We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Susan Bell | Co-Owner of Fairy Camp LA

Fairy Camp LA, and now Fairy Camp at Home, not only wants to bring creative ideas and activities to kids, but hopes to bring a sense of wonder and magic to their childhood. Our camps and boxes are meant to be a launching pad into a world of imagination. It is our hope that when an activity is complete, the children will want to engage with nature, and all the fun and adventure that awaits them. Through our imaginative prompts, we hope the kids will explore the world around them in a new light – a place where boredom or self doubt doesn’t exist because they always have the support, engagement and fun of the magic they create. Read more>>

Alejandra Camacho | Actress & Bellydancer

This year, living through the pandemic has put the world and ourselves in a way we didn’t expect. We have questioned our motives in life, we have redefined our intentions and considered so many alternatives to keep our businesses alive or maybe shifted our perspective to a different place because we lost our beloved ones or our companies. I am adamant to believe that things happen for a reason, I think things just happen either because we worked hard to get them or they are a consequence of our good or bad decisions. But I definitely think that there are things that happen that are beyond our control, however we are responsible in how we react to the conditions life puts us in. COVID-19 came to stay, so I thought It was time to start reconsidering the plans that I had been putting aside for while and that was starting my bellydance business. I guess it was the perfect timing. Read more>>

Alejandro Rodriguez | Creative Director

It feels trivial to speak about how fashion could be changing the community let alone the world. This past year has really opened my eyes to the idea that when we all focus on doing good in our own backyard — no matter how big or how small the deed — it can translate globally. When we first started, it was difficult finding factories or companies who were willing to work with us. LA Fashion (factories) was known for mostly tees and denim at the time, and the fashion entities required extremely high quantity orders. Fortunately enough, several small factories of which many were Latino family-owned took a chance on us. We’ll be forever grateful to them because they really propelled our business to where we are today. It’s become a symbiotic relationship where we rely and invest in our manufacturers just as much as they rely and invest in us. Read more>>