We asked some of the city’s rising stars about why they think they have been so successful and we’ve shared their responses below.

Dani Katz | Quantum Languaging Consultant

My daily meditation practice is probably my most helpful habit, as it allows me to cultivate some distance from the thoughts and emotions that move through me. I apply this spaciousness to all aspects of my life, and of course, to my Quantum Languaging practice and business. Starting the day with a mindfulness practice allows me to apply it to my thoughts and interactions throughout the day, while allowing me space to observe my own languaging patterns while I am communicating in real-time, which is the crux of my business. I am in the practice of taking 100% responsibility for my experience of reality. This means that if something pisses me off or rubs me the wrong way, instead of leaping to blame an external factor, I immediately go within to see where I can shift or adjust to make the situation feel better on my end. Read more>>

Cat Aldana | Holistic Health Coach, Yoga Guru & Founder

There are 3 habits I feel have helped me succeed the most: 1.) Having a daily morning practice. This includes yoga, meditation, working out, journaling and sitting in silence. Some mornings I do all of these things, and some mornings I do one or two. I aim to have my morning practice at least 20 minutes and will have it be longer if I have the time. I use a variety of the tools listed above to inspire me, create a positive mindset, and feel energized for the day. 2.) Seeking support and mentorship. My default is to do things on my own, but once I learned to ask for help and seek the expertise of those who know more than me – my business and my life skyrocketed. I make it a habit to always have a meeting on my calendar with someone who can guide or teach me something in the area that I am curious about. 3.) Doing one thing at a time. Read more>>

Huyen Khanh Do | Classical Pianist, Visual Artist & Dancer

Oh gosh……a few really essential ones. Efficient use of time, for sure. I have to juggle visual art, music, and dance, which means planning practice time and painting time around my jobs, making sure I’m fulfilling commissions in a timely manner, following up with clients, etc. all the while, trying to balance that around work and making sure every art form has room to breathe and grow. They all sort of feed into each other, and I’ve found that the relationships between art forms have only strengthened my knowledge of how they all work. The more I create, the more I understand the creative process – what I need to hone, what strengths I can take advantage of, how my learning curve works and how I can apply it to everything I’m working on, etc. Read more>>

Kaylyn Kontras | Designer, Calligrapher & Stationer

There are many habits I have adapted over the years that have contributed to my success, but the most impactful (by far) is actively practicing mindfulness and intentionality. By exercising these ways of thinking, it has created a habitual mindset that allows me to bring more purpose and meaning into my design, therefore connecting with my clients more and creating projects that I’m truly proud of. When designing, I am consistently asking myself “why”, establishing context and significance for each element in that piece. Along with this habitual mindset, I have entrusted the simple organizational tool: task batching, which helps me utilize my time most efficiently. When grouping similar tasks together and allowing certain time during the week or day to complete these items, my focus is much better, and in turn, my work gets completed in a more skillful and productive manner. This requires planning in the beginning, but is definitely a valuable system to start habituating. Read more>>

Patricia Perman | Artist

There are a few… but the one that really helped me expand and build on my Art Business, is my daily art practice. Even if you think you know it all or you got your style down – keep developing your craft. Daily! I sit down for at least an hour or two a day, sketch in my art journal (no rules, no judging – just do it), try new color combinations, take a class, hang the canvas upside down… change things up and see what happens. There are frustrating moments for sure when things don’t go as planned but most of the time (if you keep on pushing) you end up with something new… something you didn’t know you could create. And that gives me confidence. Another very important habit is my daily morning walk – it just sets me up right for my day ahead. Being outside, fresh air, light exercise… I can reflect on my art, my family, my life. Read more>>

Kelly Meyersfield | Writer & Performer

I think one thing that has helped the most in the creation of my career is having enthusiasm for what I do and maintaining a sense of playfulness. If we get too serious about anything and lose the fun then what’s the point? I try to enjoy all the aspects as much as I can–the audition prep, the audition itself, creating and writing new projects and then performing or shooting! Read more>>