We asked some of the city’s rising stars to reflect on what made a difference in their journey. We asked them to tell us about what they think the most important factor has been behind their success.

Levi Loggins: Founder of The Actor’s Gym

I believe, as the founder of The Actor’s Gym, that our success comes from believing in our members. I always tell my members that they do not need to be broken people to be great actors. It is possible to be kind to yourself, take care of your mental health, and still be successful in the entertainment industry. Read more>>

Shaman Elysia: Shamanic Healer and Guide

I would say it’s two things; experience and understanding. For one, I have a lot of experience relating to others and myself. I have grown up traveling to different countries, and throwing myself into workshops, retreats, events, and any and every space that was designed for vulnerability, sharing, and growth. Read more>>

The Ford Sisters: Professional Dancers & Music Artists

The two most important factors behind our success are having a clear vision and knowing our “why”. When all three of us are aligned to a specific outcome, more often than not we achieve it. When we know and agree on our outcome, it amazingly frees up space for us to enjoy the process of getting there. Read more>>

Holly Pavlik: Film Editor & Co-Producer

The most important factor behind any success of Rooxter Films, or even my own solo work as an Editor, is being sure to always think outside the box and making a conscious effort to avoid mediocrity. Read more>>

Linnette Harrigan: Music Supervisor / Publisher /Tech Innovator

As an innovator and producer working in media and music industry, I would say my creativity has been most important for my success and the success of my brand. I have always been open to new ideas and extremely intuitive, which I believe has helped me establish and grow my business since starting over 10 years ago. Read more>>