We had the good fortune of connecting with Nicole Spruill and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Nicole, what is the most important factor behind your success?
There are several factors that go into the success of the brand, Nik Spruill. Starting a high-end, luxury fashion brand means that the product itself has to be of high quality. High quality fabrics, materials, unique, cutting edge designs and workmanship all need to be exceptional. To make sure that it gets into the hands of our target market, the branding itself is strong with clear, solid communication in marketing and sales strategy. This comes from the creative direction displayed in our photography, social media presence, packaging and lifestyle choice the brand represents. Our Instagram account @nikspruillbrand has received several accolades for its creativity, brand inspiration and aesthetic. We want people to feel a sense of the value our designs offer and the affordable price point in our ready-to-wear and haute couture collections allow everyone that advantage and add to the success of the brand.

Tell us more about the brand and what makes it unique.
Nik Spruill is a Womenswear brand specializing in ready-to-wear and haute couture garments. Started in 2018 and dedicated to the strong, confident, powerful female that is not afraid to stand out. Our designs include funky patterns, bold colors, intricate detailing, exotic and 3D laser cut materials that all add to the uniqueness of the brand. We pride ourselves in giving you exceptional quality pieces that are unique, distinctive, and fashionable, each making it’s own statement. The Ready-To-Wear Collection Captures on- trend fashion with incredible quality craftsmanship at affordable prices. A stylish look that can travel from day to night. Edgy cutouts, leopard prints, metallics, fringe rompers, jumpsuits all make up this incredible collection. Haute Couture Collection takes innovation to great heights! High- end custom pieces with a unique, bold, contemporary design. Metallics, vibrant hues, distinctive patterns and embellishments add to it’s distinctive style and flair. Organza, three dimensional laser cuts, clear vinyl, and neoprene scuba fabric take it over the top! Fashion forward jackets, edgy tops, skirts and shorts, make up this powerful couture collection.

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
Books: The Power of Now – Eckhart Tolle A New Earth – Eckhart Tolle An invitation to Freedom – Mooji Becoming Nobody – Ram Dass Behold a Pale Horse – William Cooper

Website: www.nikspruill.com
Instagram: www.instagram.com/nikspruillbrand
Twitter: www.twitter.com/nikspruillbrand
Facebook: www.facebook.com/nikspruillbrand

Image Credits
Photography, creative direction/ makeup & hair: Nicole Spruill Professional model: Nicole Spruill