We asked members of the community how their organizations help the community.  We’ve shared some of the responses below.

Chelsee Foster | CH3LS

My karaoke business brings communities together. I love seeing how different crowds flock to different locations to enjoy music with their friends. Pre-Covid, I had 3-4 accounts per week at different venues around Los Angeles. I relish bringing the joy of singing to private parties and special celebrations as well. Over the last couple years, I’ve developed loyal followers who show up at each place I host, and residency regulars who would come to their local bar to sing with us. My customers would come early to help carry my equipment, and stay late to help me break down. I’m blessed to say that I hardly consider it work. They took care of me with tips and drinks in return for a guaranteed good time. Read more>>

Amanda Fletcher | Writer & Emerging Voices Fellowship Manager

Tell me a story, Manda. Every kid I know has demanded this of me at some point. And let’s be honest, every adult, too. Because storytelling is the foundation of human existence. It’s how we make sense of ourselves, other people, and the world around us. Stories make up our past our present and our future–they are the context for our lives. Think about who you would be if you had never heard a story. It’s impossible to conceive. The Emerging Voices Fellowship (EV) has been providing a stage for underrepresented writers to tell their stories on since 1996. So? Why is that important? Why do these stories matter? Because all of our stories matter. And the sad fact is, we live in a society founded on principles that have prioritized certain stories over others for hundreds of years. Read more>>

Aimee Monterrosa | Social Worker, Licensed Therapist & Entrepreneur

In a world that at times keeps us in continual survival mode, the core mission of this business is to engage individuals in the belief that thriving is accessible and that healing is the path to experience a healthier version of themselves. The more folks impacted by this mission the more healing and emotionally well folks that are then engaging their communities in this same practice and belief. Being a person of color, we aren’t always given a voice to feel connected to our story and personal power, its my hope that both in my therapy practice and the launch of a wellness brand (later this year) that I can continue to encourage healing, confidence building and boost resiliency. We have the power individually and collectively, to inspire a real focus on mental health by creating safe dialogue, much needed services and innovative products that shed the heaviness of stigma and allow folks to understand and redefine their healing journeys and their experience of the world. Read more>>

Rob Watzke | Creative Professional & Nonprofit Founder

Turbine Arts Collective is a nonprofit arts organization dedicated to the exploration of creativity, through workshops, performances/gatherings, and educational outreach. We’re built on the idea that everyone can benefit from creative study, and that participation in the arts as a practitioner or audience member has a direct connection to our growth as a community. We grew out of my improvisation workshops as I noticed a lot of students were attending who didn’t identify as actors — they just wanted a place to be creative. And I wondered, what about someone who doesn’t want to get up on a stage? Research tells us that everyone… from every background, every economic level, every personality type… feels better when they are being creative. That doesn’t mean you have to do it in front of an audience. Read more>>

Angelique Myrick | Bussiness Owner, Hair Stylist & Make-up artist

That is such a deep question. One might not necessarily think that a Los Angeles-based home salon owner would have much of an impact on people’s lives. I certainly didn’t think that when I started this work. Originally, I’m from Holland where I owned and operated a successful salon from 1996 through 2003. In the beginning, I got into this line of work because I enjoyed working with people and cutting and coloring hair, and my hope early on was just that I could make them happy with whatever style they were hoping for; a simple, but the primary goal for any stylist. As time went on I realized I was uniquely positioned to listen to people and offer advice. Cutting and coloring hair is very personal, and the closeness and time together gave me such a deeper understanding and appreciation into my client’s lives. When my clients arrive, they are put at ease and my demeanor communicates that they can let their hair down, literally and figuratively! Read more>>

YuSon Shin | Healer, Intuitive, Medium, Teacher, Speaker, Author & Paralegal

My business is as multidimensional as a 7-layer dip. As an intuitive, I give people information so they can get clarity, get on the right path and get momentum to live their best life. As a healer, I clear blocks and provide the energy boost my clients’ need so their bodies can heal themselves. As a speaker, author and teacher of intuition and healing workshops, I help people awaken their innate spiritual and healing gifts…their superpowers. My overarching goal is to help people trust their intuition and become their own guru and healer. Everyone is born with intuition and the ability to heal but we lose touch with these abilities as we grow older because they simply aren’t nurtured in that way. There is so much power in the ability to trust your gut. Read more>>

Deric Schmidt | Interior / Exterior Designer, Sustainability Pro, Real Estate Investor & School Based Audiometrist

As an interior and exterior designer I know that the built environment impacts all of us in many ways. I provide beautiful and up lifting environments that embrace Universal and Sustainable Design practices and products. Addressing well-being in accordance with my client’s needs and desires through the vision of a healthy home and planet are my motivating principles which impact life continuously.. Read more>>