The Coronavirus has given many us an opportunity to pause and think about life, our purpose, and even the right work life balance. What’s your perspective and has it changed over time?

Lauren Crew | Photographer & Director

In the beginning of my career, my work life balance was quite the balancing act. Back then, I hustled for my career. Now, I hustle for my health and let that set the tone for all the moves I make both professionally and personally. Read more>> 

Jeffrey Martin | Photographer & Musician

There’s a satirical version of the saying “do something you love and you’ll never work a day” that goes “do something you love and you’ll work every day.” I’m the kind of person that always has multiple irons in the fire, seeing what sticks. Right now my work/life balance is leaning very much on the side of work, but I’m constantly re-evaluating and making sure to prioritize gigs and jobs that make me happy. So even if I’m working a lot, they are projects that engage my mind and bring joy into my life. Read more>>

Carrie Morgan | Director of Photography

For a long time, I used to prioritize work over everything. I’ve always been driven to keep busy, trying to utilize every moment of the day for maximum productivity. When I decided to pursue a career in the film industry, I let that drive become the sole focus of my day to day, often to the detriment of my life outside of work. I never wanted to miss an opportunity, and to this day, I have a hard time saying “no” to job offers, regardless of how busy I already am; however, I’ve come to realize that there are other aspects of life that are just as important to me as work. Read more>>

Sarah Sherr | Lifestyle and Editorial Photographer

The more I develop my brand the more I question the idea of ‘work’ and ‘life’ having separateness. This could certainly be the case for a 9-5 but I don’t think it necessarily applies to artists. Our work is our life and how we live our lives. Personally I don’t want there to be a separation of my work and my life because what I do for work gets me up in the morning and gives me more energy than it takes away. That being said, balance very well may be a skill worth mastering. Having balance in all areas of life is paramount to a happy and healthy person in my opinion. If I feel like I’m spending too much time on my laptop working and not enough time outside in the sun I’ll do my best to shift my workflow so that I can get what I need. The way I balance my workflow and all other areas of my life has definitely improved with time. I’ve gained discipline and I’m better at prioritizing and delegating. Read more>>

Casey Sabol | Artist / Producer / Writer / Mixer

I find that having experiences outside of music is what keeps me inspired to create music. My life experiences, aspirations, intellectual revelations, and curiosities are what give birth to my desire to express myself through art. Having this knowledge of myself gives me the incredible advantage of avoiding the proverbial “writer’s block”, because I never seek artistic inspiration for its own sake. When I decide that an idea is important enough to be entertained within the realm of art, I’m lucky enough to have had experiences I can use as the vehicle for that idea. My perspective as an artist is that there needn’t be a dichotomy between work and life, but rather a symbiosis…so the more wisdom I gain over time, the more I try to respect that. Read more>>

Siobhan Scully | Esthetician

I first became an Esthetician a little over nine years ago. During this last almost decade, my idea of what a healthy work life balance looks like has morphed and changed greatly. When my career began I had just given birth to my daughter, Sophie. I was living in New York City, building the beginning of my career and simultaneously raising an infant. At that time being with my young daughter as much as I could was the most important thing to me. So, over those first few years I decided to work in a studio part-time and use my time at home to begin building an organic skin care line. I sold my skin and body care at various markets in Brooklyn, places where I could bring Sophie along. As Sophie got older I ended my home business and began to work as an Esthetician in a studio full-time. I was really happy working as much as I could and doing all the different types of services. Read more>>