A big part of making decisions is determining what our actions and choices have been inspired by. So we asked decision makers from the community to tell us about what they are inspired by.

Jake Akuna | Visual Effects Supervisor

I’ve always been inspired by magic. I’ve been practicing and performing magic off and on (and even professionally for a brief period of time), ever since the fifth grade, but as I got older, life sort of drew me away from the spotlight and my need to be on stage faded. As I came up in the film industry, I sort of fell into the world of visual effects and found a new passion for creating CGI (computer generated images) for film and television; creating something from nothing but software and imagination. Only recently, my wife pointed out something that never actually crossed my mind… That I’m still performing magic. Except, now, my magic wand is a mouse and a keyboard. Read more>>

WellBeings Therapy | An integrative and Holistic Group of Psychotherapists

We are a group practice of holistic, integrative mental health professionals. We are inspired to help people bring insight and awareness to themes and negative beliefs about themselves which have been blocking them from living their life to the fullest. These patterns are often the result of unmet needs in childhood, lack of attunement within our early attachment relationships and/or traumatic/adverse life events. We are passionate about educating our clients. We teach how trauma and adverse life events (i.e. bullying, racial or ethnic discrimination, verbal abuse, experiencing a medical crisis, spiritual abuse, emotional blackmail, or losing a loved one or beloved pet) can impact the brain and the body. Read more>>

Draven Kennedy | Voice actor (ToshiMightVA)

I’d have to say I’m inspired by people like my friend DetroitDubs who usually keeps going no matter how difficult, the Logics and Marshall Mathers of the world, if you will. Part of it isn’t the people that inspire me though, some of my inspiration is things people can do when they finally have someone hear their voice, like tearing down The Berlin Wall, or bringing an entire nation together for you with your last dying words. And of course, like any person in any form of the arts, there’s spur of the moment inspiration, like say a really cute dog that you decide to draw and post on Instagram. All in all my inspiration is really just everyone and everything uplifting or ground shattering. Read more>>

Runson Willis | Multi-medium Artist

Inspiration is equivalent to the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. The feeling of enthusiasm you get from someone or something, that gives you new and creative ideas. Inspire’ is from the Latin ‘inspirare’, meaning ‘to breathe or blow into.’ When you are ‘inspired’, you are etymologically having an idea ‘breathed into you.’ Its as if the spirit of creation was indwelling and the one who is inspired, is the channel. As if the idea was predestined to come forth. Purposed and fruitful works would be considered inspirations. With that as a basis for understanding, I have found my inspiration to be not only the creation of all things, but also all things being purposed and creating with purpose. Inspiration is divine and when I am inspired I feel like God is telling me that there is something that someone needs to hear, feel or see. Read more>>

Kerrie Smith | Artist/Curator/Facilitator

I’m inspired by Californian light, mountains and ocean. My work is a reflection that describes the complex counterbalance of asymmetries found in the dynamic forces of nature and a more sustainable way to relate to the Earth. I explore balance, examining ‘Patterns’ in our environment, subtle variations of complementary hues and warm and cool rhythms of light create an equivalence on all sides of the canvas. I work in layers of color, sometimes precisely blocking color first, then building, patterning and layering again. This gives me a feeling that I’m not just recording nature but actually feeling its rhythms and changing seasons. I’m very influenced by my walks and direct relationship with my environment in California. These bold and colorful paintings explore this through tensions between radially symmetrical compositions of geometric parts and dynamic color as light. The order of symmetry and geometry is strongly counterbalanced by oppositional color patterns and layering of lively painterly color shape. Read more>>