Never give up. It’s advice that is thrown around daily – but is it always right? We asked some folks we admire about their thoughts around how to know when to give up and when to keep trying.

MUDA Maritza Navarro & Danielle Yasuda | Choreography Duo

This is something we revisit often. We keep going because it’s a personality thing, we are similar in that other people with different personalities can do other things, where the job or career doesn’t have to be meaningful and they can go home and put it away and enjoy their life outside of work. Others, like us, hate their life unless they’re doing something meaningful and important to them. The ability to compartmentalize work and personal life isn’t as strong for us, so we have to make sure what we’re creating for work is fulfilling. That and we just don’t know how else to be. It’s when that drive stops perhaps? When the necessity to create in order to survive, versus reaching a goal, stops, that would be the indicator to give up. We both hope that’s never the case. Something would always feel like it’s missing if we gave up. Read more>>

Bruce Craven | Educator & Writer

My first perspective is from the point-of-view of being a teacher, consultant and speaker. I’ve learned that once I meet my students — whether they are senior-level leaders in organizations, on-the-rise MBA students or executive level MBA students — my energy will be sparked by the chance to offer them useful insights and bring my enthusiasm and experience to help them pursue their dreams. This sparking, catalyzing energy I feel will happen in a month-long leadership program, and it will happen in a 3-hour on-line leadership talk. Regardless of their age, when my audience is curious and hungry to achieve what matters to them…their aspirations will be my fuel. My second professional example is in writing, and then it gets tougher. My instinct is to never give up, but sometimes on a writing project, such as a novel, a film script or a non-fiction book, the sound of doors slamming is followed by the sound of complete emptiness. Read more>>

Ashley Daily | CEO & Artist Manager

If someone ever develops a magic ball that answers this question, give them my number lol. In all seriousness, when I come up against an impossible task, I imagine and enact new ways to crack the problem. If nothing works, the answer is a shift in my perspective about the situation, not to keep trying things that aren’t working. To start a business, you must believe in yourself and the business’s mission more than anyone else. The answer will never be “give up”. Either you experience success, or you learn a new lesson, but neither is failure. Never give up on something you believe in. If you’re asking “should I give up?” you’re asking the wrong question. Ask instead, “Why did I start? Am I accomplishing what I set out to start?” and based on that answer, make your next move. Never quit, never give up. Always be open-minded to new solutions and new pivots. Read more>>

Elizabeth Morais Campora | Chef

I believe everyday we learn something new in life, leaning motivates me to keep going. Sometimes you have to give up if it is affecting your self or people you love. I am very lucky, I have my husband Gio Campora and my two kids Julia and Gabriele motivating me everyday to keep going. I am truly blessed. Read more>>

Ted Cutting | Restaurant Group Owner

I chose this question because in our current state of affairs its very relevant to all of us. I see so many of our fellow restaurant owners closing their doors and in some cases throwing in the towel too soon. I wanted to help inspire anyone who is in this frame of mind to reconsider this basic fundamental that has worked for me my entire career. “There are nail biters and there are doers.” Anyone who works in my company is a doer! I don’t allow anyone top say these terms: Think, Hope, Assume, Try, or Maybe. (THATM) There is no way to make a positive sentence out of these words. Doers find a way, they find a solution, they are seekers. Nail biters wait for the outcome, they don’t know what to do, and ultimately blame the failure on others. Doers DON’T GIVE UP they will always keep going. If you are a nail biter and read this without changing your outlook then its time to give up. Read more>>