A big part of making decisions is determining what our actions and choices have been inspired by. So we asked decision makers from the community to tell us about what they are inspired by.

Guelmo Rosa | Multidisciplinary Artist

Im inspired by life within my community. Seeing how much we have endured throughout the years and how we always come up on top no matter what life presents us. We are facing though times (have been for many years) but recently it feels like the government just doesnt want us to exist. Read more>>

Casey Kolb | Composer & Music Tech Founder

I’m obsessed with world building. When I was a kid my favorite movie was “Spirited Away”. The animated universe Miyazaki created in the film felt immersive and otherworldly, but grounded at the same time. Years later in college I visited an attraction in St. Louis, Missouri called City Museum. It’s essentially a grown-up playground with hundreds of hidden tunnels, passageways, and opportunities for exploration in a 20-story building. It struck me with the same sense of…whimsical grandeur…I guess you could say. These things are easy to feel but hard to describe. Read more>>

Petra Janney | Environmental Entrepreneur & Nonprofit Leader

Nature is my biggest inspiration. I grew up surrounded by trees and wilderness and have always marveled at how no material is wasted, each life depends on the other, and endless inventions evolve and coexist in the natural world. In modern society, people tend to see nature as an afterthought, a threat, or worse, a relic. But our interconnected ecosphere is the most incredible machine that exists, and we have so much to learn if we’re conscious enough to try. Read more>>

Joe Hebel | Actor & Performer

I come from a family full of performers and musicians, and they continually inspire me. They are always creating and doing their own thing, in their own way, and this really motivates me to do my own thing in my way, too. I’ve been fortunate all my life to have been supported in what I want to do, and that ranges from sports to music to acting. This support has been really empowering and inspiring in the sense that if the people closest to me value what I am doing and believe I can be successful, I can carry that with me. Read more>>

Julie D. Harbour | Chief Creative Officer/Influencer of Stylish Paradox

All things beautiful, colorful, positive and uplifting. That includes stylish clothing, positive affirmations and spiritually. Things that will help me and others to become better versions of themselves or better yet, a great human. Read more>>