We had the good fortune of connecting with Tiffany Wright and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Tiffany, what principle do you value most?
As a Therapist, I often support other’s in their journeys of reconnecting to themselves and exploring their identities. In my work with my clients, I’ve come to see so many emotionally and mentally imprisoned by their thoughts and the impacts of painful experiences in life. I’ve also come to understand that as someone is doing work around learning about or really defining themselves, one of the very important aspects of identity is one’s value system. For myself, I think its difficult to isolate one value but if I had to just choose one, I say Freedom matters most. For me, all my core values really are a pathway to allow me to experience Freedom. Its truly at the foundation of all of that I do. Freedom for me is integral in my expression, my commitment to wellness, the motivator for the work and service I do, how I experience exploration, the emotional experience I constantly strive for, and what I embody through my authenticity. Freedom for me is both an experience and a feeling. As a Black woman in the US, the idea of freedom is an unique concept, as there are many threats to experiencing freedoms that members of other racial groups get to have. Instead of leaning on freedom just through the lens of a political experience, I forge my own personal experience, and think about freedom emotionally, spiritually and physically. I embrace the agency that I do have. I celebrate the power I have to say, dress and do what feels aligned with my desires and purpose. I focus on my innate power because I know there are a lot of influences that would challenge what it means to feel empowered. When I see images and ideas that promote what someone should do or be, depending on the content, it can often be limiting and can create an experience where one feels disempowered. Embracing that which allows me to feel emotionally, spiritually and physically free has allowed me to experience a purpose driven, adventurous life of fulfillment.

Alright, so for those in our community who might not be familiar with your business, can you tell us more?
I devote my time to that which empowers and heals. My personal mission is a commitment to breaking cycles of dis-ease, dysfunction and struggle. So I do that through therapy, empowerment work, and community building.

I have a mental health practice called BE Infinite Therapy, which allows me to support others mental health through counseling. My focuses are grief, identity, race based/childhood trauma, eating disorders and relationships. As a therapist, I know something that definitely sets me apart is my holistic approach through a focus on the existential, mind-body-spirit matters, and also ecotherapy. I’m passionate about helping clients connect to and embrace their true selves. Its a special experience to be trusted with the depth of someone’s life. Its also special to embark on a path of healing and transformation with someone. Getting to the point of building my practice has definitely come with an eventful journey. To be a proficient and competent therapist, it goes beyond the education and work experience. For me, there was a lot of personal growth and work that had to be done and experienced. I had many set backs and experiences that extended my path to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and be able to open my practice. On that journey, I learned a lot about myself, and the importance of self love and embracing my identity. It lead me to start my blog, The BE Life, publish various books, workbooks and journals on self love, mindfulness and identity; as well as launch my podcast, The Shift is Real.

I am a proud co-founder of Coco Coalition, a 501c3 established in 2018. Coco is a social enterprise dedicated to curating holistic, safe and empowering opportunities for women of the African Diaspora to connect, grow and thrive. Coco is focused on creating opportunities for Black women, and sowing in the well being of black teen girls by supporting projects that remove barriers to a healthy and secure future. I’ve learned the importance of having safe spaces as a Black woman due to having such an unique experience in this world, and it makes me tremendously proud after every event, whether virtual or in-person, to receive such positive feedback from women, that Coco enhanced their lives in some way. Coco was birthed from an event I began hosting in 2015 called the Black & Beautiful Women’s Brunch, which has had over 350 attendees n the US, South Africa and Ghana. I used the pain the pain, hurt and frustration experienced from the murder of Sandra Bland as the motivation to begin the event. And that’s been a theme of a lot that I’ve done. Emotional alchemy; using the lessons and takeaways from my darkest experiences, and creating love, light and beauty.

Falling down is an opportunity to experience humanness, but its also an opportunity to tap into one’s resilience, and the ability to grow. I’ve tried to use my tough times and moments as soil to grow. Its been an eventful journey getting to this current place in my career. Being an entrepreneur , and dedicating your life to your dreams, definitely comes with some challenges. Its almost as if you’re tested to see how dedicated and committed you can be. Through all my loss and trials, I would say positive and uplifting friendships, a clear vision of what’s important, a sense of hope, and a constant focus on gratitude have continuously anchored me. I have often been driven by the notion of keeping my word to myself. I’ve noticed that people will keep their word when making promises to others, but constantly let go of their own goals, dreams and desires. At the end of the day, when my time is up, I want to feel like I lived, and did all that I could to live in joy, freedom, love, and authenticity, while positively impacting that the world. I could never never do that, if I give up on myself or life.

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
I live in Inglewood, so I’d have them exploring Inglewood and the South Bay the most, and take them by some popular areas. I love the beach, so that would for surely be where we go. Redondo beach is my favorite. We’d probably be at the beach a couple of times. We’d also go on a light hike at one of my favorite parks, Kenneth Haun. If my bestie was interested in a longer hike, we’d do the Park- to -Playa trail. Most of my must eat spots are Black owned eateries that I love such as The Coffee Co. for brunch, a yummy vegan meal at Stuff I Eat, people always love to go Roscoes Chicken and Waffles, great BBQ at Woody’s or Phillips , grab soul food at Dulan’s, and have a nice dinner at Nick’s or The Strand House in Manhattan Beach. We’d drive up to Palos Verdes, and go star gazing at Griffith Park. Probably go wine tasting in Malibu, and have some cocktails at 1212 in Santa Monica. Folks always love going to Venice, so we’d go to the beach and stroll the canals, and even have dinner at C & O Cucina in Marina Del Rey because I love their garlic knots!

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
When I think of who I am and what I’ve been able to accomplish, I first and foremost think of my parents. My grandfather and mother, who have both passed. They were major cheerleaders for me before they died, and their lives continue to be motivation for me in the present. They challenged me to really reach far and high, and not limit the possibilities in my life. They did their best to put me in experiences and environments that challenged my idea of “normal.” There was no normal to them. Life could be whatever you made it; the power of choice was something I was always taught to keep in mind. Life had unlimited possibilities, and the only person that could limit me , was me. I learned that early on because they constantly affirmed me and wanted the best for me. My mom wanted me to experience the world and explore who I was. My grandfather taught me the value of hard, consistency, and life learning. Aside from them, my tribe, who I consider my closest friends are my constant supporters, confidants, supporters, and safe spaces.

Website: www.tiffanywrightmsw.com

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Other: For more info on Coco Coalition visit www.cococoalition.org and check out my empowerment platform The BE Life, www.livethebelife.com

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