We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Aaron Wexler | Host of Within The Game Podcast & Entrepreneur

I started Within The Game Podcast because I wanted to be a source of inspiration to others; a beacon of light. I realized that for me, the feeling of being inspired was worth exploring and feeling curious about. It was enough for me to explore in my own community – the athletes, coaches, champions, and successful entrepreneurs in my life that inspired me the most – and to pick their brain about what inspires them and how they stay inspired on a consistent basis. Sharing their stories and most importantly the tools they used and continue to use to help them find and sustain inspiration in their own life is how I best contribute to the world. Knowing that I am able to make this contribution makes me happy. Read more>>

Amy Ruth | Dancer & Choreographer, Creative, Entreprenuer, Business Owner

Over the years, from the time I was in grade school, until now, I, like many, not only have seen the uprise of mental health issues but have lost many extremely close friends due to mental health, especially friends in the arts. Oddly enough, due to the current condition of the world, these last few months have been some of the first times I have heard more people honestly talking about this issue. One that I often revisit due to so many personal losses. When experiencing loss, we of course seek the “where did things go wrong?” moments. For me, I constantly heard one person after the other explain they didn’t have much of an outlet for their stresses (to be more specific, dancers throughout the years). Knowing their upbringing was similar to mine, being in a dance studio, I couldn’t quite understand what they meant until I nearly drove around the whole country by myself for a year, trying to figure it out. Read more>>

Flash the Abyss | Visual Artists aka Alyssa Aparicio, Pussy Empowerer & Erik Butts, Filmmaker & Photographer

Sometimes as an artist, its hard to see from the start if your work has inherent value on a larger scale. When we started our photo series, Flash the Abyss, it was purely out of a desire to self express. Flashing my breasts had always been something I personally did in celebration and in defiance of my Catholic school upbringing. At the time we began this project, I was in the process of letting my professional career as a model take the back seat. I got into it because I was drawn to the artistry, adventure, and rebellion that I saw in it. But in my career, I felt those very same things being squashed in me. I wanted creative control and to feel liberated in my body which I had starved and disciplined for years in order to strive for an unattainable size 0. When my partner Erik, filmmaker & photographer, and I met in 2013, we were in a similar place of feeling fed up with our respective industries. Read more>>

Aminah Falaah | Mimi’s Magic Owner

Mimi’s Magic has the sole purpose of serving the community by providing resources to elevate the mental, spiritual and health journey of its customers. My success solely lies in how many lives I am able to impact with what I am providing. It fulfills my heart and my soul to know that the spiritual and health products that I offer are truly helping so many people. To hear the impact that I have had thus far, and at my age, makes me so happy and proud. I want everyone to understand that they are more in control of their health than they may know. I want people to know that they can rely on the resources that nature has provided to bring health, abundance and peace into their lives. My goal is to make everyone recognize their power to shift their mind, body and spirit in a positive direction. Read more>>

Yarrow Bucans | Depth Psychotherapist and Healer

We live in a traumatized and addicted society, and the more we buy into society the way it currently is the more traumatized and addicted we all become, both individually and collectively. Our society, with its addiction to busyness, disconnects us from our selves and leaves us making choices that are not in alignment with our wants, but rather are driven by fear and scarcity. As we wake up to this fact, and we begin to do the work of inner healing we are able to heal individually and that healing reverberates out into our communities and into the world. Above all else, our world needs healing. I have dedicated my life to helping people heal. My approach is meant to facilitate healing spiritually, psychologically, and somatically. I focus on releasing addictive behaviors, healing the central nervous system, processing childhood pain, wounds, and trauma, and helping people to connect more deeply to themselves, others, and the world. Read more>>

Aparna Khanolkar | Spiritual Mentor/Founder of Pure Ishvari

I have two main aspects of my Ayurveda business. One is product-driven. The other is focused on spiritual mentoring. What the world needs today are tools to re-connect with oneself and with Nature. The pain and suffering of disconnection in the individual is great – it affects the body, our relationships, our sense of belonging and being. Ayurveda is an ancient system of life and living that helps us to reconnect to the essence of our being – consciousness. In this state we can discover who we really are and our full potential and create a life of presence, fulfillment and meaning. I use consciousness-based techniques and Ayurvedic lifestyle, nutrition and meditation to support people in returning to this innate balance we all crave. When we can anchor ourselves in our true nature, we can create magic in all aspects of our lives. Read more>>

Mara Hitner | Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at MatterHackers

(A little background which will give you some context for how we responded to COVID-19) MatterHackers is the largest retailer of desktop 3D printers and materials. People like working with us because we are completely brand-agnostic. If you go to MatterHackers.com, you’ll see that we carry over 70 brands of desktop 3D printers, everything from $300 kits to high-temp machines that can print PEEK and Ultem for under $7k, and over 2000 types of material. Our clients are pretty much anyone who is designing anything. Prototypes, jigs, fixtures, tools, pre-surgical models for hospitals, etc. Schools from K-12 through to Universities and Trade Schools buy their 3D printers from us to train the next generation of additive manufacturing professionals, and we have our makers and enthusiasts. Read more>>

Elle Michel | Psychotherapist

As a psychotherapist specializing in trauma and borderline personality disorder, my work not only fulfills my own drive to support and heal, but allows me to teach individuals how to transform their lives and in turn, be healthier, more whole members of their wider community. The most gratifying part of my work is helping people heal from deep wounds. By offering clients a safe space to share their stories, we identify patterns in their lives that cause them pain, and I help them to transform those patterns. For many of my clients, the challenges of daily life can be overwhelming, so we work to find ways to make their lives less painful and more tolerable, even joyful. It is incredibly rewarding to witness my clients turn pain and suffering into wisdom and peace. Through helping individuals live richer, fuller lives, I feel like I am contributing to the world. Read more>>