We had the good fortune of connecting with The Contaminator and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi The, have there been any changes in how you think about work-life balance?
Running and branding 5 multi-media art careers, let alone running and branding 1 art career is a full-time commitment. There are alot of sacrifices to be made to complete a quality vision that’s relateable, and marketable. A hard lesson I have learnt along the way is the importance of balance and the art of “letting go” to keep and create a fluid work pace without exhausting yourself to sickness. When I was younger, I believed the most accurate way to deliver this art was to run my body to the ground while giving myself away completely. A good friend taught me to be a little selfish with your time and energy. So instead of trying to be at every opening and help every stranger I saw in need leaving myself with no energy, I then began to direct all of the energy to the art world. That way, I could help people with my art, while improving the quality of it, my health, and stregthening my message.

Can you open up a bit about your work and career? We’re big fans and we’d love for our community to learn more about your work.

I, The Contaminator am the leader of the Contaminator Crew which is a team of 5 ethereal female identifying artists under one shell “Jes”. You can call “The Crew” Egos if that suits your fancy. These Egos are marketed as their own entities because they are truly individuals and need to be recognized in that way to thrive properly. This approach in art allows Jes to download a lot of information spiritually while providing organization in aesthetics so the work is recognizable and marketable but most important relateable. Having 5 art careers, 5 art styles, with unique personas allows these women to reach out to a wider audience while being authentic and not too cluttered on a professional level. Not only is the scale that these Egos are on is highly advanced, but the fact that many of them combine 16 years of fine arts experience with performance is almost unheard of. This merge of the two art forms creates a unique live experience and the chance to own a piece of that art from the shows you attended or viewed through video. This is tangible memory and I feel that this concept is very valuable because many people these days are paying for experiences rather then security or items. Now you can take and share these experiences with those who enter your home and businesses etc. I am truly excited about where my live and video art is headed at the moment. It has been 4 years pf drawing and practicing live, taking many illegal risks, doing lots of “testing”,networking, and training to figure out how to make this profitable so I can keep going while raw and true (not completely commercial) but also entertaining. We have been upgrading month after month investing everything we make back into upgrading this art in hopes to receive the support and finances we need to bring you the true vision of live fine-art shows and collaborations like you’ve never seen. There’s nothing easy about this. So much of bringing this enhanced art movement into fruition requires mass amounts of sweat equity. When you are your own manager, and you are calling entertainment companies and venues without any upbringing in entertainment or theatre, you have to understand that these companies are taking a risk in letting you do a style of art in a way they’ve never experienced. The sweat equity method has taught me what to do, what not to do, what to enhance, and what to let go of so the next show I have is even better than the last. It’s a strategy I repeat every performance to further growth and reptutation. Yes, exposure does not feed you and is not OK to use as payment but it is worth it to introducing doing something new to the art world. I am building trust and loyalty with those higher up to the point where payment is coming in more frequently and the amount is finally rising, thank heavens. There is a level of trust and spirituality I have to commit to in order to let go of this constant fear of losing control and becoming homeless again. I have become homeless twice persuring my art and it was 100% worth it because I needed to learn the power within myself and the strength of protection surrounding me. As long as you listen to your heart instead of the fear of losing control you will be lead to who and what you need. It does take alot of trials and errors to learn how to listen to that voice we all have inside of us. This is your inner truth and this process is very humbling and or course terrifying. I want the world to know that this is an individual who has suffered alot in life by others to do what she loves. The amount of work I do between the athleticism, training, mental work and healing is devastating to my time and energy. I would appreciate those who come in contact with my work to respect my work and the artists. To tag, to brand, to use proper names,to ask permission, to not steal because I have gave up so much and fought so hard for the work you see, because I love people so much. If you take the time to “fall down the rabbit hole” and get a bit “Contaminated ” you will see that “Contamination” truly means to purify lost souls from orthodoxed views. I am a healer, a lover who dives into the darkness to bring truth to the light, and putting myself out there on the level I do is not easy. It gets lonely but when someone messages me telling me how my art has helped in some way it truly gives mes life. A like, a share, proper tags,a commission goes a long way.

Any places to eat or things to do that you can share with our readers? If they have a friend visiting town, what are some spots they could take them to?
My life is art and food with a sprinkle of random adventure, I am still learning myself about all of the cool underground and unique places that LA has to offer. Because who wants the basic things, right? Being on a budget there’s no doubt taking people to Echo Park Lake to experience the mix of people, culture and art is a must. I have done alot of perfornance practices there, and a lot of my art was created during those practices live. Then of course to hit up Sage Bistro for vegan appetizers or Monty’s burgers if you want amazing vegan garbage food. In non-pandemic August “Echo Park Rising” music festival is a favorite of mine and how I met some very talented musicians- some I have collaborated with. Hit up the very steep

Reservoir St. on Sunset heading north on Saturdays at the church on the corner of Alvarado St. to try the locals’ handmade pupsas. Just dance it off at the Echo Plex and if your lucky there will be a weird pop-up art show next door. I have recently fell in love with Pura Vita, the Italian Vegan restauraunt in West Hollywood. Try their cannolli everything and the basic lasagna is a great starting point finished with an oat cappuncino and tirimisu. The energy over there is very ego empowering and fresh. I’d probably follow thar up with a funky tea (Beet Latte is my jam) from Bohemia in Hollywood, and then venture to some art galleries around town. I always feel better once I go there. Don’t forget about Little Ethiopia! Tons of restaraunts to choose from. Pan Pacific Park is a great way to unwind, catch some sun and get some puppy love. Erewhon around the corner has a great chocolate selection and any bourgeoisie thing to refresh your spirits. If Griffith park is too generic you got to hit Pasadena or go cliff jumping in Arcadia. For the beach Malibu. Flirt with someone in a nice convertable let your hurr down as it flaps around in the wind soaking up the sun along the the CA-1, go play along some nature trails then meet some people along the highway at night sip some bubbly while sitting on the rocks overlooking the ocean. I usually pack snacks while in Malibu and meet some cool people along the way. You got to say “hello” to the sea lions while over there. Come on, don’t be rude now! Oh and Iron Man’s house is not a thing. Talk to the locals to find the underground Jungle and Drum and bass/rave spots, along other intimate parties. I usually stay away from the big clubs and get lead to where I need to go dancing wise, but honestly these days I only go to clubs and concerts I am performing at. Get a vegan donut at Donutfriend Dt hit up some more galleries and stalk the chickens in the arts district (you’ll know what I am talking about), then strike a pose alongside some “dope” street art and unwind in those people you just met’s hottub. -Fin

The Shoutout series is all about recognizing that our success and where we are in life is at least somewhat thanks to the efforts, support, mentorship, love and encouragement of others. So is there someone that you want to dedicate your shoutout to?
The amount of people to mention is overwhelming, this isn’t something I have been working on in the last year this has been 6 years of development for “The Contaminator Crew”/ “The Egos”. I have been blessed not only by my intimate friends and family in Toledo,Ohio area but all cities inbetween that I have gravited to these last years. I meet people almost daily that just blindly come up and encourage me, besidesthe friends and family that give me an affordable place to live, to create. That give rides, a helping hand with a big project, a nice meal, tea on the not so great times when work is non-existent. There’s also time and energy in mentorship from multiple masters that aren’t only with me physically but spiritually as well. I don’t feet right listing names because I’d have to list them all and no one has time or space for that. Just please know to all of you out there, guiding, protecting and supporting what I do, that I give myself completely in dedication to my craft honoring the love you have blessed me with. My way of giving back is to finish what I started, staying true to my soul and following through with my mission. You all are my rock and I think about so many of you daily, whether I call or not I am here with you taking your love with me every step of the way. And of course my Parents in Michigan and Toledo Ohio, that let me be me,don’t hesitate to help when I need it and love me for who I am. I love and appreciate you all so much. Thank you

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