We asked some of the city’s rising stars about why they think they have been so successful and we’ve shared their responses below.

Amanda Holder | Wedding Planner, Designer, & Coordinator.

Two words: self. care. I’ve really prioritized self care over the last few years, and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. My number 1 goal with my business is to be my best self for my clients, so that I can produce the best work. But the reality is, life can be challenging; and it’s so easy to become overwhelmed, exhausted, or anxious. Introducing self care into my life as a regular, essential part of my routine has allowed me to take time to rest and recharge so that I can truly be the best and healthiest version of myself for the couples I work with. Read more>>

Shawn Smith | Tattoo Artist , Entrepreneur & Investor

Waking up early. Giving myself enough time to work out, meditate, & study my craft, build my business & brand. Posting more on social media allowing people to build trust within me & my brand. Maintaining a 60% business 40% personal life posting strategy. Read more>>

Dizzie Harris | Actor, Singer-songwriter, & Artpreneur

Prayer and mediation are the key to my success. Intentionally setting aside time to focus inward and heed guidance from God enables me to lead a more purposeful and balanced life. I have also found great value in keeping a routine for myself. Starting the day off with prayer/meditation, working out, going to therapy, and eating clean– all of these practices keep me accountable for my well being. I have come to the realization that the way that I nurture myself directly influences how I nurture my business. Read more>>

Amber Krzys | Life and Business Coach, Founder of Fierce Loving, Inc.

When I started my business I had no idea what I was doing. I had never taken a business class in my life. I simply wanted to help people feel good about the skin they were in. As a former Broadway performer I struggled with my body for over twenty years. I knew the pain of wishing it were different and believing life would be better if I weighed a certain number on the scale. I also knew I wasn’t alone in my suffering, so after I created a more loving relationship with my body during my Master’s Program in Spiritual Psychology at The University of Santa Monica, all I wanted to do was share what I discovered with others. Read more>>

Magen Grays Makeup Artist/Creative | I paint faces

I write everything down. Everything Lol….. I like to write so I can visualize what I want in my life. I feel if you don’t write it down it won’t manifest. This is the most important thing you can do a creative. Yes I am a makeup artist but I am also a creative in all things I put my hands to, from Creative Direction, Cooking, Writing, Music, Singing and Designing. Read more>>

Choice | Singer, Rapper, Producer

I think I have more bad habits than good haha. And the good habits I have feel more like instinct. For one, I can’t not question something presented to me as fact. Whether its me looking to better understand what youre saying, or digging past two opposing opinions (insert any news story), if its something I’m interested in I NEED to know the truth otherwise I’m a fraud. This plays into my music a lot too. I’m constantly analyzing songs to learn new production techniques, and my lyrics usually sound like some sort of nihilist diary. Even when its a hype banger I can’t help but throw a few question marks in there. I like to encourage people to think as much as I do. Read more>>

Matt Suave | DJ & Music Producer

I would say two major habits have really been pivotal to changing my life around. The first was learning about “imposter syndrome”, understanding how it effected me, and realizing that almost everyone deals with it (yes even the most successful most famous people). We are WAY to harsh on ourselves and our accomplishments. Especially in the social media age, we are constantly comparing ourselves to these photoshopped cherry-picked lives of our peers and idols. It’s impossible to grasp just how much this affects not only our self confidence but our creative output. I’ve learning to just say “who cares if I suck” which has coincidently improved my talents! Read more>>

Ruzanna Khechumyan | Real Estate Broker

Many reasons behind my success, one being, I never say NO. I have learned to always work with what has been thrown at me, even the impossible is possible. If a client contacts me and even if it is not something I have done in the past, I learn to do it. I always educate myself on different topics of my industry, I somehow make it work for the client. I have been quite successful with everything I put my hands on. I owe my success to always having top notch communication, ask anyone around me, they will tell you I never miss their call. Read more>>

Braylen Brooks | Entrepreneur

Consistency is the best policy to succeeding and maintaining and achieving your goals and dreams. You have to be able to step outside of yourself to adapt to environments you are unfamiliar with to accommodate the dream, I believe when you take risks for what you want what you want will do the same for you as everything is energy and energy is reciprocated based on how it is received so it has to match. Read more>>

zarria neal | Model, Cook, Business owner of Night Owl Candle Company

The top 3 habits that help me succeed is waking up early, making a “todays intentions” list and being gentle with myself.. Also, self love/ self care is something i take part in everyday not just on Sundays 🙂 Read more>>

Karyn Laver | Studio Owner, Artistic Director, Dance Instructor, & Choreographer

Perseverance is definitely the first one that comes to mind. I am the type of person who gets into “go mode” when faced with a challenge. That has been helpful for me throughout my time as a business owner, but especially over the course of this last year. I love solving problems and am always quick to jump to it when it comes time to figure out how to bypass a roadblock. Read more>>

Leah Tsui | Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

I am a creature of habit, which serves me well when it’s a positive habit! In my private practice, I start off every week with writing down 3 big priorities to accomplish by the end of the week. Then each of those priorities are broken into smaller, tangible steps on a checklist that I can work on each day. When I put these tasks into my calendar, I try to set realistic time blocks of how long each task will take, which requires some flexibility and grace when things take longer than anticipated. Read more>>

David Hughes | Music Producer

Personally its hard to say I have a specific habit but I just try my best to be inspired and that mostly consists of me waking up and just going with the flow of the day. Ill be on my computer or on my MPC sampler and just see what’s the first idea that’s going to pop in when I load a sample or maybe I start with a blank slate and ask myself what do I feel like creating today Read more>>

Durante Lambert | Dance Choreographer and Educator

The habit I feel that has helped me succeed the most is, taking risks. Taking risks can be so rewarding and if it ends in a fail, that’s just room for growth and an opportunity to learn. Read more>>

Greg Inda | Photographer

One habit that has helped me immensely is a staying curious. As a photographer, curiosity helps me dig into the nuance of a subject I’m covering. Photography is often about observing the world around us. So it’s important that you know what you’re looking at. Notice patterns. Notice when something is out of place. It’s like the FedEx logo. Once you see the arrow between the E and the X, you can’t unsee it. Read more>>

Yelissa Brea | Chandler & Creator of many things

The habits that have helped me succeed is to be consistent with your audience. Be repetitive at times with a little twist ! Always show a little bit of “rawness” & be organic. I always like to support & promote other small businesses, while running my own. Read more>>

Jaden Powell | Creative Kultur Executive Producer

They habits that have helped me succeed is relentless grind and hustle. I don’t think I’m entitled or deserving of the things I have. I know all of this can be taken in an instant so I just focus on working hard and doing it consistently. Read more>>