 5am, get my two children ready for school, take them to school, come back, take a short nap with the baby, get the baby ready, get myself ready for work, got to work, and then come back home and run to baseball practice or a game to support my son, do homework with my children, get the kids ready for bed, and then study for my certification, then go to bed myself and get up to do it all over again. The beginning of the journey of that period was probably the hardest. But it showed my diligence, it proved my grit. It helped me to see that I was made for this, because it could have stopped me, but it didn’t. It could have broken me, but it didn’t. It forced me to say: ‘No, this is what I want and I’m going to get it’. I dug my heels in and I got it done. I got my certificate in 11 weeks. Despite all that I was doing, I only had to push it back by one week, and I am incredibly proud of that.

Then after that, next on the agenda was finding clients. I did this by word of mouth, which has always been my thing. People always tell people about good things in their life. My goal is not to keep you as a client, but to transform your life so your life is a testament of who I am to you, and then that will bring more people, and I’ve been working consistently as a coach ever since.

What do you want the world to know?

Readers, I want you to know that there is a seed in you and you’re not reading this by happenstance. If your eyes came across my interview in this paper, it is because you are a world changer, and you are looking for something greater and it’s already in you. When you join my community The Inner Courts at www.somaliabrown.com/theinnercourts; that will be unlocked. I want you to know that you are a natural born disruptor, you don’t fit in at home. You don’t fit in at your job because you’re not meant to fit in, you’re meant to be the disruptor. You’re not just meant to stand out, but to disrupt everywhere you go. And when you don’t understand what that is, you think it’s a bad thing, you think every time you go somewhere something happens. But the reality is, that’s who you are. So, if you’re reading this, I want you to know that you have found your tribe, your gritty culture. Your culture that will help show you that you’re resilient. When you join us and lock arms with us, we will push you as a community, we will grow you as a community and we will force what is hidden and been locked up to be uncovered. The real you will no longer be held by the current social norms that made you feel unaccepted.

By listening to audios at night, you bypass your conscious mind and change the patterns of your subconscious to bring the reality you desire to the forefront. They help jumpstart reprogramming your autopilot responses to specific areas of your life. These new thoughts reconstruct stronger neuropathways in your brain for the change you desire.

If you decide to join The Inner Courts, you will receive a World Changer ReSet audio that will completely and totally flip your world upside down and pull out just a snippet of who you are. Then everything else added to that, our six-month training, will then help you physically get gritty and learn how to walk with a mindset of world changer, which is not a mindset of the rest of the world, it’s a 1% mindset.

Any places to eat or things to do that you can share with our readers? If they have a friend visiting town, what are some spots they could take them to?
If I had a friend coming to visit me for a week-long trip in my city, I would give them the best tour of my world. My friends always get to experience a piece of my world when I communicate with them, but it is a different experience altogether to be able to see, touch, taste, smell and feel a different reality. I am big on having wholistic grounding experiences. So, a day on this tour would be us working out together, I love fitness and just because I have a guest, it doesn’t mean fitness and taking care of our bodies goes on the back burner. This is a great way to recentre yourself and prepare your body for what it will encounter that day. Then we would have some natural pressed juice from a local small business. We would then head to the beach to spend some time with our feet in the sand, skin in the sun and bodies in the water. We’d fully immerse ourselves in that experience. Then we’d go to a ramen house, sit in the patio to relax. Then we’d go to a boba spot to chat awhile.

Shoutout is all about shouting out others who you feel deserve additional recognition and exposure. Who would you like to shoutout?
Dr Sharon Nesbitt

Dr Sharon Nesbitt is an internet pastor that I’ve met, but she doesn’t know me personally. I’ve been following her since 2014, and since following her and being under her guidance my entire mindset started shifting. She taught me about being able to see through your spiritual mind’s eye and opened me up to the supernatural, so I’d like to shout her out because I attribute her to the beginning of my entire mindset shift. I wouldn’t be who I am today without her.

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