Most of the media often paints all businesses with a single stroke, but in our experience businesses are each unique and so many of them are focused on making the world a better place. We’ve highlighted a few such gems below.

Shaney Watters | Mixed Media Painter

Making art creates an opportunity to express strongly held beliefs and for me, that means sharing my love of and the necessary care and conservation of the animal kingdom. I genuinely aspire to paintings that are bright, filled with color & pizzazz, and make people stop to smile. But perhaps even more important is that they stimulate interest in the amazing creatures we share the planet with. And believe that in some small way my paintings do increase thoughtfulness about animals. In my free time, I am lucky to volunteer as a docent at the Los Angeles Zoo and through that process have learned so many great bio-facts, from different diets to mating/parenting habits and from species’ survival adaptations to population numbers remaining. I have also become so much more aware of the important work being done to strengthen, and in some cases bring back different species and subspecies from extinction. Read more>>

Delco Spider-Man | Charity Character

I immediately gauge the imagination. Whether you’re the most serious of business people or a child, when you see Spidey walking around you wonder at first – what…? Then you wonder how Spidey got here and who is in the suit. The “Peter Pan” effect as they say. I will take you away from the seriousness of life, and watch an adult regress to a child like that. Read more>>

Christian Black | Post Graduate, Producer and Graphic Designer

I help produce an independent social justice called “Our Small Majority”. OSM is a unique show featuring a collection of interviews, sketches, and creative retellings on social inequality around the globe. The unique stories we have on the show provide a space for restorative justice to flourish and highlights the work being done today for underrepresented populations during this critical time of civil unrest. Read more>>

Mai Lam | Co-Founder of Oh, Mai Joy! Nail Art Studio and Also Joy Jalapit, Co-Founder of OMJ! Nail Art Studio

Covid has helped us solidify our belief in the importance of self care and grooming. Being able to clean yourself up while spending an intimate and regularly schedule time with your client or service provider is arguably therapeutic, on top of helping you look and feel polished. It is a necessary element to fundamentally feeling good when you take care of your body in those small ways, which in turn helps the community at a whole feel healthier. Read more>>

Ron Starbuck | Publisher – CEO – Executive Editor of Saint Julian Press, Inc.

Saint Julian Press as a literary and educational organization embraces a vision to create a local and worldwide community. Our desire is to engage in an artistic and diverse dialogue that promotes world peace, multicultural conversations, enlightened minds, compassion, and an interfaith awareness, appreciation, and acceptance. In our mission as a new creative imprint, we aspire to identify, encourage, nurture, and share transformative literature and art of both past and living masters. While giving emerging artists, poets, and writers a place they may come home to and share their work; celebrating the lasting mystery within creation that calls humanity into an enduring relationship with one another. Read more>>

Hillary Gadsby | Cofounder and CEO Boss Talks Network

Our mission is to increase the economic footprint of women globally. Less than 18% of women entrepreneurs make six-figures in revenue in their business and even more harrowing is that only 2% get to seven-figures in revenue. Boss Talks is here to change that by building communities of women in cities across the globe. We currently have communities in Los Angeles, Austin, Dallas, NYC, Miami, Chicago, Boston, Seattle, Toronto and Vancouver-Whistler in Canada. We not only offer communities, we connect women to opportunity, mentors and business and social connections. Women know what women need and we don’t have to. Read more>>

Vanessa Duran | Small Business Accounting & Financial Advisor

Small businesses truly form the fabric of our local communities. Our local shopping districts help preserve our communities’ sense of identity and uniqueness. My goal with DCC Accounting & Business Consulting is to bring access to financial services that are more common in the corporate world. This ensures small business owners are empowered with the financial savviness to help their local business thrive, while maintaining our neighborhood charm. One of my cornerstone personal beliefs is that entrepreneurship is one of the main drivers for wealth creation. Entrepreneurship at all levels allows individuals to rise above what is and create something new. From family businesses who sustain entire families and use their business derived income to send their kids to college to unicorn startups creating thousands of new jobs every year. Our integrated suite of services is designed to empower business owners to make decisions and help them drive growth and to avoid costly mistakes that, in many situations, can mean a business might have to shut down. Read more>>

Jennifer Rosson | Wardrobe Stylist

We actually just started a new social impact project that I am VERY excited about! I am working with women in recovery from mental illness and addiction. We are donating clothing and time to teach these women some fun basic styling tips & how to dress for interviews and work environments! I am also working with a few other lovely local women-owned businesses that are donating beauty services to these women. If anyone reading this wants to get involved or knows of a facility that may be interested in these services in the So Cal area please reach out. Read more>>

Lynette Charters | Fine Artist.

Women from a young age are encouraged to succeed and at the same time, take on a supportive role. They juggle multiple responsibilities while being pressured to look picture-perfect. Women often do not get the compensation and recognition they deserve. Our accomplishments are frequently uncompensated, appropriated, unrecorded and rarely applauded outside the realm of domesticity. My art is dedicated to showing in a non-aggressive manner how women are presented but not represented in art, society, and history. I’m very excited that the series is creating so much interest and speaks to a broad spectrum of folk. I’m especially happy when parents bring their kids to my shows. If I can arm girls or women with the courage to speak up, or anyone at all with the will to look further than the accepted perspective, then I have succeeded. My series stands in support of any section of society who is underrepresented, less acknowledged or less compensated. Read more>>

Breigh Jones-Coplin | Floral Artist & Creative

Historically, Black women in America have been tasked with ensuring the survival of themselves and their families. We are the caretakers + nurturers of the world. The downside of that is that we are so focused on survival and pour so much into others that we leave nothing for ourselves. We often don’t have the luxury of “self-care” or learning or growing or thriving because every piece of energy we have goes into surviving. So, I don’t take the ability to create lightly. For me + for all of the Black women in the world, I want so deeply for us to be able to pour into ourselves— to give ourselves all of the things that we give others: the love, the care, the nurturance, the time— all of it. I keep saying, Black+Blossomed is a movement. Black floristry within itself is a movement of going from survival mode to really giving ourselves the space to be who we truly are capable of being. I think the biggest social impact that I hope Black + Blossomed accomplishes is representation and permission. Representation in the sense that Black humans need to see other Black humans creating– creating art, creating beauty, creating change. Read more>>

Khirsty Randles | Educator & Mother

I created my monthly podcast with one intention: to create conversations that will serve listeners as a foundation for self-reflection. It’s true, my podcast is geared towards those who work within the field of education. However, considering that school is an institution that nearly all Americans partake in, I believe that the conversations can extend beyond teachers and administrators. I imagine that students, parents, and community members can tune into the conversations sparked by my podcasts. With a wide range of community members thinking and talking about school operations, we can create educational reform. The reform, I imagine, will benefit all students as well as level out the playing field for Black and brown students. For example, in the episode titled “My Vision Statement,” I discuss why I believe that honoring humanity within the classroom can foster better learners. In my episodes related to Ethnic Studies, I dive into how such courses not only affirm Black and brown students, but also create empathy and understanding between, amongst, and across cultures. Read more>>