A big part of making decisions is determining what our actions and choices have been inspired by. So we asked decision makers from the community to tell us about what they are inspired by.

Sabrina Abdalla | Multidisciplinary Creative & Founder

My family, my ancestors, my country, my community. The sweet stories and experiences we share inspire me. Dreams inspire me because they make us imagine what could be possible. Sometimes dreams are a reflection of our deepest desires or passions. If we can harness the boundlessness of dreams, then maybe we can realize our own. They can serve as a tool to help us radically imagine new ways of existing and exploring our creative potential. I believe that our creative production sometimes is a revelation or something we are trying to convey that has a significant meaning. In dreams, those meanings take new forms and become abstract or completely different. I think that is beautiful and can serve as a rich source of inspiration. Read more>>

Christine Yahya | Illustrator & Creative

My art is inspired by drawing the bits and shapes we’ve been both told & taught to hide. These range from physical parts of ourselves to the non-physical. Through my art I explore themes of bodies, sexuality, identity, mental health, feminism and much more. I choose to capture these parts of ourselves quite matter of factly, to create artful representation for many of us who are underrepresented in our media-dense society, Read more>>

Hannah Mundine | Singer-Songwriter & Musical Artist

I would say that I am most inspired by the different individuals in my life. Whether that be my romantic relationships, friendships, or my relationships with my family members. I find that I am consistently writing about the dynamics of these relationships and how they have affected me and changed how I view different aspects of life. In my more recent music, I have written a lot about romantic relationships, and have really honed into the way these relationships have made me view life and love as a whole. Overall, I am most inspired by my past and present relationships and I enjoy being able to share a lesson or memory in each of the songs I write. Read more>>

Sofia Delicari | singer/songwriter

The creative potential of darkness. The tension, ambiguity, and fertility preceding daybreak’s clarity. Drama springs not from fairytales and sunlight but from the psyche’s secret, forbidden corners. In my artistic work, I try to discover these dark corridors of the soul and find the lightness and beauty in them and embrace the shadows. I’m inspired by nature: the good, the bad, the ugly, the universe’s resources bestowed upon us as human beings. I’m inspired by spirituality and purpose. I love to find the meaning of things or my interpretation of signs, signals, and omens. I am also very intrigued by human nature, how people interact with one another, our subconscious patterns, and how they influence our interactions with the world around us. Read more>>

kd diamond | Tattoo Artist & Community Organizer

I draw most of my inspiration from my community — everyone who comes to me has such incredible ideas for tattoos! But it’s also a lot about the energy people bring to me. I see tattooing as a form of self-reclamation and empowerment. Queer people, trans folks, folks young and old, newly out or years into their identity have come to me with ideas for turning their bodies into works of art. Sometimes their stories are simple and about honoring a loved one, sometimes the act of getting a tattoo is a form of rebellion against their own history and the status quo, and sometimes it’s about finding comfort and strength through their own lived experience. Read more>>