A big part of making decisions is determining what our actions and choices have been inspired by. So we asked decision makers from the community to tell us about what they are inspired by.

Gabrielle Marie | Poet & Author

I like to think I source inspiration from a vast pool; although, I feel I could summarize it quite simply and precisely by saying I am inspired by my experiences and observations. Whether it be the nature or circumstances physically surrounding me, interactions I participate in or observe, insight gained from an intriguing book or self-reflecting on my own accord, I feel compelled to articulate, organize, and make sense of these thoughts and experiences. There is much poetry to be found and written when I take the time to watch, feel, and listen. Read more>>

Nicole & Adrienne Infante | Sisters and Co-Founders of Feast of Burdens

We are inspired by the flash and glamour of the great dinner parties of the Seventies. Formality, fabulosity, and artistry combined. It’s not about what you eat, it’s how you eat it. Read more>>

Marie-Clare Treseder Gorham | Folk artist

I’m drawn to paradoxes and riddles, as much as scalloped silhouettes. I love to marry old notions of beauty with visual metaphors; some young, some not. Meaningful motifs are woven throughout my work, often drawn from my own grandmother’s ceramic practice, as much as ol’ favorites like the California Arts + Crafts movement. Read more>>

Noah Andrade | Actor & Server

I’m inspired by the ideology of enjoying life. Having fun with what I do in life. It’s one of the main reasons I chose acting as a career. I viewed regular occupations, like my job as a restaurant server, as just something to get by and help pay rent. It wasn’t dream job, it’s just necessary. But a career is something you WANT to do. Something you feel you’re meant to do in life. Read more>>

Michael Satva | Futurist, Entrepreneur, Fashion Designer, Concept Artist

I am inspired by anything futuristic. I also am inspired by ancient cultures around the world. I obsess about subcultures and fashion niches. I like finding ways to mash up different cultures and infusing them with futuristic aesthetics. I find that conventional futuristic aesthetics are sterile and devoid of culture, whereas what I seek to create brings in elements from Africa, India, Aztecs, or Egyptians, to create a more exciting and innovative futuristic aesthetic. I am inspired by Anime and Super heroes. Graffiti and Architecture, Rave culture and Low Riders. Read more>>

Jeh | music producer and DJ

Literally everything. I’m also in a very uncertain and exciting time of my life. I’m young, experiencing what life has to offer. I think that also plays a big role in getting inspired to make music Read more>>

Kellie Fell | FIT4MOM Owner & Instructor

It might sound corny but I’m inspired by every mom that makes it to class! It takes a lot of work to get yourself and your child(ren) packed up and out the door, and a lot of courage to step into a new situation. Moms juggle a lot and when they take (or rather, make) the time to take care of themselves with the physical and mental care that come with our exercise and community classes, it’s an inspiring reminder for me to do the same. And it inspires me to continue working to create an environment where they want to come and spend their precious time! Read more>>

Ayisa Adderley | Musical Artist & Performer

I’m inspired by a myriad of things, but my most defining source of inspiration is my fascination with people. I’m inspired by hardworking, caring, creative, and intuitive people. I’m inspired by change and growth and how we come to find it in our lifetimes. Read more>>

Nick + Lexie Trivundza | Adventure Filmmakers & Creatives

Nick: I can clearly remember going to see a film for the first time at a theater. It was Return of the Jedi and I was 3 years old. It was like the gates of heaven opened before me and heaven was weird! It was filled with Robots and Bounty Hunters, Jedis, Darth Vaders, Ewoks, and Stormtroopers! Read more>>