We had the good fortune of connecting with Veera Khare Asher, DMA, CSCS and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Veera Khare, what role has risk played in your life or career?


With every major milestone I’ve achieved, there was a risk I took, just before the reward was realized. Several times in my life, the impetus or inspiration came from something that I cannot explain beyond a deep knowing or a gut feeling. However, each major shift or change I then strategically acted on, led me to achieving milestones and outcomes I would never have predicted. Over the last four decades, I had what I thought were several ‘callings.’ Now in my fifties, I realize they were all part of one big life purpose: to help evolve Human Performance Optimization, injury prevention and early disease intervention (HPOIPeDI) with pioneering science, arts, and technology, delivering unique real-live fun experiences for a Happy Long Life.

I think of risk as a ‘leap of faith’. The key word is FAITH. An example of a true test of faith for me is right now, in taking the risk of sharing my story of how I have gone from Opera Devi to Moonshot Entrepreneur…before I know the outcome!

Risk for me is taking action to do what I can envision is possible, despite people believing it to be impossible. Remaining in stealth mode over the last decade, has had its challenges in terms of public or financial recognition. However, it is the exact reason why my company eventually grew into a moonshot. So now the risk is all or nothing. Or is it? There are so many visionaries that have inspired me from their stories, teachings, and philosophy, that exemplified they too did not measure progress solely from public recognition or financial success, and still had major impact on humanity. Realizing I had something in common with them, solidified my inner confidence. Those that inspired me, themselves had also been inspired and influenced by ancient Vedic knowledge and wisdom: Steve Jobs, during his trip to India and a phenomenal experience with Babaji before he conceived Apple, and his continued commitment through the teachings of Yogananda; Mahatma Gandhi, studying and adopting the lessons of the Bhagavad Gita; Alice Bailey, who shared the teachings of a Tibetan Master on Esoteric Healing; Nikola Tesla, and the influence of Swami Vivekananda and the Upanishads (Vedanta) Philosophy had on his life and inventions. There are so many more in the areas of physiology, philosophy and especially physics.

In short, I think the biggest risk in life is when you do not follow your gut instinct to ‘dig deeper’ into an area that draws your curiosity. You will never know then, if it was meant to be a hobby, or your life’s purpose.

Alright, so let’s move onto what keeps you busy professionally?


My journey over the last 30 years to becoming a Moonshot exponential entrepreneur included cumulative education and professional experience as a scientist, elite opera singer, producer and director of live shows, academic & doctoral researcher, strength and conditioning specialist, aerial-flying and singing performer-coach, university music professor, non-techie founder of a tech company, and now bringing it all together as the pioneer in BrainBodyVoice™ and BrainBodyGlottis™ science and inventions.

My life from 13 years old was compartmentalized into three tracks: becoming a medical doctor, competing in sports, and becoming an accomplished musician. Working at my Dad’s medical office, gave me the value of service; getting introduced to resistance training and the universal gym at 13 with a set schedule and practice, started a life-long routine of building my community and friends at the gym; and becoming a competitive classical singer eventually operatic soprano, gave me the experience of discipline and resilience. I made an unexpected and abrupt shift in my life in the middle of my pre-med university studies to pursue opera performance. It was the first ‘calling’ I remember acknowledging and acting on.

In retrospect, there was a unique value in becoming a professional opera singer, that I would not have learned in my pre-med studies. As a performing artist, I had to learn how to get comfortable in a spectrum of environments, from isolated practice rooms for hours alone, to large performance halls with paying audiences. Having advanced degrees in opera, I was exposed to other subjects. For example, to bring a character to life, I had to delve into the music, poetry, and drama. The poetry in various languages, exposed me to leading poets from different time periods and regions from all over the world. The operatic libretto usually referenced a piece of literature, their characters, and sometimes mystical settings. Some stories from ancient cultures, like the lead soprano roles from the operas Les Pecheurs de Perles and Lakmé, were based in cultures making references to Hinduism (Sanatan Dharma) that related to my own personal background. Studying those roles, planted a seed in me, and my life’s story.

My career as producer of live shows from dinner shows to consulting for $100M productions from Las Vegas to New York City, taught me how to create, execute and scale. Just like in moonshot entrepreneurship first principles thinking, the rules of discovery through improvisation helps level the playing field for anyone to express their ideas. We do not block inspired creative ideas. Instead, we consider them all, identifying the elements of that idea, whether artistic or technical to see what we can use to deliver tangible products for a positive experience. As a producer, creating original productions meant having to consider all the elements of music, lighting, props, costumes, set, the director’s perspective, and artist’s interpretation. Every combination we decide on, even with the same elements, or with the addition of new ones like emerging technologies, would change and evolve over time, since we personally are a different version of ourselves every time we innovate. This process prepared me for complex systems science when considering for building analog, digital and virtual real-world products in the human performance and technology sectors.

There is also a phenomenon about opera that few may consider. For those who attend live opera in the theater, know that over the time of the production, about three hours, you eventually become one with the ‘room’. The outside world falls away, and you enter the magical environment the production team and performers created for you, one that seems to transcend time and space. To date, operatic singing is the only commercial artform that asks for the performer to deliver such powerful acoustic vibrations through their human voice since there is no amplification. Those frequencies and vibrations, along with the orchestral music, impact not only the nervous system of the performer, but can come into sync with aspects of the nervous system of the observer, even if they are some distance away. It is similar to how you would experience a sound bath or a choral group in a church or temple.

For this reason, the performer themselves, must tap into their own level of being centered and grounded, so that they can guide the audience in the flow state of their experience.

I call this a Warrior Flow State because it requires elite levels of physical effort with emotional expression, also demanding a precision and optimized cognitive performance state. This is achieved all while transporting even the performer into what seems an altered state of consciousness (i.e. in the zone) as they are still able to keep a strong connection with the audience and environment. To simplify, the experiences I have as an elite live performer, athlete, and opera singer, is the extraordinary feeling that I want everyone to learn how to have. That is what led to my doctoral interdisciplinary research, starting a company, and the rest is history up until now.

What sets my business apart from others?
My company, KPERFORM™’s cutting-edge BrainBodyVoice™ science and applications range from helping singers to athletes, and US soldiers to fitness enthusiasts reach elevated and elite levels of performance. However, now with new evidence related to our innovative metrics coupled with research published by other scientists in the last two years, we can explain with compelling evidence why our training methods are also relevant in gene expression, and science of aging for longevity research. Despite the challenge of the decision to keep my company in stealth mode for so many years to ensure integrity of my products to life and death thresholds, it has been worth it. Because of a first principles thinking approach to both our research and product development, we have also been able to help individuals with serious issues related to breathing, vocal injury, joint injury, symptoms from neurological disease, mental health, and back or spine related pain.

What do you want the world to know about you and your brand and story?
KPERFORM™ leads the industry with pioneering science for human performance optimization, injury prevention and early disease intervention (HPOIPeDI), because of how we can help people improve target goals and benefits at the intersection of the nervous system and bloodstream without any equipment. The standalone BrainBodyVoice™ programs can, however, also be self-monitored in real-time with sensor-based devices. I am personally interested and excited to apply these training methods for travel in outer space too (i.e. microgravity environments). From grass roots to global, the main product goal, making the benefits of our real-live fun experiences accessible to all, is a social network with gaming challenges called BRAVE KAVER™.

BRAVE KAVER™ will be powered by our KHARE SYSTEMS™ which focuses on data-driven science (i.e. devices) being shaped and optimized by human driven performance (i.e. You). In other words, we give you ways to predictably shape and optimize the data with your actions and behavior, measuring your level of performance in real-time. Our innovations are disrupting by integration, in areas such as neuroscience, sports & strength science and yogic science. These are exciting times with companies and researchers on the cutting edge of Brain Computer Interface (BCI) technology.

Warrior Flow State is a more informed way, with new BrainBodyVoice™ science, to take people to their best and most optimized state of performance through mindset and movement, but now also with the addition of self-healing. My company, KPERFORM™’s business success is based on a mission that supports how a drive for empathy and a drive for financial success are not mutually exclusive. Especially through 2020 to now, we have become a place of introspection and desire for spiritual enlightenment, not necessarily from a religious place, but from what we can learn by drawing from the strength within ourselves. The arts and creative pursuits help us to unlock that power. Up until now, we did not know there was a technology that already existed within us, where could target train and optimize the BrainBodyVoice™ connection in order access, unlock and control a powerful energy. My goal is for everyone to have this ‘magic’ at an affordable cost.

It is not easy to choose a path of the entrepreneur, creator, or inventor, but like I always say, “if you act like a victim, you can’t think like a Hero”. The process of leadership is both an internal and external journey. To come out into the light, one must go through facing the dark side of ego, control, and martyrdom.

Take a beat on the hard days. Give yourself a break and then pay attention to the ‘signs’. There is always a sign if you ask. There is always an action to be taken, but being with self-first, getting into your zone or flow, is the precursor to knowing how to best move forward.

On those days when you, as the founder or inventor, do not know where the next opportunity would present itself, consider one or two options. Firstly, take a pause networking with others and instead, go back to your desk, the lab, or the studio. Work on making the quality of your product better. Secondly, take the quiet time to contemplate. Do not zone out or hang out. Consciously contemplate with mindfulness, meditation, or get into a nap-like state. That is when the ideas and thoughts that need to come into your consciousness have an opportunity to do so. Trusting that process, admittedly is the hardest part of the journey, especially with voices of other people around you giving unsolicited advice.

Ultimately, if you are centered and grounded, YOU will know what is best. So that truth, will always lead you to success. The key after asserting what you know to do, is to then to detach from the outcome. That is the hardest part. That took me an exceptionally long time. Decades in fact.

What helped was when I realized that my ideas in the scientific world were conceived from the same ‘place’ from where I got inspiration for a song, poem, or live theatrical show. So, I just knew that when I tapped into a better version of myself, activating BrainBodyVoice™ in a Warrior Flow State, combining an optimized mindset, movement, and self-healing….I was able to transcend mental, physical, and painful blocks from my past and present to optimize in any setting my best self, leading to more positive experiences and outcomes. And most importantly, knowing I had a way to give my best in any area of performance under pressure.

Any places to eat or things to do that you can share with our readers? If they have a friend visiting town, what are some spots they could take them to?
1. I would take a bike ride on the strand from Marina del Rey to El Porto just before Manhattan Beach. Stop at the Surf Food stand and have the chicken kebab plate, but only after I did some body surfing. 

2. I enjoy Santa Monica for a sunset swim and surf/boogie board – then Cha Cha chicken up the street with a ginger beer.
3. For a more formal yet relaxed experience, evening drinks at the Casa Del Mar lobby, and walk near the pier on Thursday’s summer concert series (back in the day).
4. WNBA Sparks basketball game and then to the top of the Intercontinental hotel for the view and drinks at Spire 73.
5. A weekend visit to the Self-Realization Fellowship on Sunset. Then a drive up the coast to Zuma Beach and the small hike to Point Dume and back to Sunset Cafe for small bites before the drive back.
6. A Concert at the Disney Hall or LA Opera performance at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion and then to The Boardroom (i.e. a speakeasy vibe) for late night snacks, drinks a more music.
7. Chilling out in Marina del Rey on a friend’s boat, and then a walk to Abbott Kinney, Venice and Main Street, Santa Monica for shops, bites and getting together with more friends.

The Shoutout series is all about recognizing that our success and where we are in life is at least somewhat thanks to the efforts, support, mentorship, love and encouragement of others. So is there someone that you want to dedicate your shoutout to?

Thank you to my parents, to my Mother, Kanak Prabha Khare and my (late) Father Umesh Khare from Gorakhpur and Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India, respectively, for emigrating to Prince George, B.C. Canada in the late 1960s. It is where my sisters and I were part of the first generation of our family, born into freedom. The Khare Khandan (family) came from both my mother’s and father’s lineage, from two sides of history, which I why I was able to inherit a wealth of lessons and examples from accomplished musicians, scientists, farmers, educators, homemakers, engineers, business owners, doctors, and activists. Not until my adult years, did I realize how much knowledge and wisdom was passed down from my grandparents (Baba, Dadi, Nana, Nani), all pioneers in their own right, shaped by their ancestors. During 2020-21, with zoom reunions, the dynamic in my family was sparked again, connecting all generations across the globe sharing stories and philosophies on how we next generations may be able to continue the valuable teachings of our KHARE family.

I also want to give a shoutout to my KPERFORM™ team who have been with me over the years, and who I could share my truths and progress with you as my family of extraordinary stars, and strong community. That is the gift I am most grateful for as it reminds me, I am not alone.

A special thank you to the strength and brilliance of Maiya Sykes who nominated me for this article, and for being an essential support while I navigated my role as a woman and person of color in the ever-changing dynamics, starting here at home in Los Angeles.

A final shout out back to Shoutout LA’s Sarah Abrams and team, for their patience in allowing me to submit this article for when I was ready. I am forever grateful.

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