We had the good fortune of connecting with Melissa Kim Corter and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Melissa Kim, what role has risk played in your life or career?
Risk-taking is a part of my everyday life as an entrepreneur. Risk is weaved into my decisions, as well as where I allocate my time and energy and how I spend it. Sometimes it is a financial decision, yet the majority of the time it is about focus, dedication, and remembering why I do what I do. When you have a mission, a deep sense of purpose in what you are crafting with your life and business, risk-taking becomes a necessary ingredient for innovation, success, and reward. Every great decision I have made or been forced to make through life circumstances involved a risk. The largest risk for me has been continuing to enter into the unknown in complete trust that my “why” will powerfully draw to me the resources, people, and ideas I will need to move forward and turn the risk into the reward. When I was 22 I left the comfort of a state I was familiar with, and dropped it all to move across the country without a job or opportunity waiting for me, eight months pregnant and newly married it was a huge risk. It was a pivotal moment of trust that I am forever grateful for today. Everything worked out better than I could have imagined in my own mind. I find this is often the outcome when we take risks that feel inspired, grounded in our faith, and backed by our willingness to step outside of a comfort zone. Once you do this, you will forever be changed and view opportunities and choices differently.

Can you give our readers an introduction to your business? Maybe you can share a bit about what you do and what sets you apart from others?
I am an author, mentor, and speaker with a mission to help others prosper. I teach and share tools and techniques to help my clients and students uncover the hidden blocks sabotaging their bank accounts and success. Together we navigate the subconscious through a process I have developed based on the four stages of prosperity. Once we uncover the limiting beliefs, we rewire the brain and body to receive larger sums of money and confidence. The end goal is not to have lots of people walking around with massive checking and savings accounts, it is to help them stabilize their income and retrieve the power they have given away to money so they can infuse more purpose and charity out into the world. The more we have and allow ourselves to receive, the more we can focus on philanthropy and giving to those in need, building businesses that bring dreams to life and serves the highest good of people. When we have food on our own tables we can share, when we put on the metaphorical life vest we can jump in to help others. My business helps people discover hidden agendas (the part of them that is blocking or sabotaging success), gives them the tools to stop that process and create a new pattern. Stepping into a new financial paradigm and life of service permitting them to thrive without having to work harder. I have made and lost large sums of money, the rollercoaster was frightening and I wanted to understand why I kept ending up in the same situation year after year. Helping countless people yet barely getting by, it didn’t make sense…and that was because it wasn’t logical, it was purely based on conditioning from childhood influences and my own unconscious behaviors and patterns. This was frightening to discover yet absolutely incredible and liberating at the same time. It shifted everything for me and my business, my income just about tripled doing the work using my process on myself. I went from making around 45,000 in my business to 135,000 applying the work and deciding to show up for myself and change my relationship to money and power. Money is nothing more than a “mirror” for hidden beliefs, conditioning, and old paradigms that no longer serve us. Money itself is neutral, and we can learn from the ways we project our fears and hopes onto it, that is what I love working on with my clients the most! My mission is for others to discover their power and fearlessly share it with the world. When I stopped hiding my light and fearing what others would think about me teaching about “money” I got out of my own way and helped countless people. I was able to be seen, becoming more visible to those who needed what I had to offer when I stopped playing small and broke through my financial glass ceiling.

Any great local spots you’d like to shoutout?
I would take them to the Pumphouse in Sedona for breakfast while we sat on the patio discussing their desires and dreams. From here, we would go to the Amitabha Stupa, a beautiful spiritual destination and a place for meditation and connecting with the land. This is so important, to go out into nature, it is part of my prosperity program because we sometimes get in our heads and lose our way, nature can bring us home to ourselves. After visiting the stupa we would go to Oak Creek Canyon for lunch at Indian Gardens while discussing our experience at the Stupa…sitting in the sun, sipping a latte and listening to the birds while nestles in between the beautiful sycamore trees. If we were up for a hike, I’d go to seven sacred pools and walk the red rocks and hang out on the land soaking in more sun and wisdom from the Earth. After that, a lovely drive along Upper Red Rock Loop Rd to witness the glory of Cathedral Rock, pulling over to take it all in and feel the powerful beauty and sacredness of Sedona while sitting near the juniper trees meditating and journaling. I have so many messages come through in the stillness I allow myself to experience there. I would then end the night with a drive to an open space, to take in the beauty of the night sky, Sedona has a light ordinance and allows the sky to come alive without the light pollution. I’d sit there for an hour or so meditating, giving gratitude for the land before calling it a night.

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
There are so many people and resources I have discovered along the way. One of the most incredible and inspirational influences in my life has been the teachings of Abraham Hicks (Jerry and Esther Hicks). As I learned about these teachings, I discovered my ability to heal, manifest, and truly begin designing my life instead of being dragged along by it. The books awakened a knowing in me, resonating and invoking purpose and trust in the unknown. This unknown became a spiritual connection instead of a frightening imaginary monster lurking with destruction and tragedy. I was able to find the trusting still part of me, my higher self, my inner muse with their teachings. The more work I did with vibrational alignment, miracles unfolded and things kept getting better and better. I based my morning ritual and spiritual practices upon many of their teachings to start my day creating whereas in the past I was in reaction mode before having my first cup of coffee in the morning. The way Abraham shares, allows for reflection and insight into behaviors and energy. It taught me to become conscious of my words and actions, being more mindful of how I spoke about my life and my desires. Everything changed in my life learning the fundamental pieces of the law of attraction, and taking personal responsibility for my life.

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