We asked some of the city’s rising stars about why they think they have been so successful and we’ve shared their responses below.

Erica Manni | SAG Actress & Tech Sales Specialist

I’ve always perceived myself as a cohesive being, made of a complex network of inner-relationships between mind/body/heart and soul. The most important habit I’ve developed over the years is rooted in self-awareness. By knowing myself, my thoughts, emotions, aspirations and dreams, I can discern what needs to be prioritized and what, postponed. Maintaining balance between all moving parts, through meditation, journaling, building solid human connections, and keeping very healthy lifestyle habits, is key in this process. So, in one sentence, knowing and understanding myself is at the base of my success, both personal and professional. Read more>>

Sue Ann Pien | Actress, Filmmaker, Environmental & Space Enthusiast

Remember Karate Kid, the movie? Mr. Miyagi the trainer would make Ralph Macchio’s character “wax on” and “wax off” while washing his car, and do all kinds of seemingly irrelevant chores as part of his karate training. The Karate Kid couldn’t figure out how these menial, mindless activities helped him with anything. That’s what I relate to in my own journey towards creating my dreams come true. Many of the more productive habits that put me in a place to succeed came out of the discipline to do things I never really truly wanted to do at times. I’ll list them here: 1. How you do one thing, is how you do everything: When I was younger, I used to think saving up my best behaviors only for the jobs or the people I wanted to impress. When I thought it didn’t matter as much (to me), I’d let myself put in less than my best. Read more>>

Gary Cassera | Dog Behaviorist

The comfort and ability in saying, I don’t know. Too often people’s beliefs shape their reality. Years ago someone said to me, “Beliefs are created when someone is unwilling to say I don’t know.” Knowing the difference between what I have experienced and I what I have not. Read more>>

David Amber | Music Producer

Learning how to take actionable steps towards my goals right away. Getting caught up in the big picture can make achieving goals extremely daunting. By figuring out small things I can do right now, I’m able to build forward momentum and feel positive about moving towards where I want to ultimately end up. If there is something I can do right now, I just do it. No procrastinating. Read more>>

Isabelle Fournet | Filmmaker & Painter

Passion, persistence, open minded. May the task be big or small, do it well, or not at all. Read more>>

Shelley Meche’tte | Certified Life Purpose Coach, Author & Self-awareness Expert

One of the major habits that has played a role in my success is to have a plan…for the day…for the week…for the month. Having a plan keeps me on schedule. Knowing what needs to be done and being able to check that off of my “list” for the day motivates me to do more and accomplish more. I am usually up by 7am most days, whether weekday or weekend. I don’t like to feel as though my day has been wasted. Plus I enjoy the more serene part of the day. My house is quieter, the outside noise is less and I am able to take in the day at a slower and much more calm pace. Being able to plan my day and wake up before too much “life activity” has been key in keeping me on track and successful. Read more>>

Coach Dom Costa | Football Coach Sidehustler

Discipline!!! I don’t control a lot in my life but I can’t control myself! It is a daily struggle. It is a moment to moment struggle! It is worth it though! Read more>>

Alex Cole | International Power Rock Musician

I’m an active person, I like to be “doing it” not waiting around to do it. That’s my personality. I created good habits and consistency that go along with my Power Rock music. I wake up every morning and I immediately focus on what can I do to get me to the next level. To be able to survive my high-energy shows I started jumping rope about three years ago to burn more fat, get lean and have fun. I can jump rope for 40 minutes, burn 500 calories and never think about anything else. It’s my form of meditation. Most people sit quietly to meditate – I jump rope and do body weight High Intensity Interval Trainings. It’s kind of funny because I got a chance to meet the “Jump Rope Dudes” and their motto is “Do The Thing.” I could completely relate to that. I have been following these two awesome guys with their inspiring workouts on YouTube. Read more>>

Christina Ramirez | Founder & CEO

Being patient, persistent and enthusiastic. They’re qualities, but they also require daily practice so I consider them habits. There are a lot of good habits like waking up early, exercising every day, living a balanced life that are all very important to me. But I would say the best habits that my father taught me at a young age were patience, persistence with enthusiasm. That’s the key to being successful, whether in sports or business. Read more>>

Romeo Reese | Singer-Songwriter & Actor

It sounds cliché, but consistency is key. Constantly pushing and moving forward with your goals is what makes things happen. I don’t let up, I keep going until i make my dream a reality. Read more>>

Alejandra Perez | Professional Newborn Photographer & Seamstress

Staying on top of my emails, messages and calls. Also always being available to clients. Read more>>