We asked some of the city’s rising stars to reflect on what made a difference in their journey. We asked them to tell us about what they think the most important factor has been behind their success.

Raquel Mastrangelo | Digital Content Creator

Creating a plan and committing to being consistent is something that has helped me succeed. I think that working through the obstacles even if I don’t feel like it can make a big difference. With that being said everyone needs balance and if I need to take a day for a break, then I just pick back up where I left off. I am usually back stronger if I press the reset for myself. Establishing a calming and positive morning routine has really helped me to have a great day. I have PTSD from long and stressful morning commutes so I cherish being able to work from home. I take time for a morning meditation, journaling and sipping on a warm coffee before the world wakes up. Read more>>

Carlen “M.A.C.A” Clark | Songwriter, Recording Artist, Actor.

I have 3 habits that I will share with you… 1) Focus is definitely a habit that helped me succeed so far in music & film. Focusing on your vision is very important. 2) Continuously learning about my crafts is another habit that have got me to where I am at in my career. There’s always something new to learn & there’s always something to improve. 3) Keeping my fire LIT within (Laughs) in other words remaining passionate. I approach every opportunity as if it’s my first, I give it my absolute all. I am a firm believer in “if you don’t give it your all then don’t do it at all. Read more>>

Austin Irving | Artist

Cultivating and practicing daily habits is a necessity for me. I thrive with structure and can very quickly start feeling anxious and depressed when I lose sight of my routine. My daily mediation practice is the most important – not only is it something that I really look forward to, it is also something that helps me tremendously in keeping my clarity and focus. I took a course on Transcendental Meditation in February, 2015 and I have been meditating every day since – I am not exaggerating when I say that it has been completely revolutionary. One of the cool things about mediation is that it lays the groundwork for having an effective mindfulness practice – another daily habit that helps me to succeed. Read more>>

Katrine Eyer | Administrative Manager & Dog Mom

Habits are lifestyles- choices you make on the daily indefinitely, not just for a brief period. One of the habits I live by is to put a 110% into everything I do, whether that be school, work, or family, etc. You simply cannot succeed by doing things half-baked. It won’t always be easy or guaranteed, but it will always be worth it. You rest better at night knowing you’ve done everything you could. In addition, you set an example for those around you to work hard and put their all into what they do. However, you also have to know when to give up. Most people’s advice is to never quit, but you’ll only drown if you hang on to a sinking ship. When you’ve put everything into trying to make something work, and it still doesn’t, you have to let go. Read more>>

Nestor Toro | Abstract Art Painter

What habits do I find that have helped me succeed as an independent abstract painter is an interesting question! First I have always felt that work was a waste of time and that following your dreams was the key to happiness so I make it a habit of never investing time in things that I do not have a passion about. Painting is one of those things. I also make it a habit to paint each and everyday without fail! Why – well as I already said, it is my passion so as a daily “habit” I really don’t even have to think about it or set time aside for it because it is just something I do. Read more>>

Steven Russell Black | Artist

Early to Rise. I get up everyday at 5am to start painting at 6am. I stick to a strict schedule of 6 to 8am painting, 9 to 5 design work, 7 to 10pm drawing and answering emails. Then I batch all my other tasks. Saturdays are for shipping out orders in the morning. and I take Sundays off completely. Read more>>

Raymie Iadevaia | Artist

For me, when I think about the word and concept of success, it really boils down to something basic and foundational: the ability to make things every day. If I can make something or be in the studio for any amount of time, that is success for me. It’s like what Van Gogh said to his brother Theo, “not a day without a line.” I would like to think that the studio is a space where I don’t have to think about financial success (maybe that’s naive and foolish, but my studio is a space where I can practice foolishness and frivolity while also ‘practicing imagination,’ to use a Jane Bowles quote), and instead practice cultivating success through creative failure. Read more>>

Brooke Olimpieri | Photographer, Stylist, lingerie Designer

Obsession! When I have a new idea, I become obsessed with it. I allow that obsession to take over, or is it more that I can’t stop it from taking over?? Not sure, but either way, my obsessiveness drives me. I never stop doing, my desire to create new things is never ending. Read more>>

Carly Williams | CEO of Primary Petals

Where can I begin? habits have quite simply, gotten me to places in business. I look at business like being an athlete. In order to keep up with the stamina of building a brand. I think it’s important to keep habits such as daily exercise, good sleep, lots of water, and healthy foods. Oh and a good therapist to support you. Read more>>