The Coronavirus has given many us an opportunity to pause and think about life, our purpose, and even the right work life balance. What’s your perspective and has it changed over time?

Dominik van Wyk: Artist: Actress & Singer-Songwriter

Balance is kind of my theme word for 2021. I try to have at least one word, to mark the vision I have for my new year. I obviously leave room for more words to join my repertoire as the months go by. I think it’s key to allow myself space to add and subtract here and there. Balance to me is maintaining my daily schedule, white board goals and routines; Read more>>

Ell: Actor, Soprano, Model, Content Creator

Work-life balance is definitely a challenge! I don’t think I’ve ever been at a point where my personal life has taken precedence over my work, but it is a bit of a pendulum swing depending on what I have going on. Right now my balance is decidedly off — I’ve been very busy with work. It’s difficult to navigate since at this point in my career it’s hard for me to justify turning down opportunities. Read more>>

Nikoli Partiyeli: Creative Director / Photographer

I’ve found my own balance over time. I want to do a lot and often find myself involved in several projects at once, which means I need to have insane amounts of project and stress management. I love a little chaos and pressure though, it brings out my best work because you don’t necessarily have time to think, it’s all about action. Read more>>

Jane Free: Radio Station Manager, producer, host + musician

Over the last twelve years offering bodywork + healing arts, I have bobbed and woven my way to balance through staying focused on ‘service’. While I have been hands off the massage table for the last couple years, I always make sure I am working for free somewhere. Part of my massage practice has always included monthly volunteer bodywork or community events. Read more>>

Amber Rain Hernandez: Photographer

I feel like every single day is a balancing act itself. However, I will say that it has gotten loads easier now that my daughter is getting older. When Violet was first born I took a long break from photography because, well I just birthed a human and was still figuring life out. Once she was about 6 months I started going to school again and shooting occasionally. However business took off a lot quicker than I expected, so I made the decision to put school on hold and invest into my craft full time. Read more>>

Julie Mullins: Intuitive Energetic Healer

I used to think that hard work would equal more results. Now I understand that it is my self worth that determines my net worth, not the hard work. I give a lot more time to make sure I am balanced in all areas of my life and not just giving attention to career. In fact, it is when I am having fun doing a hobby that I have the most profitable ideas for my business. Read more>>

Kittie Beletic: Artist/Writer/Singer-Songwriter

(I included a B&W photo in photo section of me lying on a bed of nails to be placed at the beginning of this answer with the caption below: “Me demonstrating the importance of Balance in Physics at my High School Variety Show with my friend, Steve Tom”. Only if that seems appropriate!!) The circumstances of my life have included: working for others, having my own businesses, working freelance and having to hustle for assignments, being single, being married, raising two children, helping my elderly parents.  Read more>>

Jen Parkhill: Actor, Writer, Director, Poet

I’m still finding a comfortable work/life balance. I heard once that the universe sends you messages that at first feel like little pebbles raining down. When they go unanswered they become rocks and finally, boulders. It was like that for me in regards to my work/life balance. I was living in New York City – the city that “never sleeps”, having freshly graduated from NYU, and chasing my dream with such vigor that it felt as though I was running the tread clean off my shoes. Read more>>