We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Diarra Pouye | Artist & Student

My business involves making surreal collages in photoshop. I print them in different sizes depending on what customers want and send them. Recently, I have started a fundraiser on behalf of a friend of mine whose family is affected by the new Taliban rule in Afghanistan. Due to their family’s involvement in women’s rights activism and belief in democracy, their lives are at risk under the Taliban. Of course this broke my heart because no one should have to go through this. My friend’s family is in need of help and I, a struggling college student, don’t have much to offer besides a shoulder to cry on. I wanted to raise money in some way so that their family could have some money in their pocket to escape and potentially start a new life elsewhere. Read more>>

Christopher Locke | Designer | Activist

The success of my business is centered on impacts design justice. Designing in Color (DCo) is an award-winning collective of architects and designers of culture. Our mission aims to diversify the way architecture is taught and practiced to amplify marginalized communities who’ve been historically silenced and erased throughout the design process. Read more>>

George Acheampong | Financial Advisor & Entrepreneur

My business is dedicated to helping people of color build wealth. It’s no secret that for every one dollar a white person has is wealth, a person of color has just 10 cents. Our platform has created awareness, education and access to the resources necessary to change this narrative once and for all. Through our podcast, financial social network, events and more. Our goal is to close the wealth gap by at least 10% over the next 10 years. Read more>>

Audrey Meah | Actor & Mental Health Therapist

I am a social worker by education and profession. I’ve worked in mental health for over 15 years before deciding to pursue acting as a career in 2017. I immediately started taking classes so I could learn as much as possible about acting. I learned a lot of helpful tools that led to a number of bookings fairly quickly. Understanding the importance of consistent training, I took classes at a number of different acting studios. While I learned a lot about the craft, I never really felt connected to any of the studios. I was missing a real sense of community. I wanted to belong to a studio that I felt took special interest in me; a place that offered belongingness. I also wanted to be part of a community that was invested in me as a whole person, not just an actor. Read more>>

Elisabeth Granli | Photographer, Yoga Practitioner, Good Friend, World Traveler, Chocolate Lover.

I’ll tell you a story that is one of the highlites of my life, so far, In 2017 I went to a friends wedding in Mumbai, India, and after the wedding I travelled to local shelters for children in Mumbai, Kolkata, Dhaka, Bangladesh and Kathmandu, Nepal and photographed and photographed the children. The children had been rescued from trafficking, child labor, child marriage, homelessness and other atrocious circumstances. I took some beautiful pictures of them, they’re some of my favorite pictures so far. Read more>>

Makenzie Green | Director of Partnerships and Events, The Agency RE

We believe it’s a privilege to give at The Agency , and that it’s our responsibility to be stewards in our communities and continually seek opportunities to bring about positive change. At The Agency, philanthropy is not a division or a singular event but rather a lifestyle that our brokerage family has adopted. Our spirit of giving is contagious and incorporated into many of our firm’s initiatives, including company-wide volunteer days, donations to local charities and organizations, and helping to end homlessness in our local LA community and throughout the regions we serve. Read more>>

Justin “JustRoc” Rimon | Host + Producer of the Just Trek Podcast and Outdoor Content Creator

Podcasts provide a very intimate way of gathering information through transformative monologues and conversations. The Just Trek Podcast provides that intimate setting specifically for outdoor enthusiasts in the LA/SoCal community to hear stories, adventures, and life tips from inspirational hikers, explorers, travelers, and creatives. These conversations with every day but extraordinary people in the community help raise awareness of how hiking + nature helps heal depression and improve one’s overall physical, spiritual, and mental health. Read more>>

Blake Robin | aka LUXXURY, songwriter/producer/DJ & Tiktok guy who whispers “interpolation”

As a musician I’ve wrestled with this question a lot. Making art of any kind doesn’t always seem as directly ‘helpful’ to the world as, say, being a doctor, social worker, or community organizer. But whenever I’m feeling like music doesn’t matter, I remember an epiphany I had in my early 20s. I was living in New York, working in advertising and feeling anxious about life, love, friends…everything. I’d graduated from college with a psychology degree but that didn’t feel like what I wanted to do in life. And yet while I was drawn to music, I didn’t feel like it was “enough.” Read more>>

Grace Gonzalez (Wright) | Founder and CEO of PGW Cosmetics

When I first started PGW Cosmetics, I didn’t really know what the goal was aside from making women feel and look their best. However, makeup is only the surface level of that (literally and figuratively). That’s when I came up with the idea that every single package would have an affirmation in it to empower women and to let them know there is nothing they cannot do. The world is their’s. I wanted to be like their own personal cheerleader. At the end of the day when we look good, we feel good! But knowing that we, as are inherently good as human being is something we have to feed ourselves everyday. I want to help people feed inside AND out. Hopefully, that translates to helping the world because their will be more people out there who feel their best and so they can DO their best for others as well. Read more>>