Most of the media often paints all businesses with a single stroke, but in our experience businesses are each unique and so many of them are focused on making the world a better place. We’ve highlighted a few such gems below.

Kristal Leon | Blog Creator

A big part of my blog is writing children’s book reviews. From an early age, I noticed that my daughter loved reading books. When I was introduced to a couple of Indie Children’s Book Authors, I immediately fell in love with writing about their children’s books and sharing the messages their books had. My passion for sharing the wonderful messages of these books became so popular on my blog that by the end of my first year of blogging, I had over $1000 worth of children’s books. So, I donated all of the books to Book First Chicago, a nonprofit organization that collects books to help create libraries in low-income Chicago Public Schools. And that was the beginning of that. Currently, we have another $1000 worth of books ready to be donated, and we are still collecting more. I hope to donate at least $1500 worth of books this year. Read more>>

Betsy Enzensberger | Sculptress

When I began sculpting colorful, sparkly popsicle sculptures years ago, I did it because it made me happy. After a few small art shows, I found that these tiny sculptures were creating big smiles. I thought to myself, “If I make bigger sculptures, will I make more people happy?” Now, I sculpt work from 5” tall to 6 feet tall. The drive that keeps me going is knowing that I can bring people little bits of joy with something I made. We all need a little joy right now. Read more>>

Holiday State | Country/Pop Brother Trio

Well, being in a band and all…we think the world needs an escape. They need that live entertainment, they need to be able to let go of their burdens and enjoy the moment. Whether that be a 3 minute song or an hour concert, we all need that escape to a better, happier place. Especially during this pandemic, a lot of people are struggling with no entertainment, nothing to really look forward to, and that’s sad. We love being responsible for people’s entertainment. It’s our job to go out there every show and give it our all. That’s why we chose the name Holiday State, we want to take people away from their daily concerns or worries and stress, and put them in a holiday state of mind when they listen to our music or see a live show. We want to see them having fun with their family and friends and significant others. Read more>>

Jaime Morales | Musician & Co-owner

From day one, our goal at Planet Mischief has been to be a beacon of light in the music industry. Specifically for up and coming musicians. Not just young musicians but more experienced musicians that have fallen for the stereotypes that shine a bad light on us all as a whole as well. Outside the classical music side of the industry, musicians aren’t held in high regard. To us, this is not acceptable. We understand that the whole “beacon of light” thing comes across as pretentious but we feel that this is something that is needed. We hold ourselves to very high standards at Planet Mischief and we expect that those we work with meet those same standards. Leading by example is key. How often do we hear about the rock star that dies because of substance abuse? Far too often in our opinion. Read more>>

Chrissy Thompson | Founder & Senior Event Producer

We plan events that drive business. Our clients have serious business objectives for the events that we produce – lead generation, deal acceleration, customer retention, etc. But in order to achieve those goals, they need create real value to their attendees. So in creating these experiences we are able to help attendees learn, grow, and expand their professional networks. It sounds nerdy, but it truly makes my heart sing to stand in the corner of the room at an event I have planned (or these days, on the other side of a virtual event platform!) and witness all the connections being made, knowing that this might be the inflection point of someone’s career. It might be that they find the solution to a business problem that once successfully implemented, gets them a promotion. Read more>>

Dete Meserve | Film and TV Producer, Bestselling Author & CEO

“What is the core message?” This is the question I ask about every film or TV series I develop and produce. It’s the question I’m constantly asking myself when I embark on writing a new novel or non-fiction book. Whatever the work is, it can’t only make good business sense, it has to have a compelling take on an idea that resonates with me and, I hope, a wide audience. In my Kate Bradley book series (Good Sam, Perfectly Good Crime, The Good Stranger) and the subsequent Netflix film of Good Sam, the focus was seeking out and illuminating the ways helping others can transform the world and ourselves. One of my series focuses on inspiring an interest in earth science and astronomy in early learners. Another empowers imagination. Another looks at nature as a way to better understand ourselves. Every project must have something to important say and the potential to engage hearts and minds in ideas to make the world a better place. Read more>>

Lynda Nguyen | Executive Coach, Leadership Trainer, Founder & Speaker

As a small business owner, I have collaborators, assistants and contractors that support me on my projects and the required technical tasks. On the daily, it’s all me, putting in the hours to create a foundation for the larger message, brand, and most importantly, compassionate service that the community/world needs. First and foremost, this means: Focusing on my own personal development, alignment and mental health. As leaders, educators, professional coaches and trainers, our own self care and mental health must be our priority (put on your own masks first, before attempting to help others). The clarity, integrity and connection that comes from self awareness and boundary setting, allows for balanced, steady and authentic leadership. This first step is how we help each other and the world at large… Read more>>

Sarah Farzam | Founder & CEO

Bilingual Birdies is a bilingual education program where we teach Spanish, French, Mandarin, and English to young children through music, movement, and puppetry. We train and certify bilingual educators who want to share their language and culture with kids by teaching online and earn money from home. Bilingual Birdies is so much more than just language classes for little ones. The real intention behind this work is to encourage cross-cultural awareness in our youngest learners so that they can grow up to be even more open-minded adults. Right now we’re living in unprecedented times where there are millions of children at home with parents struggling to homeschool them. Likewise, millions of people have lost their jobs, many of which are bilingual. Read more>>

Cheryl Meyer | Health Coach, Internationally Best Selling Author, Speaker & Podcaster

I am a health coach, best selling internationally best selling author, speaker and podcaster and an expert on toxins in our lives that are making us ill. I have 2 main books, It Feels Good to Feel Good, Learn to Eliminate Toxins, Reduce Inflammation and Feel Great again, about the hundreds of toxins I eliminated from my own life when I got autoimmune disease in order to return to a pain free body. My second book, Feeling Good Living Low Toxin in Community and Everyday Life, is about how I now still have a social life but do not eat the American Standard Diet. I coach and speak to people with chronic illnesses to bring them hope and inspire them to adopt healthy habits and I write and speak and do my podcasts to bring them hope that if they own their own health, they can return to relative wellness. Read more>>

Jason Steinberg | Founder & Director of International Sports and Music Project

We use sports and music to improve the lives of children in vulnerable communities. By creating opportunities for kids to explore their passion for sports and/or music, we can foster moments of joy and a chance to build a positive self-image, amongst many other benefits. Read more>>