We had the good fortune of connecting with Tameka Nichole and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Tameka, other than deciding to work for yourself, what else do you think played a pivotal role in your story?
Recognizing that I needed to make moves in life that could lead to more income within my ideas of working for myself, is deciding that I needed to at least attempt at expanding my horizons within education. Growing up, understanding that the number one statement, I heard repetitively was, “Go to School, Get a Education, and make something out of yourself!” Coming from a a High School where the student body was less than 450 total, where the school ranked in the the bottom 50 percentile of the state, I knew that beyond what Northampton County Schools of Conway, NC could teach me, there was more in education to be recognized and in order to attain more, moves beyond my location were necessary, in achieving any of my aspirations and goals . I needed to put myself in a area where I could leverage off the things that I had to do, if nothing else, which was having a good education. Going to go to college was never something that had to be beat into my head as a next step after high school I just knew I wanted to make my grandmother, Lillie Mae Balmer, proud of me and to be the first in my immediate family to hold a degree higher than general education, that in my decision to continue education was one of the single most important decision that I made in life that has contributed to my success. Yes, making the decision to attend a University and not just any university, but an illustrious HBCU, where I could not only gain an education, but an understanding of my culture and those that I looked to serve in my choice of career in entertainment.

Let’s talk shop? Tell us more about your career, what can you share with our community?
We’d love to hear what sets you apart from others, what you are most proud of or excited about.

My connection to music and beauty by way of eyebrows is what set’s me apart artistically and creatively from others! Since the age of 5 while doing any beauty in the privacy of my bedroom to build an alignment with music played randomly around me at anytime, giving such a super organic feeling for me. These moments of connection in music to me, naturally puts me in such great mental state to be uplifted and empowered for any of my next moves. I give this very connection that I’ve built over years of growth from child to adulthood called the “Tameka Nichole Experience” to my clients causing them to become mentally uplifted with the self care that is received from me by way of eyebrow artistry and music which can alter any mental state because of the memories that may arise (good or bad) off the euphoria of my selections in music from Old School Classics in Funk, Soul and R&B to todays music that I play while servicing or hosting a client or event. I am most proud of this sense because that is one thing that helped birth #YourBeautyEntertainer.

I have gotten where I am today professionally because I am told and know that I have go-getter spirit that’s always on a mission for the good of myself and those that I aide around me! I’m not gonna just sit, I’m gonna keep moving! I never just sat or stayed in place, from city to city, state to state with aspirations to achieve, where some may look at this as a form of being unstable, however in life there is no stable ground other than self stability, determining to be influenced by everyday positive experiences in my sprint to attaining whatever I wanted or desired, I had to make that move not in observation of the negative but the positive to be able to have the tenacious attitude to get up and walk (meaning taking my time) towards the goal to achieve my wants, I didn’t just sit and watch saying this is what I want to do, I made the moves and altered along the way!

For example, from sitting in my country side home of Jackson, NC doing beauty to all the music I listened to on the radio and satellite TV, I pursued and received a degree from North Carolina Central University in Mass Communication’s with a concentration in broadcasting minoring in business along with the experiences with First Media Radio  and Radio One of Raleigh  led me to where I am today professionally as Radio Station Programmer, Producer, and Advertising Account Executive with 105.5 FM/AM 1430 the King with Light Media Holdings out of Covington, GA. From the High School Bleachers in Conway, NC at then Northampton County High School East I did eyebrows then after a taste of the Beauty Industry Professionally before licensure as Esthetician in 2008 with Total Media Group during a few Bronner Bothers, International Hair Show as a Key Make Up Artist for stage performing models with Saga, Milky Way, Shake-N-Go, I knew I could be taken serious in the field of beauty and wanted to become a Professional Eyebrow Artist, so I made the move to study and to receive licensure in esthetics, then in 2009 created a business, Perfections By Tameka Nichole where I worked with celebrities from New York on down the east coast to Atlanta, I had the spirit like I’m just about to do it whatever it is that is put over me to have passion for I can achieve no matter the obstacles!

Was it easy, no, but what was easy was anything that came naturally to me. Reminding myself daily that I have life in the way I talk, the way I connect with people, my networking, my ability to not meet a stranger, being able to talk with anybody in any walk of life, connecting with people, taking one step at a time in accomplishing, because the biggest part was in knowing that I could do anything. I have a drive that I know I’m destined for something great not letting anything get in the way. Not the fact that I am black a woman, a mother of a black boy living in the south with big dreams, never letting anything stop me because I will get up and go, travel far or short, wherever I need to go to make things happen I don’t allow circumstances foreseen or not to stop me and definitely not finances which can be a daily struggle for any one with entrepreneurial dreams, I will find a way to make what I need to happen and that is how I overcome challenges, knowing that there aren’t any! Everyday I wake, I thank God and my Ancestors for the ability to stay driven and to move forward daily in my purpose no matter what. I’m motivational to other women because I wasn’t born to just be a mother or a wife, or anything ordinary for that matter as a extraordinary individual, I know I’m destined for all greatness that life has to give which makes me unstoppable

Networking & Leveraging in my networks are my biggest attributes where my most major lessons that I’ve learned along the way in life is the knowledge of discernment, to observe my surroundings and those that are in it, when to listen to comprehend and to only talk when necessary, because all rooms aren’t for talking, some are merely just for observation! Those who are or not within the same intellectual speed of me cannot sit around me without being uplifted in energy or verbally with a positive and empowering message, the connections in helping others what creates great working relationships are about!

As far as my brand, since the age of 12, I have been invested in Eyebrows, putting thousands into myself and my business, Perfections by Tameka Nichole for licensure and certifications to be taken seriously about my self-taught skills in eyebrows. This investment allowed profit as a entrepreneur in my love for Natural Eyebrow Artistry aiding in my education to travel showcasing my expertise on tour hosting and organizing “Brows in Any City” pop up shops for servicing and educating upon proper brow care, giving me the ability to spread beauty to many in a matter of minutes by simple brow grooming, and if necessary, one to two make up enhancements, causing each client to immediately exude positive feelings about self.

My specialty in Esthetics & Make-Up Artistry is Eyebrows, my niche, natural brow hair grooming and removal by single hair extraction, a #NoWaxNoThread method, that is what I am known for, and what sets me apart from others in the eyebrow industry. Before becoming a licensed professional investing time as an employee, working as Brow Arch Expert for two top retail Eyebrow Service Providers in the US, Anastasia of Beverly Hills and Benefit Cosmetics of San Francisco, I had humble beginnings, encouraging myself to take my self-taught beauty talents to Greenbrier Mall in Atlanta, GA and apply to do eyebrows, because it was my passion, helping women look good so that they feel good! I introduced myself to a area Professional Brow Artist, connecting with someone who is where I look to be 5 years from that day. This professional became my first and only mentor in the Eyebrow Industry, Veteran Eyebrow Artist, Atlanta Native, Joi Mebane who hired me and allowed me to work without a license after training me on her wax and razor techniques in brows off my positive attitude, interest in brow artistry and my ability to be assertive, sell and expressively promote her brand to everyone, including men who would walk by then named kiosk, Color Me Beautiful by Joi, now The Look By Joi. I almost couldn’t believe it, then I was reminded that through God, all things are attainable. Here I was after years of having a passion for and interest in beauty since elementary school that I got to be so fortunate to work in this industry in one of the most recognized cities for Beauty Advances without any licensure because at the time, the market of eyebrows was not as popular as it is here in 2021 and no license for brow grooming was necessary to provide eyebrow services in 2008 in Atlanta.

Currently, my daily working career consists of several other projects beyond what’s been mentioned, which gives me satisfaction in supporting all as Your Beauty Entertainer, a Beauty and Entertainment consultant serving many business local and nationally offering radio advertisement with 105theking.com. Aiding in lifestyle alternatives with BeautyBy.Bulavita.com my beauty, health and wellness supplements residual income business with a focus on Muscadine and its positive benefits in being the best superfood with the highest source of antioxidants in the world, which supports the investments into the future “Balmer Estates Herbal Farm & Muscadine Vineyard” Rural Area Ecotourisim. PussyGaloreCosmetics.com vegan, organic and botanically crafted in the United States cosmetic brand as the brand chief operating officer, licensed esthetician and a driving force behind SCHouseOfWings.com restaurant Director of Online Media and Marketing, ARuthProctor.com providing Artist Development & Public Relations, DivorceCourt.com Court Show Television Production Assistant. Everythang Nola Cafe, instagram.com/everythangNOLA, A South Atlanta Staple Social Media Visual Arts Artist. Last but definitely not least, mobile Eyebrow Artist for Perfections by Tameka Nichole, where all readers should follow via instagram.com/PerfectionsMUA and turn on Alert Notifications for when I’m visiting near you and for your request in brow and beauty services where I am available globally.

“I told myself I would never stop achieving the unattainable, I took a chance and Perfected it into a craft not so much of a gamble because I’m a woman able to do anything, not perfect but perfecting my imPERFECTIONS, and I’m HERE NOW!!!”

Any places to eat or things to do that you can share with our readers? If they have a friend visiting town, what are some spots they could take them to?

Favorite Spots in the City of Atlanta when you visit!

We know its traffic so take the city route, its always more calm and allows you to explore the city more. So on your GPS select avoid highways!

When We Land – (If Car Rental?) We need a good choice of snacks to hold us over so we are to arrive at EverythangNola (instagram.com/everythangNOLA). Lets Get a Nola Peach, Acai or Dragonfruit Bowl, don’t worry this place is on the itinerary daily! (Trying to get Downtown Atlanta for Business or To Buckhead for Shopping and miss the Downtown Traffic) Contact www.iflyhto.com for Helicopter Ride Share Services at $20 per flight token with four landing locations in Atlanta.

Beauty – Contact Perfections by Tameka Nichole for Eyebrow Services and the Tameka Nichole Experience instagram.com/perfectionsmua, and Diamonds N The Rough Nail Salon on Cascade off 285 for Nails and Pedicure, Make Up by Dariana Vertus of Artistry Defined MUA or Lauren Walker-Robertsonn of Salon Naava for Hair & Make Up Artistry!

Food & Boutique Shopping – Ponce City Market (You will need an entire day here!) instagram.com/poncecitymarket

Entertainment – Book any of the Candlelight Concerts. City Winery and St. James Live are tow of my favorite laid back lounge evening type of events. Atlanta’s Original Uptown Comedy Corner for laughs.

Radio – Terrestrial, I know but always needed locally 105.5 FM / AM 1430 The King gonna give you the groovy tunes and 94.5 Streets is gonna let you know what’s going on in the streets of Atlanta https://tunein.com/radio/1055-The-King-s296667/

Food Truck Yard – Visits at any Food Truck Events are a must for the foodies. Triton Yards Food Truck Outdoor Establishment is a definite hit for visitors of Atlanta. (Be sure to follow my good friend Kristen Dior on instagram.com/AtlantaFoodGuy)

Walking Park — Atlanta Bontanicle Gardens

Hiking Trails – The Bartram Trail Hike plus a Wine Tasting with it is the special treat that all should rewards themselves with after a hike!

A Unique Dining Experience – The Garden Room is always in Full Bloom

Lets see what’s under the Sea – The Georgia Aquarium!

Love Art & Culture – The High Museum of Art or if you want to Trap a little hit up The Trap Museum! Hahaha! The Culture Experience ATL for the Nostalgic flashback that you didnt know you needed!

Love Beer – Plenty of Breweries in Atlanta but try out the newest, Atlantucky Brewing

Need to do an event or Co-working space – The Legacy Center

Love Selfies – Atlanta Selfie Museum is a hit!

Got the Kids – Have a Day at Legoland Discovery Center or the Atlanta Puppetry Center

Car Lover — The Porsche Experience Center Atlanta

Greek – Visit Morehouse & Spellman HBCU’s

Vegan – Everyone knows to hit up Slutty Vegan

Shoutout is all about shouting out others who you feel deserve additional recognition and exposure. Who would you like to shoutout?
My shout out must start at home with my grandmother, Lillie Mae Balmer, who is resting heavenly and continues to be my highest of encouragement for success next to God. If in 1990, I had not relocated from Norfolk, VA to the country sticks of Jackson, NC I don’t feel that I would have developed who I am as Your Beauty Entertainer. That first Double Deck Sony Stereo I received at 5 years old, is where it all began, this stereo gave access to more music and radio personalities than I could have ever imagined. When I learned how to record music from the radio, that was all that was needed by me, Music and Beauty kept me busy, kept me with something to do that excited me, because being outside in the country versus the city that I came from was not it! Most importantly, I must shout out Truitt O’Neal and Lolethia “DL” Underdue, my two most pivotal college professors during my matriculation at North Carolina Central University. These two blessed beings recognized my eagerness in the field of broadcast media as a student, my interests and abilities, where they never hesitated in giving me nonstop support, mentorship and encouragement. I would like to share this shout out to Truitt, DL, Dr, Louise Maynor, the 2003-2007 staff of WNCU 90.7 FM Radio Station and NCCU Mass Communications Department, as well as Radio Personality Brian Dawson of Radio One of Raleigh.

Website: https://linktr.ee/YourBeautyEntertainer

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/TamekaNichole

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tamekanichole

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TamekaNichole

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/YourBeautyEntertainer

Yelp: https://www.yelp.com/biz/perfections-by-tameka-nichole-raleigh-2

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/PerfectionsMUA

Other: 105,5 FM/AM 1430 Direct Stream: http://cast5.servcast.net:4299/;stream.mp3 105.5 The King Tameka Nichole Profile : http://105theking.com/team/tameka-nichole-22 Radio Station Website www.105theking.com

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