We asked some of the city’s rising stars about why they think they have been so successful and we’ve shared their responses below.

Lauren Tamayo | NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist & Mindset Coach

I attribute one of the most foundational and important habits that have helped me succeed is within my commitment to my daily mindset work. I chose to start my day with my morning routine which often times includes journaling, meditation, a walk, yoga, or reading my book. This supports me in feeling calm and grounded. I also believe in starting my day in a proactive way. Through my meditation or visualization practice, I spend a couple minutes connecting with my goal or vision that I have for myself, my day and business. As we live in an overly digital and connected world which is incredible and has it’s benefits, I find it really important to disconnect from being plugged in all the time so often times you can find me completely unplugged on the weekends for at least a day. This habit gives me the opportunity to again, reconnect to myself and I always feel more inspired, motivated and empowered when I do. Read more>>

August McLaughlin | Author, Journalist & Girl Boner Radio Host

Prioritizing the work feel most passionate about before other tasks, even before it’s turned a profit, has been hugely important for me. I also reserve my best brain time (what I consider the brain’s “golden hour”) for my most important tasks and protect my time and energy by setting needed boundaries outside of work. Evenings off, even from email, have helped everything from my creativity and business profitability to my emotional well-being and physical health. I sleep better, feel better and work better. Read more>>

Nate Cotterman | Designer, Maker & Glass Artist

I have developed a few habits that have really helped me be successful in my career. One is work ethic that is driven by my lack of ability to sit still. This was inherited from my father, who always had to be doing something; fixing a car, working on his motorcycle, or doing a house repair. This work ethic has allowed me to put in the required long days back to back that come with being self-employed. When I relocated to Los Angeles, I started getting up at 5:30am and this really supercharged my productivity. Getting up early makes it very easy to have long periods of focused time allowing me to get most of my work done before lunch. Lastly, maintaining a studio practice no matter what job I am working is critical to succeeding in an artistic field. Read more>>

Lisa Elia | Media Trainer, Presentation Trainer & Investor Pitch Coach

I exercise regularly, including cardio, strength training, and stretching at least 5 days a week. Exercise helps alleviate stress, makes you mentally sharper, and builds lung power, which is important if you want to be a good public speaker. I’m a big believer in lifelong education. My work entails a lot of research on various topics and industries, which I enjoy. I also listen to audiobooks and podcasts on business, psychology, and society while I exercise and do things around my home. Having depth and breadth of knowledge is very helpful in my work. Read more>>

Djamel Bennecib | Translator for Screenplay and Voice Dubbing & Script Doctor

As a translator for screenplay and voice dubbing as well as a script doctor, hard work has been the key to helping me succeed. Not counting hours, working on weekends and holidays if necessary is both a reality and a necessity for any entrepreneur. I network constantly by writing articles on my blog, frequently updating my LinkedIn and Twitter accounts and contacting film/TV production companies (primarily from the US, Canada, UK and France) regularly. I treat my independent clients (those whose projects are not yet affiliated with a production company) the same as I do the big companies. I respond to my clients’ questions as quickly as possible, even if I’m busy. I aim to help them in a way that will best help them further their career and always offer the same respect and trust they’ve placed in me. Read more>>

Dawn Lucero | Avian Artist

Be flexible. The thought process begins for me with a picture in my mind. Its a picture of perfection in my thoughts, in which it has no boundaries or limitations physically or financially. Usually inspired by something seen. I relate the process to a dangling carrot. It’s enough to get me to engage and try in all my humanness and limitations to create that in which I see. Along the way, I have learned to allow the process of limitations to take the piece where it wants to go, instead of me forcing the image to conform to the vision. It has served me well. I am always striving for perfection, but knowing the outcome is always different and many times, better. 2. Be authentic. It creates trust. The world has many knock offs and imitations. People can tell the difference. 3. Be available. Read more>>

Jenene Mckay | Chef, Caterer & Wine Owner

Habits I believe the habits helped me was staying consist with posting new recipes on social media and on website and engaging with my audience.Reaching out to other small business about collaborating, getting info from them to learn how to grow my business and supporting other small business. Practicing my craft when no one is watching. Researching information about my field. Always talking about my business with others who know me and those who didn’t know me. Read more>>

Kodi Jackman | Actor

So there are two major habits that have completely turned my life around in terms of day-to-day success. The first is going to sound silly, but has actually made a huge difference—I made a custom sticker chart (you know like the ones you have as a kid as an incentive to do your chores?). It includes everything from getting enough water to fitting in a workout, all the way down to more personal daily goals like “stuck to my time boundaries”. I’ve hung it up on my fridge so that I see it multiple times a day. The second takes a little bit more brainpower but has made a world of difference in my productivity level. Every morning when I get up, I leave my phone on Do Not Disturb until the following three things are done: 1. 10-30 minutes of meditation 2. 30-45 minutes of a work-out 3. Read more>>

Richard-Lael Lillard | The Gentleman Psychic

Of all the habits which have helped me to become “The Gentleman Psychic”, my favorite is taking weekly meditation baths with differing ingredients depending upon what my focus is. I feel it is important to take time for the self. I could not give so much to others without self love. Read more>>

Chanah “ChaCha” Forg | Tattoo Artist

One of the more important habits that has helped me succeed so far is surrounding myself with artists that are extremely passionate about the art of tattooing and have a high level of respect for the industry. I feel when you find those artists, you’re able to bounce off so much knowledge producing a lot more inspiration not just in tattooing but in your artwork as well. It creates a tight knit crew and allows me to grow as an artist in general. I also try to give myself time to paint or draw for myself. Before I started my tattoo journey, art was just a hobby or an outlet for me so having it become my job has its cons in the sense that outlet doesn’t provide the same relaxation it once did. Read more>>