We asked some of the city’s rising stars about why they think they have been so successful and we’ve shared their responses below.

Katie Mullen | Fitness Instructor & Creator of The Line by Katie Mullen

The most important factor behind the success of my brand has been the practice of investing in myself. Over time, this has meant many different things. I’ve invested in myself financially, educationally, through self-care (quality of sleep, massage, meditation, stretching, fueling myself with nutrients, giving myself space to play and create, allowing time to recharge and time to do nothing), and putting energy back into the clients and opportunities I already have. Read more>>

Leslie Kelly Shockley | Owner- Tea With Iris

I started Tea With Iris with the simple goal to help reduce everyday waste. I love designing products that help us to live more in tune with our natural environment, by making products with organic fabrics that replace synthetic, disposable products, making natural fabric dyes with the plants that I grow and farmers’ market waste, and repurposing materials to remove them from the waste stream. Read more>>

Yi-Hsuan (Ant) Ma | Scenic Designer & Production Designer

“Coming from a different culture and background of literature training, her approach to design is interdisciplinary and inclusive.” I would say the most important factor behind my “dream” success is to always explore the core of the story, finding comprehensive perspectives on visual storytelling. Read more>>

Chad Chambers | Actor . Director & Soundtrack Recording Artist

The most important factor behind my success, is consistently finding a way to be courages. I wholeheartedly believe courage and service are the two most important factors to any individuals success. It’s easier as the years past to let courageous acts dwindle. Though each day I am given I have to place myself back in the colosseum. If the outcome does not scare me then it is too small. I am honored to be an actor. I am honored to be a young business owner. Read more>>

Dan Radlauer | Music Composer/Producer

As a listener of music, composer of music, and a musician, I think my success has been directly connected to my willingness to listen to and fall in love with almost any kind of music. Then, my ability, both learned and possibly innate, to analyze, understand and embrace the elements of this wide variety of genres. In scoring music for Media, a composer is “underlining” the emotion of a scene or message. Be it in Cinema, Television or Commercials, the music sends the message through a different receptor. Music is the underlying emotion. Read more>>

Tam Nguyen | Jeweler and business owner

being transparent. I always tell the truths to my customers, providing them the true informations of my products. Read more>>

William L | Artist & Music Producer as WEI

PanelDiscussion Question To me, the opportunities that have attained me the most success are the collaborations I’ve done with other artists – whom are adjacent but uniquely complimentary in genre – as well as trusted labels and similar small collectives that have their own growing foothold in aesthetic impact. Read more>>

Julian Shrago | Owner/Brewmaster Beachwood Brewing

We’re fortunate that Beachwood Brewing is able exercise the highest level of creative autonomy. Having that is the ultimate fuel for making beers that are honest reflections of our brewing sensibilities. The result are beers that we’re passionately proud of that transform our customers into fans. Read more>>

Doug Schmude | Musician

I think a key factor in being successful in an artistic endeavor is to find your voice and stay true to that voice. As soon as you try to start trying too hard to emulate others or to mold what you doing to what you think will be successful, you are likely just going to end up frustrated. At least that has been my experience. I think people are looking for authenticity and something unique. So when it comes to art, I think it is key to be unapologetically yourself. Read more>>

justin rasch | Director/Animator

Regular Social media Posting. Social media has been the hugest help to our Home Business. We are getting contacted every week by people wanting us to create animation for their company’s. Having a very clear and regular Social media account has been keeping myself and our business in the consciousness of both fans and company’s interested in using us for a spot or our community to advertise a product too. Read more>>

Marina Barrios | Vegan Baker & Multi Media Artist

One of the most important factors behind Aliment Kitchen’s success is staying true to myself and spreading awareness through compassion. Aliment Kitchen is not just another vegan dessert, everything I craft is made with intention and love. I believe in the ailments of plants, flowers and the magic of presentation. Sometimes those who may not share the same views/ethics as oneself may subconsciously cancel another out. I don’t usually introduce my product as a vegan dessert but as a piece of edible art. Every item I create is crafted with imagination, no beings harmed and no flavor lacking. Read more>>

Shannon Stutenroth | Slow Fashion Designer

I’ve been trying to define the definition of success for myself ever since I started my brand, So Squish. It was at the height of the pandemic where I had nothing to do but to get a hobby. I started knitting, painting and sewing and eventually my hobby grew into a business that has brought me more fulfillment, friends and amazing experiences than I was expecting. I think I’ve finally been able to see that the most important factor for my own success is that my career is 100% creative. Read more>>

Taylor Hudson | DJ & Music curator

Intention. I’m a firm believer in being intentional with everything that I do or set my mind to. With music, it was something I never thought I would pursue. I was a Fashion Design major and music for me was a therapy outlet when. needed to de-stress. That all changed for me in 2019. The best part about it is that I got to meet like minded individuals who enjoy the same genres of music as I did and continue to play music for those who feel the same way as I do about music. Read more>>