We asked some of the best parents we know to tell us about the most important thing they’ve done as parents and have shared their wisdom below.

Stevie Cruz | Newborn, Child and Family Photographer

I take the time to show my kids the value of working hard and achieving goals. My success has been achieved by hard work. Read more>>

Dion Lack | Filmmaker, Comedian, Writer & Author

I remind my children every day to love each other as they love themselves. And they know that their parents love them to death. About 6 years ago around Christmas, I “cautiously” explained to my daughters that their childhood memories were more important than perishable gifts. So with that idea, I convinced my family to use our Christmas money to travel more around the holidays. And instead of sending out Christmas cards, I thought it would be even better if we created a Family Christmas Rap which would give a rundown of every highlight that has happened to us that year. Read more>>

Kayla Oats Eden | Executive Director, Youth leader & Chef

I am the mother of 2 beautiful intelligent kids, ages 2 and 1 I have a daughter & son. I believe the most import thing I have done as a parent is teach them that no matter how far the stars are always reach for them. I have been teaching them both about education, what justice look like, and how to always remember communities interest before self. I decided to further my education because my daughter and I was talking while I cooked dinner and she said, “Mommy, let’s both go to school” so I took some time to think on her outburst and decided to go and become a chef. Which she knew mommy has been an awesome cook but I wanted to prove to her being a black girl “Chef” in this world is a beautiful thing as well and always fix your crown never let it tilt. Read more>>

Bree & Jason Goldwater | Owners

Hopefully we’ve taught our kids (Silver & Hudson) the importance of living a passionate, authentic, loving life. Bree and I are wanderlusts, we have been since the day we met in 1995. Without question, we were born this way. It is without question what attracted us to one another in the beginning and keeps us so. Before Bree was 20, she drove a motorcycle around the country with some guy named Jeff, studied at The Fashion Institute in NYC, and was one of two girls who worked on a Japanese fishing processor off the coast of Alaska. I packed up my Ford Bronco up at 19, after seeing the movie A River Runs Through It, and drove around the country for three years living on people’s floors and working odd jobs; ultimately selling my net worth to buy an Amtrak ticket bound for Miami from Las Vegas to attend one semester (that’s all I could afford) at an Advertising School in Miami that I’d read about in the classified section of a Communication Arts magazine. Read more>>

Anthony Williams Rare | CEO

I am a parent of two teenage girls, and I cannot answer for them. Still, I believe the most impact I may have is demonstrating a strong, supportive & loving relationship with their mother, and secondary is good work ethics. Read more>>

Bryan Kest | Yoga Instructor

Allowing my children to develop organically. For example, not indoctrinating them with ideas or philosophies. How to eat right What religion is right What grades they should get What sports or activities are right I don’t even tell them “no” unless their safety is in jeopardy Basically not laying my shit on them. Empowering them to come to their own conclusions etc… Also, giving love and both physical and verbal affection at every opportunity. Building their confidence by allowing them to see they are worthy of LOVE. Read more>>

Keeper Carann-Whitney | Author, Speaker & Kick-Activist

Growing up in the inner city in a family of eight children, six of us eight were molested as children, my older brother and I by our babysitter and my four sisters by old stepfather, it was essential I share my story. It took me forty years to come to grips with my failing for my sisters, knowing I almost murdered my stepfather and the years it took for me to confront him and bring closure for my sisters finally. The lessons for my children and all victims, no matter your age, it is never too late to speak and speak about child sexual abuse, especially if you are the victim. It is never too late to claim your power. There is no mechanism in place for our suffering for me and all men, no one for us to talk to, no one to help us with our burden, especially when we learn about our sister being molested. Read more>>

Kelly Sullivan | Business Owner

As a middle child growing up I was given a lot of freedom- probably by default, but mostly because my parents recognized it’s where I flourished, but life was also a lot different in the 70s! They also emphasized good character, creativity and common sense…traits I value more than ever. Frankly, I wanted this for my kids. So the most important thing I’ve done as a parent is to provide the same freedom I received growing up. I don’t believe in perfection or micromanagement- I believe in authenticity so making mistakes to me is the way to learn- it’s a good thing… it develops emotional intelligence and empathy. Read more>>