We had the good fortune of connecting with Willow Yeomans and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Willow, how has your perspective on work-life balance evolved over time?
Ahhh yes, the elusive balance of professional, social, emotional and physical well-being question. Is there one activity that can honor it all? Yes, and it took me 15 years to find it. Business swallowed me whole, even as a teenager, I was curious about the enigmatic culture of the “grind.” The power money represented was very attractive, so I entered the world of finance. In the business world (the Red Pill), success is measured by production and bottom lines, in the natural world (Blue Pill), success is infinite, shown through an abundance of serenity, beauty and grace. Most of us in the business world swallowed the pill that shows us that nothing but achievement matters and peace is a luxury for the retired. No release, no balance, disconnected, and foggy I stumbled on two things that have forever changed my life: Quantum Spiritualism and Hiking. With the deepening of my spiritual side and the liberation, only found while adventuring, l discovered True Grit Trekking, or the discovery of a new type of balance. Sometimes all we need to know is where to put the next foot in front of us. Sometimes there can be a raging fury inside of us that thinking about bills, relationships and our position in the world can only fuel. When we feel so detached that means balance is nonexistent and we are not whole, we have fragmented ourselves and only parts of us are healthy or perhaps none at all. Submerging yourself in nature reminds you that you are connected to something bigger and that connection has been there all along. If you persue it, you can tap into yourself, your strength of character, your personal passion, also known as “true grit.” Balance is different for everyone and it is always waxing and waning, it is up to us to learn what our individual needs are and how to meet them. People go to the gym to balance their physical life, church for their spiritual life, bars for their social life, vacation for stress relief, is there one activity to help balance the mind, body and spirit? I have found the answer to be Yes. I previously swallowed the red pill (business mindset) at a young age, I have now also swallowed the blue pill (spiritual mindset), combining self-honored achievement and reverence for the natural world. 

Can you open up a bit about your work and career? We’re big fans and we’d love for our community to learn more about your work.
Think about this philosophical question: Are we human beings having a spiritual experience or are we spiritual beings having a human experience? On a primordial level most of us would admit it seems as though we are souls that just so happened, in this time-space reality, to be humans on planet Earth. I fear-gulped thinking about having to answer the “tell us about yourself” question because I am always contemplating which version am I “allowed” to tell? Spirituality seems so nebulous and then when I tell people I am a Quantum Spiritualist, a look of perplexity crosses their face. It was a long, hard road of reprogramming the brain-washing that life happens to me, to life happens for me. Like so many others, I experienced rejection and abandonment at a young age, in turn, I abandoned myself and my true nature. My earlier careers consisted of an unbalance of work and life, with money and power at the root. Modern day slavery had taken its toll and I longed for deep connection. According to Brene Brown, “Sharing our gifts and talents with the world is the most powerful source of connection with God” (The Gifts of Imperfection). I was now on a relentless mission to learn my purpose. It is easier than most people believe to learn your purpose, think about what gives you the most joy, what makes you feel the best about yourself- that is your purpose. My purpose is to teach, serve, and heal. I accomplish this by providing transformational experiences that beckons people to awaken and see beyond illusory limitations. Our goal is to assist humanity in digging deep and discovering their True Grit. Most things in life numb us and diminish our internal light, you need to learn to walk into the fire and come out of the other side revitalized. True Grit Trekking, the most unique form of adventuring led by a spiritual teacher provides an East meets West approach to spirituality. Teachings include Native American traditions, energy transmutation using Fragment Relief Applied Mechanical Energy (FRAME), the Chinese concepts of vitality flow, Metaphysics, as well as kinesiology. True Grit Trekking was designed to honor the mind-body-spirit connection. As your body overcomes physical obstacles, your mind is present and open. The results, besides burning around 1,000 calories, include internal peace, inspiration, self-exploration, all while your vibration increases. I am also a certified First Responder and Ordained Minister ready for any adventure life gifts us. Our current global situation has limited the number of trekkers we take on adventures, so currently we are doing private 24-hour transformational retreats with 4 people at a time.

Let’s say your best friend was visiting the area and you wanted to show them the best time ever. Where would you take them? Give us a little itinerary – say it was a week long trip, where would you eat, drink, visit, hang out, etc.
When people visit the area and I want to show them a fantastic time, I would tantalize all of their senses, helping them connect more with their inner god or goddess. The first stop on the itinerary would be to head to the beach, a liminal space for a wonderful grounding and cleansing experience. I always love to hike so I would include a seaside cliff hike at the jaw-dropping Torrey Pines Reserve. Next we would head to a sacred site, an inactive volcano in North San Diego. The mystical rock maze and magical lake revitalizes and intrigues. Next we would travel up the coast to Santa Barbara to experience the invigorating hike to the natural blue sulphur pools of the hot springs. Our last stop is one of my most favorite places to camp, Borrego Springs. Desert, as far as the eye can see, brings a sense of peace and also perspective to how we lived prior to the hustle and bustle of city life.

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
It cannot go without being said that my father, Chris Yeomans is the secret behind my success. As a small child, I rarely saw him, he worked tirelessly and felt that his monetary contribution to the family was his best gift to us. As I grew older, his stress grew larger. Riddled with ulcers and combative nature, I rarely tried to connect with him. Many years ago when my mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer it affected him greatly, I saw an intense shift in his persona. He dove head first into holistic medicine, energy work and the metaphysical, looking for answers to save her. The answers to her salvation were never found, however he undoubtedly saved himself. To go from stress to peace (he healed his ulcers as well) despite external conditions was so impressive that I also took a leap of faith and jumped into the quantum realm discovering my true purpose on this planet. His faith, fueled my faith and inspired my spiritual journey, thank you dad for then and now.

Website: www.truegrittrekking.com
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