We had the good fortune of connecting with Tim Carr and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Tim, we’d love to hear about how you approach risk and risk-taking
Sometimes you just have to get out of your comfort level and just go for it. Risk taking has been such a driving force for me. Career wise, there have been moments where I had left a lot of money on the table for one project in order to do a project that just “felt right”. There are 2 movies I am incredibly proud of called “13th Grade” and “Down With The Boogey”, for both of those movies, I had the option to do those or projects that may have had a larger paycheck attached. Those are never easy decisions to make, the ultimate “take the check or take a project that feels creatively fulfilling?” If faced with that same choice now, I’d do those movies 10 out of 10 times. Neither one broke box office records, but the opportunity to work with such great directors, great scripts, great casts, when those things line up, it can feel very fulfilling career wise, but for movies like this? When all of those things line up AND they become these truly original movies that connect with their audiences? That’s enough to make your soul sing. Without taking risks, you don’t get that soul singing. 

Alright, so let’s move onto what keeps you busy professionally?
Starting out, I was sort of making it up as I went. I sort of fell into my first TV job an d somehow the incredibly patient casting associate (I wish I remembered his full name, but it was Jonah and it was with Pat Moran Casting, Jonah, if you see this, thank you, thank you so much) explained to me how showbiz worked. Looking back on that. I have no idea how he had that sort of patience and kindness, they’re trying to book an entire TV series and here I am, just fell into it, and now have so so many questions to ask. What I’d like to think is I’ve paid that forward. I spend a lot of time online answering messages from all of these great creatives that may be frustrated or maybe just looking to find their own path. I think a part of my career that I’m incredibly proud of, is that although I may have had success playing one sort of type of character, I’ve always tried to push myself towards taking chances. As I write this, I am doing a film playing a not-so-nice character and he really has no redeemable value whatsoever, but in order for the story to work, the character absolutely must be played like this. So I’m uneasy. I currently have scruff on my face, I have to tell this story from a horrific person’s point of view. None of it is comfortable in any sort of way. However, because I do this, this film tells the story of a very painful moment in history in 1918 and it’s important that this story is told, and it’s my job to see that this story gets told, if part of that is taking this risk, where I look different, and sound different, but an audience now knows this story? It’s a risk you have to take. If it’s a success or not, remains to be seen, but I’m proud that I have always allowed myself to take chances with my career like this. In this film world, I’ve found that there are so many different types of creative processes, some of it meshes beautifully, sometimes there may be challenges, but I think the ultimate goal is always the same, and that’s to tell these stories the best way that we can. That same process has gone into many charitable causes that I work with as well, the challenge of trying to get from point A to point B in the best way that we can. With both of these processes there are so many ups and downs, so much joy and so much frustration as well. I think what’s kept me sane on this journey is that sure, there are tough times, sure there’s frustration, but it swings the other way too. Just always remember that in this pendulum of life, so much happiness and joy is just a pendulum swing away. When all is said and done, these are long days, but if you can feel creatively fulfilled, if you can feel like you’ve done something special or even “good” (doing something special isn’t always easy sometimes being comfortable with “doing a good” job or even some days “doing a decent job” has to do), and if I am able to balance that with my family, so they feel like I’m “present” in their lives, if you throw a taco or two into that? I’m pretty sure that isn’t just a long day, but a pretty perfect day as well. If anyone out there sees my work, whether it be on screen or throughout the global community, and enjoys it? Trust me, that’s all I need to keep going and to keep staying positive.

Any places to eat or things to do that you can share with our readers? If they have a friend visiting town, what are some spots they could take them to?
First off, I love traveling, so you’ve come to the right person but I also never want to feel like I’m missing out on anything, so I go pretty hard travel-wise, so if you land in LA and get out of LAX in one piece… (I could give you a week itinerary at LAX alone!) I love the Santa Monica Pier, go get some of that California Sun because there are 49857498749 songs written about it. Go see it, it is worth all 49857498749 songs. (the best one is the “California Sun” version by The Ramones, because it’s done by 4 very pale guys from Queens, New York which is always funny to me) You’ve only got a few days in California, so maybe try and skip the amusement parks for this visit, don’t spend that time waiting in lines, go check out the hills and canyons for fresh air, Runyon Canyon doesn’t have a bad view anywhere, and is one of those spots where any stress or worry that you may have, seem very far away. Get lost a little bit. LA is cool, it’s huge, roam around, get lost, see some stuff, my favorite part is when you stumble upon an old or abandoned home in the hills. Who lived there? What kind of wild hollywood history may have happened there? (I am aware I just told everyone to skip amusement parks and look at abandoned houses, don’t worry I’ll talk about tacos in a few minutes, my friends) Drive south, hope on highway 101 south. Great views, and if you keep driving south? Congratulations, you’ve just hit Orange County. Beach, fun, and fantastic music has come from there. Just in case you have gone the wrong way on Highway 101 and went on 101 North? You’re now in Chinatown, go a little farther, welome to Hollywood! See? Getting lost in LA is kind of fun. Before you road trip and wander… Eat. Whatever you want, calories don’t count in California. California Donuts are a can’t miss, you can have melty sandwiches at Chomp, you can hit an In-N-Out as it is as much a great tourist spot as it is a lunch spot, and also one time I road tripped in Northern California and tried as many taco trucks as I could, that was the best and most delicious idea I’ve ever had. Life is short, eat all of the food you like. Tell all of the taco trucks that Timmy sent ya. (they won’t give you a discount but that’s ok, the taco trucks keeps costs low) After all that food, maybe go walk Runyon Canyon again? Did I do this all out of order? If you feel like this trip isn’t “Hollywood” enough, please take a stroll on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, you’ll enjoy the names you’ll see and reminisce about your favorite TV shows or movies. Please take a selfie next to the Tim Carr star. (Just kidding, maybe don’t look too hard for that one) Enjoy yourself. LA is a city but there’s something to do for everyone.

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AlicesKids.org is this beautiful charity that helps underprivileged children all over. Mike Gibbs is grassroots fundraiser who’s raised thousands upon thousands of dollars for cancer research. Rod Millwood is a Philadelphia comedy legend already, but Rod continues to use his platform to give everyone an opportunity to get their comedy voice heard. Christian comedy, global comedy and even giving children a chance to perform stand up comedy! All of these good folks are out there trying to help make the world a better place.

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