We asked some of the city’s rising stars about why they think they have been so successful and we’ve shared their responses below.

Joanne Rose | Screenwriter & Certified Health & Wellness Coach

I meditate daily which centers me by going within. I have had countless ideas and inspiration come about as a result of a daily meditation practice. I also apply The Rule of 5 that Jack Canfield recommends, which states that you must do 5 things every day that lead you towards your goal. Daily walks in nature, reading inspiring books and listening to inspiring talks, surrounding myself with positive people are also good habits that I feel have played an important role in my life. Read more>>

Lee Gumbs | Photographer

I think time management, organization and genuine interactions have been the most important in helping me grow my business. Time management when you’re dealing with multiple clients a day is so important because you have to make sure everyone feels taken care of while staying on schedule so your next client isn’t waiting around. Of course things come up and it doesn’t always go according to plan but I think its important to try to stay on schedule the best you can. Being organized is the foundation of having a successful business in my opinion. You can be the most talented person but if you’re missing deadlines, auditions, photoshoots etc. then people will never want to work with you again. Personally being a photographer I think its really important to build a genuine relationship with the subject so you both feel comfortable and ready to explore ideas and try new things. Read more>>

Rit$y | Artist | Producer

I feel that always being prepared has helped me a lot. Always having beats and songs ready to be played whenever I am in a room with important people seems to have always worked for me. Always be PREPARED. Read more>>

Corinne Wainer | Educational Psychologist and Founder of THE SHAKTIBARRE APP®

One of the most helpful ways I’ve been able to succeed is via a habit I like to call “flexible discipline.” This means I set timeframes instead of precise start and end times whenever I can, I do as much as I can on something instead of the whole thing all in one day, and I choose platforms and products that allow for adaptability as well. For example, on January 1st THE SHAKTIBARRE APP® launches and I adore the ability to take either live or pre-recorded videos. I still feel I am held accountable to my fitness goals but that I can be a real human in that process of success too. Interestingly, I end up achieving more success than I would have even planned under tighter expectations. Read more>>