The Coronavirus has given many us an opportunity to pause and think about life, our purpose, and even the right work life balance. What’s your perspective and has it changed over time?

Stacy Johnson | Fashion Designer

When I first started my business, Stacia, twenty years ago, there was very little work life balance. I lived and breathed my fashion business 24/7 trying to get it off the ground. Every February I would travel from NYC to Hawaii to recharge my batteries for 2 weeks. After 6 years running my own boutique and factory, I was definitely burnt out from working so much and just had a baby, both of which triggered my husband and I to drop everything and move to sunny California for a beach lifestyle. I basically had to start my business over once I got here, but being able to spend time out on the water surfing, I was able to clear my head and change my business plan pretty quickly. For ten years I shifted my focus from retail to wholesale and ran a successful knitwear business selling to over 300 stores nationwide. Read more>>

Katrina Centeno-Nguyen | Calligrapher, Artist, Influencer & Entrepreneur

Upon starting Calligraphy Katrina 13 years ago, I was attending college, in my 20s and learning the business. Being an artist and business owner means that every decision is made to improve the structure and reputation of the company, continuing to educate oneself to further gain knowledge, understanding that we have to keep evolving while staying true to the artistry. all while keeping the mind and soul at top shape. From the beginning, I have tried to keep a discipline of checking my schedule multiple times starting the moment I wake up to seconds before I sleep so I can plan ahead. I believe in efficiency, for the least time to be wasted, be as productive as possible, and to always do the work at the best of your ability. For me, the only way to keep a balanced life is to ensure that ALL work has been finished for everyone’s peace of mind. Read more>>

Erin Beck | Founder & CEO

I started Wana Family Network with the slogan that, “It’s okay to have everything!” because I deeply believe that we can make choices that allow for an active career, flourishing relationships, and happy, healthy kids all at the same time. For Wana, that starts with giving and receiving within your community, because when we allow ourselves healthy co-dependencies on those around us, we all gain the shared resources not just to survive, but to thrive. (We work to this in a few ways, like Wana’s Millennial Fam podcast and the Komae “free babysitting” cooperative childcare app.) How do I make that work for me at home? I founded my own business so I could be mobile, remote, and on my own schedule, so I could be where I wanted to be, when I wanted to be there, with the people that matter most. Read more>>

Natalie “Kitty” Merola | Content Creator, Digital Editor & Multimedia Producer

Creativity and artistry is often met with our own complex struggles. It’s worth it to find out what makes you tick and how to make the best of the good, the challenges, and beyond. How do we wrangle in our bursts of creative genius and instill time management, while taking care of ourselves, loved ones, and the tasks at hand? And if you have a pet, kid, or spouse in the mix, there are more things to balance? Oh, and add in your additional side hustles and a 9-5 gig to pay the bills? Yes, it can feel like the weight of the world, but over time, I learned to unload my plate and place important boundaries to ensure my soul felt nourished. Because if you don’t feel 100%, everyone else will feel it, too. And you’re awesome, so protect that magic at all costs! Read more>>

Nick Kruse | Owner

In America we’re taught to hustle and grind 24/7. You can “make it” with this formula but I’d much rather prefer a slow burn. Especially in cities like New York or Los Angeles work is non-stop and that leads to burn out. Over time I’ve changed my stance to working 24/7 to finding an equilibrium with my family and team. Balance is a highly personal term to people so finding your own recipe is critical to sanity. Personally, I play tennis 3-4 times a week, trail run weekly and meditate to keep my equilibrium. Instead of working to live, I live to work. Read more>>

Matt Orlove | CEO & Founder

Having three children under the age of six, it’s important to me that I’m always present in their lives. Especially for someone who is constantly working, I’ve had to adjust my priorities over the years. Work time is extremely precious, so it’s critical to work smart and be productive during that window. In order to be that best version of myself, I’ve had to improve my sleep, diet, and daily exercise routine. That change alone has had such a positive effect on both my business and family life. The beauty of implementing these healthy practices into my life, is that I no longer have to think about the balance…I just live it! Read more>>

Gloria Yang | Beauty & Wellness Publicist

Work-life balance is extremely tricky for me in normal circumstances. I come from a background that emphasizes hard work and productivity. I feel great when I have a lot on my to do list and even better when I finish each task. That lead to regularly burning out and falling into anxiety and depression, relying on work wins as a bandaid for temporary happiness. When COVID first hit, work-life balance almost became non-existent. I’d wake up and plop down on my desk. I did take some time out here and there to walk my dog, but then I’d go back on my laptop in the evening and continue working until I was too tired. It was hard not to over-service clients as so many of my colleagues were losing clients, and others were losing their jobs. I did snap. Read more>>

Bryan Ricci | Artist & Educator

Work and life balance is blurry and constantly changing. I try to reevaluate every week or so. Read more>>

Teresa Roche | Gallery Owner & Artist/Textile Designer

I believe that life and work are blended daily in my life. It all goes together. Read more>>

Cindi Knight & Karie Reynolds | Co-leaders

Both Karie and I have battled with work life balance since the day we met! At that time, our oldest children were in preschool and we were both pregnant with our second child. We each had our own businesses so we really clicked as we talked about all the challenges in straddling the world of business and family life. Fast forward to 2020 and our first borns are now 20, so we have been through many stages of parenting and changes to our businesses along the way. When the kids were younger, it was definitely more difficult and I think like all moms, we experienced guilt when we were working. As the years have gone by, our kids have become more independent and that has shifted the balance so much. Read more>>

Santee Ezell | Founder, Life Coach, Assistant Director & Motivational Speaker

My work/life balance has definitely changed over the last few years. The grind culture of being book and busy definitely took a toll on me physically, mentally, and spiritually. I really felt like having a busy schedule was what I needed to be successful, however it was not. I was only busy to avoid the things that I really needed to handle inwardly. My soul and spirit was yearning for peace, rest, and joy NOT just sleep. Unfortunately I didn’t change my life instantly, and it was a process. Through therapy and inner work, I begin to realize I was not content and was comparing my life to others. Perfection led to me not being able to make progress or celebrate the daily wins. I finally begin to say to understand that my strength came from God. I learned that if I didn’t put Him first that I wouldn’t find balance. Read more>>